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This is how Microsoft Edge will be safer than Internet Explorer

Microsoft decided to develop an all-new web-browser, Microsoft Edge, for the launch of Windows 10. Today, Microsoft went over some of the security improvements it has put into Microsoft Edge, which should make it safe to use compared to the current Internet Explorer browser.

One of the biggest changes in Edge over IE is that it will be a universal Windows app. The company stated:

"This fundamentally changes the process model, so that both the outer manager process, and the assorted content processes, all live within app container sandboxes. This provides the user and the platform with the confidence provided by other Windows store apps.

Microsoft Edge will also run as a 64-bit program every time it is used by a 64-bit processor, and not just via a default setting. The company says this move will allow for Windows ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) to be stronger:

"Attackers want to inject malicious code into your browser process via a coding bug, and then execute their malicious code. ASLR makes that harder by randomizing the memory layout of the process, making it hard for attackers to hit precise memory locations to achieve their ends. In turn, 64-bit processes make ASLR much more effective by making the address space exponentially larger, making it much more difficult for attackers to find the sensitive memory components they need."

Microsoft plans to add extension support to Edge sometime after it reaches its RTM stage which should allow for safer third-party apps to be made for the browser. You can learn more about Microsoft Edge in our recent feature story.

Source: Microsoft

  • Get rid of old IE as soon as possible to have better security.
  • Sad comment
  • True. IE never failed me once.
  • Windows Phone 8.1 on Lumia 830, Lumia 625 (with denim), Mobile site fails to load, because site author checks useragent and gets confused that Android IOS Windows browser is coming to meet it. Same version, randomly crashed tabs.  Happens on Wife's Lumia 920 as well.
  • But the site is not confused. IE literally changes the user agent to say that it's a different browser for compatibility (or lack thereof). This feature was added in GDR1. The issue is that it creates a new set of problems (like yours for instance).
  • Oh, on the phone it's different story. Many people hate WP and I'm not surprised if they are blocking it on purpose.
  • The CBC mobile site is full of fail
  • Using a 1020 8.1 worked just fine for both, including desktop without issue.  Though addictinginfo has horrible full screen blockout ads, i hate those with a passion. I tested also on a 1520 with win10, worked in IE as well.  Spartan ate without issues for mobile site and addictinginfo mobile site worked fine in Spartan.
  • It's perfect! Fast and reliable,the thing is you have to follow what the internet says...if they hate IE you HAVE to hate it,if they love marvel you have to hate DC..i mean who uses ie it's so old wow chrome is the bst ur a loser.
    Grow up people
  • IE never failed me from a security standpoint.  But from a usability standpoint, it fails me constantly.  I cannot count the number of Web sites that simply don't work right in IE. Maybe most?!?
  • Yes, but not the new logo. Can't anyone see how it looks like Spartans helmet? The e looks like a helmet being viewed from side.
  • Too much imagination?
  • Really? I don't know if it was intended but it really looks like a Spartan helmet.
  • Do you dream of Spartans helmet, or just take to any helmet lol
  • New logo is great, reminds me on Sonic.
  • It spells the word edge.
  • Sorry, I can't see the helmet. I took the red pill. ;)
  • Holy sh*t that almost made me choke
  • Ha ha that's funny, let me take out the negative space and I'll prove you that.
  • Omg I'm seeing itttt hory shet!!! Ps: Had to google Spartan helmet and edge logo back and forth a few times. Pps: Can't believe i said google, when in fact i used Bing throu Cortana. #ThePowerOfGoogle
  • What??? IE is good.
  • I love internet explorer. It perform better than any web browser. The only one I like as much as IE is Chrome. The rest is history!
  • Chrome is spyware
  • agree kill the damn IE
  • IE isn't going anywhere. It works.  It gets the most grief from the fans of the coolest/newest. 
  • Did anybody get paid for finding security errors btw?
  • Someone has probably found far too many security breaches and has been eliminated to exclude any possible money demands or lawsuits.
  • Lol
  • Funniest comment ever!
  • Great! UAP is great
  • Agreed, The sandboxing provided by Universal App Platform is goint to enhance security greatly.   I also like that Edge joins the list of 1st party apps that are proving the UAP.  I think this is something that wasn't quite there with Windows 8.  Sure, there were the News, Weather, Travel, etc.  apps for Windows 8.  But that pales in comparison to what we are seeing this time around.  Imagine if Nintendo tried to launch a new Console with almost no 1st party games... oh wait... that was the Wii U, which only now is recovering from abbysmal sales. Having IE and Office apps proving the power of UAP will be an important boon/validator to the larger development community.
  • #AwesomeSauce
  • Very good I agree remove internet explorer!
  • Remove the Internet altogether. Take us back to simpler times...
  • Had to read this a couple times before I realized you meant the entire internet hahaha.
  • I did the same jajajaj
  • I'm not sure traveling for days on foot to get to the ancient library of Alexandria just to find it burned down, would make information seeking anymore simple ;)
  • It would. Think man rofl.
  • Lol. Using the Internet to gain knowledge. How quaint! It's for buying shit, watching cat videos, and hooking up with hoes.
  • Or for buying videos of cat hoes ;)
  • Lol!
  • If Microsoft releases Encarta then I wouldn't need the internet
  • I, too, miss Encarta.
  • Nooo.. Not the Encarta man! Too many memories. I remember seeing it's awesome videos again and again. not to mention those little puzzles like building a cockroach or a dinosaur. Ah! good days
  • And its score better benchmark result than IE, Google chrome and firefox ^_^ but only I don't like the name and the logo
  • I'll find a download on to reinstall IE 11
  • IE11 will still exists in W10 RTM, so you can just use it if you want to
  • Also, getting rid of legacy support such as ActiveX will make it safer.
  • This - the fact that it doesn't support ActiveX makes it a thousand times safer. That and toolbar plugins - have you ever used IE on a very non-internet-savy person's PC and have half the window taken up with search bars and other such crap?
  • So on the desktop, will Flash need to be built into the browser? Help me understand if anyone is an expert.
  • it already is built in.
  • Thank you, haven't tried the preview yet still hanging on Windows 7
  • Same. Windows 7 Starter, since 2009 XD
  • As already stated, yeah, it's built in. But there is no "desktop", though in Windows 10 running Universal Apps in windows you really won't be able to tell the difference between some universal apps and some desktop apps. Opens up a whole new world of easy.
  • I upgraded my wife's laptop to windows 10 this weekend and fell in love with Spartan/Edge. I didn't have to toggle compatibility view or fiddle with broken HTML5 Elements. Keep it up Microsoft!
  • I am not an IT so I don't understand why people is complaining about IE because I have use every browser and on ny experience in performance and features no one stack up against it but Chrome. Can anyone explain to me why please?
  • IE compared to everyone else lack important features, speed, and advances made by the others
  • I'm in IT and don't know why everyone bashes on IE other than because everyone else is doing it.
  • Extensions are what make Chrome better than the rest. Also pure speed in things like opening tabs. It sucks bad though for touch.
  • How does this affect debugger or programmer tools from hooking into Edge for scripting purposes?
  • I'm assuming that would have to be done through plug-in support. Not sure how exactly, as I don't know the details of the API for Win10 or what they plan on doing for the plug-in support. "Coming someday in the future" will probably be the case.
  • Edge will have dev tools, they already went over them
  • I liked IE, but it's nice to know we will get updates faster by Edge not being bundled like IE is to windows. this new windows universal platform is the future, and it will be great if anyone, even desktop apps can take advantage of it. just look at photoshop elements and premiere elements, they are desktop apps taking advantage of not having to deal with registry or leftovers files. Games and programs should take advantage of this new Windows. of course everything stars with Microsoft and starting from zero with Edge is nice. some people might complain about the logo like babies, but seriously... it's fine, and as long as Edge is fast and great, no icon will matter. also, did you see the shirts guys were using at edge event thing? it looked nicee! I wanted one. this new logo looks nice but of couse it needs to be placed where it has to be places, tiles or taskbar icon, or something not just on a white website asking "do you like it?" next to IE icon.
  • But yet most OEMs only support x86 ed. Of windows due to lack of ram
  • Almost every Windows 7+ PC is 64 bit
  • Only support x64* what OEM still sells x86 devices these days? That'd be seriously bad
  • Edge need to be ported to Mac for two reasons. 1. So that people like myself can be truly cross platform and have syncing of tabs and settings like chrome provides. 2. It provides a portal for Bing when making searches.
  • 3. Self important developers who use IE not being on Mac as an excuse to not support it properly
  • Honestly they should keep more windows features and apps to windows. However allowing syncing of favorites, history, and tans would be cool, to allow from different browsers
  • Because universal apps run perfectly fine on mac, yes.... How about no? This is not some open source browser, but the core of Windows 10
  • Microsoft Egde is the Best Browser i ever used!
  • Really? Its half baked lol
  • Totally agree lool
  • What? You can't even copy the URL from the address bar. It is not even finished, still a preview. How can it be better?
  • .
  • Smh I didn't understand half of this article but at least its safer. Lmao
  • If Microsoft can get Noscript's author to port his Firefox extension with all its functionality to Edge, I'd give Edge a shot at being my main browser on Day 1.  I think many other users would too.  AdBlock would be another good extension to have on Edge as part of a basic package of essential must-have extensions. Note that I'm not unhappy with Firefox but I'm willing to check out something new to see if it is better (or worse).
  • Thats all coming from comments at ignite  adblocks part of ie so I think it will follow with the other extension support rather than its current form.  
  • So when will Edge be available on Windows Phone?  
  • Windows Insider
  • Other than constantly high CPU usage Edge has been running smoothly and almost as good as modern IE in my machine. Keep it up MSFT!
  • I'm on IE11 on Windows 7 and is much faster than Chrome, here is what I did. Disable add-ons, including a bunch of Microsoft add-ons, I just have Silverlight and Adobe Flash enabled but disabled about 50 other add-ons that use legacy technologies that today html5 websites don't need. I'm pretty sure IE should not be removed in Windows 10 since it will still be required by large companies. I love IE11!
  • IE11 will still be there, but honestly you would not pick it as default when you had to choose. Edge is going to be far better in many ways
  • it will be there look at edge "..." open in IE (quick access for the legacy sites)  
  • Time for return.
  • Why don't compare with chrome or fire fox?
  • They have its faster... but generally you wait till the release version before making the final/public  comparision.  
  • Will drag and drop work if this is a universal app?
  • Safer than chrome n Firefox would be noticeable!!!
  • Well if the edge browser is better than IE then great. But gota say I like IE 11 really well. I like it better than any browser I've used before including Chrome and Firefox or the native android browser. It's perfect for me.
  • I thought you were going to say it wont be compatible with any web site, so you wont be able to use it at all - thus it would be the safest browser in the world
  • Since IE9, I feel like a lot of the complaints against IE became pretty outdated. IE11 is very solid, as my default browser it feels a lot lighter than launching Chrome. Only Windows Central lags tremendously on IE (Windows 7) at work, but IE on Windows 8 at home is much better.
  • I like IE, but I am not attached. I don't use other browsers and I do not want start now, all I want is that Edge is a competent replacement.
  • If Microsoft isn't bidding for here maps then Bing maps have to be improved soon in many countries.