How to select which calendars appear on Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile

After setting up your accounts for Outlook Calendar in Windows 10 Mobile, you can change which calendars are visible on the app. Since one account can have multiple calendars like one specifically for holidays, another for birthdays, and another for work meetings, you can choose to filter what shows up to make it more manageable. We'll show you how.

  1. Open Calendar app and tap the hamburger menu on the top left corner
  2. Tap the checkboxes next to the calendar you want to appear. You can also choose to include or exclude reminders. Tap the hamburger button again when you're done.

Outlook Calendars

That's it! This is helpful to me because I have three accounts with 12 calendars in total. I don't want all of them to show up in my app. I really only want three of those calendars to be visible in my app.

If you need to play with more of the settings, tap the ellipsis on the lower right corner, then go to Accounts or Calendar settings. Don't forget that you can also personalize the look of the app by changing colors, select between light or dark theme, or use your current theme.

Do you make all your calendars visible or do you select only a few? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Calendar is getting fleshed out pretty well. But they need to allow you to specify the default calendar for new appointments. No matter how great they think they are at guessing, they're never going to get it right.
  • Doesn't it simply suggest the last calendar you entered a new appointment into?
  • Not for me. Always attempts to add it to my wife's MSA calendar that she's shared with me by default.
  • You can remove her shared calendar from or hide it from the hamburger menu
  • Also you can't customize the calendar's color on the phone, only the desktop app. And those settings don't sync. I wish that would all just sync back to so all my devices always had the same colors. Everything always randomly changes.
  • In Outlook Calendar version 17.6224.42272.0, you can change the color of the calendar as it is displayed by going to the hamburger menu and long pressing the calendar whose color you would like to change. Hope this helps.
  • THANK YOU!!! Just what I was looking for.
  • That's something you can sort out on ...that is, if I'm understanding you correctly. Normally, it does take all our appointments into the default one.
  • I don't like the way calender alerts pop up on the screen and u begin to dismiss them one after the other, I think everything should just pop once in a tray which can all be dismissed at the same time.
  • I studied this outlook calendar today before you posted. Overall, I prefer this version over 8.1
  • i still prefer th old one from Windows Phone 8.1   same goes for the Gallery app, Photos app, Mail app..and the original OneDrive app.  I really try and like the new once but they just feel like huge step backwards .. and they keep pushing the ugly hamburger menu.. i just don't get it . But then again i have been a Windows Phone user from the start I'm used to working fast and fluid, not jumping in and out of menues and having to do multiple steps to make simple things like things are now 
  • Give the man a hamburger.
  • The old mail app was ridiculous. You couldn't even attach anything other than pictures to new emails. The only thing it had going for compared to the new one was the unified inbox. At least in my modest opinion.
  • But that was down to Microsoft not actual providing the functionality to browse the file system even though they actually had a folder structure you could navigate. Just another example of how the OS was held back not by actual technical limitations but by Microsoft's unwillingness to enable more functionality.
  • How does that change anything of what I said? Fact is, the app as it was couldn't do that, whether it could have done that if the responsible people at Microsoft had pulled themselves together is irrelevant - I could apply the same to the lack of unified inbox in the new app (which I don't even really care about but I know many people here do).
  • A bit left handed, but if you have downloaded Microsoft"files" you can ~share~ a file via email. Solves the NEW email issue, but not so much for replies :-S
  • Wish I could open others calendars, like in full desktop outlook.
  • Same here, can we open shared exchange calendars yet???
  • Do we have a blank theme of Outlook calendar in win10 mobile?
  • I don't know about blank theme but definitely a black theme is available :p
  • Sorry for the typo but u understood and gave reply.
  • My wife has the tech preview installed on her 925 and she can't create events in her calendar. It allows her to add the info but and she clicks save but the information disappears. Does anyone else have this problem or is this a known issue?
  • Works fine for me
  • As a temporary work around which i think she will end up using in the ling run, just have her use Cortana, either speech it or type it out to her (create event for ....)
  • Cool, I'll have her try that. Thank you
  • Please, please, let me go back in time more than a few weeks.  Not an unreasonable request.  Problem on desktop and mobile.  Yes, I have given feedback.
  • Agreed, this has been annoying me for quite some time and it's puzzling, frankly.
  • How have you managed to get more than one google calendar to show up? My work Google calendar only shows mine, rather than any additional ones or Google Calendars shared with me or that I've subscribed to...
  • Not sure if this still works, but try this link
  • Thank you for the above link, have not seen that page since I was trying to sync a Blackberry Playbook. Also for those trying to get more than one Google calendar to sync after selecting them in the above mentioned webpage, make sure to go into accounts in the Mail app and deselect calendar from synctining, Save, then reselct calendars and save again to force a calendar sync, the additional selected calendars should appear now. Thank you again.
  • Ooh, good shout. I'll try that. In other news, this update crashes my calendar on opening, so... Well done, everyone. 
  • UPDATE: Turning my other calendars on within google causes my Outlook Mobile app to crash within 10seconds of opening it. Turning them off and re-adding my account fixes the issue, so... Not quite a fix just yet! 
  • Just wish you could add custom reminder times. More like outlook 2013/16.
  • Cortana
  • Just wish you could add custom reminder times. More like outlook 2013.
  • What do you mean with "you can also choose to include & exclude reminders"? I would prefer to be able to switch on or off reminders for certain calendars, but I cannot find such an option
  • There's a Reminders checkbox for me on top of the list. It seems connected to Cortana's notebook
  • Thanks. Ok, if that's Cortana related then I wont find it on my device as Cortana is still not available here. If I understand you correctly this is then to display Cortana's Reminders in the Calendar. I was already seeing my wish to come true, but this is not what I was looking for:
    I need a possibility to turn event reminders (and their entries on live tiles) on/off by calendar. Let's say my wife shares her calendar with me and I add it to my outlook account, as she sets reminders on her events: currently reminders/alerts pop-up on my devices based on her reminders set in her calendar as soon as I choose to enable her calendar in my app. There I would like to disable those reminders/alerts (and seeing her entries on my live tiles) but still have her calendar visible next to my entries inside the calendar app without requiring to switch her calendar on and off all the times.
  • I think the article means stopping reminders you set in Cortana from appearing in the calendar (It appears under the "Search" heading in my list of calendars), Cortana will still remind you. Are you trying to turn off all Reminders for a specific calendar (As in the reminder you set as part of an appointment, where you choose to have the reminder 15 mins before, 1 day before etc?)
  • Exactly, I would like to get rid of reminders/alerts for events which have a reminder set from specific calendars. See my example above with the shared calendar of my wife. I want to see her calendar entries in my calendar app all the time but do not like to get her reminders/alerts on my devices.
  • Chronos Calendar+ simply the best!
  • Agreed
  • Wow. I hadn't looked at this since shortly after it first came out. It has really developed into quite a calendar. The options for adjusting the appearance are very extensive. Way back in its early days it could not edit events due to OS limitations now it can do that. Sadly Super Calendar which is what I had been using hasn't been updated in a year and a half and does not offer the editing feature.
  • One of the most requested items for calendars is to be able to customize the live tile to show multiple events, choose how many days ahead to show, etc. The good 3rd party calendars have those options.
  • Been meaning to remove the Birthday calendar. For some reason they only show one item on the like tile, even at large setting (stupid). So birthdays block the whole live tile function.
  • Is there a way to stop Cortana showing appointments from certain calendars? Removing the Birthdays calendar from showing in the Calendar app doesn't seem to stop Cortana listing it as an event if I ask her what I've got coming up that day for example
  • This seems to go into the direction of my whish not to get reminders/alerts and not to have live tile entries (and what you want: Cortana not showing entries) from other persons shared calendars (or any other calendar, based on the settings) but still having them enabled inside my calendar app as reference. (See my comment above)
  • Now if I could just get it to connect to my office 365 account without tripping up on some kind of security policy restrictions that simply don't exist :[
  • Let's get it straight, to add a calendar you need to add an account. For example, I have my MS account and my gmail account, so I have those, plus holidays, birthdays, etc. But not main calendars.
  • This is one thing that drives me nuts on 8.1 is calendar. I have duplicates and triplicates of reminders. Can't seem to figure out why or how to remove them so I just accept it.
  • It took me far too long to find that hamburger menu earlier today when I was playing with this app. The new UI designs are the complete opposite of intutive. I wish they would have retained the 8.1 design and tacked on the 10 functionality.            
  • Press and hold on the calendars and you can change their color
  • I can't select one of my email accounts as its not showing even tho its setup. How can I delete it and then reset up??
  • I really wish I could force it to forget certain calendars. Like facebook family room (since its no longer supported anyway) or a secondary live account calendrer that I do not use at all. But it is forced as default. I go in to options and deselect it but strangely a few days later it's selected again.
  • hi there. i` was playing with the calendars and created some random in my online outlook account. they are shown under hamburger menu in my winphone even i managed to get rid of them in my online outlook account. long pressing in luia only change the colour. how can i delete those calendars from my winphone?