How to use sleep tracking with the Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2 sleep

Just like the Microsoft Band, you can track your sleep with the Microsoft Band 2. It tracks the length and quality of your sleep using your heart rate and motion. There are two ways to track your sleep with the band. You can do it through the Sleep tile, or you can let it automatically detect your sleep. We'll show you how both methods work.

Using the Sleep tile

  1. On your Microsoft Band 2, tap the Sleep tile (moon icon)
  2. Swipe left and set an alarm if need
  3. Swipe left again if you want to set it as a Smart Alarm (This feature is not available on the original Band)
  4. Press the action button to start tracking
  5. Go to sleep

When you wake up,

  1. Press the power button.
  2. When the Sleep screen appears, press the action button.
  3. Tap Yes to stop sleep tracking.

Automatic sleep detection

You don't need to use the Sleep tile on your Microsoft Band 2 to track sleep because it can track automatically as well. Just simply go to sleep. Detection is motion based, so it'll count if you're inactive for at least two hours. We still recommend using the Sleep tile because notifications can still come through the band during automatic sleep detection. You probably don't want to be waken up by the vibrating alerts.

It's also important to know that automatic sleep detection does not provide Sleep Restoration analysis.  It lets you know if you had sufficient and high quality of sleep.

Analyzing sleep data

On your Microsoft Band 2, the Sleep tile provides data from the last recorded sleep. It shows:

  • Date
  • Length of sleep
  • Time in bed
  • Sleep efficiency
  • How many times you woke up
  • Calories burned while sleeping

Microsoft Band 2 sleep

On your phone, the Microsoft Health app displays even more stats about your sleep. There are also a couple of graphs showing the amount of light and restful sleep, and the resting heart rate.

If you want to go even deeper into your sleep data, we suggest opening the Microsoft Health dashboard ( on your browser. It has more explanations about the numbers and what they mean. There's also an Observation tab, which displays sleep comparisons and averages for the month.

Sleeping better

Tracking my sleep with the Microsoft Band 2 makes me more aware of my poor sleeping habit. It encourages me to do something about it. Instead of watching another episode on Netflix, maybe I should go to bed already.

Have you tried sleep tracking with the Microsoft Band 2 or the older Microsoft Band? Are they helping you sleep better? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Been using it for the past days and it's good information. Anyone who has the band should try it.
  • Mark, is it possible to add whether or not a feature/tile is supported to both the Band and Band 2? This would help prevent confusion and questions about whether this also works for the 1st gen Band. Especially since Microsoft is still selling the original.
  • Yes, please. I think every tip/feature written about is accurate for either version of the Band. Posted from this here device.
  • Almost true. Smart Alarm is not available on the original Band.
  • Thanks for the tip. Added a small note above about Smart Alarm not being available for the original Band
  • The Smart Alarm is really cool. I like the way it decides when to wake me up.
  • I really hope this feature comes to band 1 too
  • I've been using this for a week or so, and it works pretty well, but either my sleep habits are weird or the tracking is a little bit off. It frequently doesn't record me waking up during the night, (even when I do... for example, when my significant other gets up at 4 in the morning), and my rested sleep varies between 1 hr and 3 at the max.   As with most biometric tracking, I'm really just using it as a baseline and not sweating the #s so much.
  • (Also, I had my smart alarm set for 6:30 on monday, woke up at 6, then lay in bed waiting for it to go off, which it only did at 6:30. This morning, on the other hand, it woke me up at 6:05. Oddness!)
  • @xsikal. Maybe because you sleep walk :P.
  • Using the tile to turn on sleep makes a huge difference in battery drain, whether you get notifications or not. It turns off BlueTooth if I remember correctly
  • Turns off Bluetooth while in sleep mode? I was hoping I could have the band vibrate when I get an incoming call instead of having my phone wake both me *and* my spouse. But the sleep tracking is the *main* feature that I am interested in with the Band. Can someone who uses one in this manner confirm or deny? Thanks muchly!
  • I dont think BT is off but syncing stops so no alerts
  • Thanks, that helps. I think I'll stop by a Microsoft Store soon and fit one on for size and ask them questions like this one.
  • It definitately stops syncing, and no alerts come through.   Looked last night when I turned on sleep mode and the BT icon grayed out. Just now put it in sleep mode while looking at my Lumia and the phone BT icon dissapeared but came right back when I turned sleep off.
  • You'll still get sleep tracking even if you don't turn on Sleep mode.  Band will automatically detect when you fall asleep and wake up.  You'll still get Duration/Restful/Light times, # of wake-ups, Efficiency, Calories, etc.  I think the only thing you won't get is a metric they call "Sleep restoration".  You can easily make up for any battery drain with a quick charge while you get dressed in the morning.
  • Why this feature is not available for first gen? Is it hardware limitations? As far as i know band 2 only got one new sensor of altitude. And if it's software related, why microsoft is taking so long?
    EDIT: I was talking about smart alarm
  • It is on the first Gen, I use it every night.
  • Absolutely gutted smart alarm isn't available though. Mine should arrive tomorrow and I'd LOVE this feature!
  • I can honestly tell you, you'll love the band even with out it. My only recommendation, if you don't already, learn proper typing posture. The band 1 gets in the way with many keyboards, especially laptops, when typing the way many people do. Other than that, the thing is great.
  • Awesome, it should arrive any minute now! I'm actually hoping to move away from the office work and use it to help me stay productive while working out and about. I'm constantly checking my phone as it is but hopefully won't have to with the band.
  • Well I started an office job 3 years ago. One of the perks is free soda, and cheap lunches. I gained like 30lbs. In a year I've lost 25 just doing things like trying to reach the ate goal and my calorie goal. I used to be skeptical about fitness bands for me, but they do seem to give you an extra little kick in the butt to work out. Glad you're getting one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
  • Yup and I like it. The one issue I have and had with Band 1 as well is; after a workout getting the ending heart rate to show up in both 1 minute and 2 minutes. Also the new color leave a lot to be desired for me. I would like the purple back and bring the black font color back because I have a very and I mean very hard time reading the small lite gray text.
  • Oh, so the band does have automatic sleep detection. On one of the reviews I watched the reviewer said it was absent, good to know that it's not.
  • I doubt they checked to be honest or reviewed it properly. The first gen band had it and it makes sense gen 2 will have it as well.
  • I thought the band 1 did't have automatic detection but the band 2 did?
  • I can confirm that the original Band DOES have automatic sleep detection.
    As stated elsewhere in the thread, when you rely on automatic detection then all of the sleep related values will be provided EXCEPT 1: Restoration
  • Automatic sleep detection was appeared in band 1 after firmware update few month ago.
  • I use it, and now I know how much I suck at sleeping
  • I love sleep monitoring and have been using it for a month. I find it useful and it is a tool for me to adjust bedtime:) I really hope smart sleep comes to band 1... Should make it perfect
  • can anyone tell me if the band will work without having to attch it to phone always. like i get relevate data without having to connect to a phone app. Dont want to carry a phone while running /iking/etc
  • I don't have all the numbers, short answer is yes. The band has onboard memory that it will store the info and when you come to your phone, will upload the data. There is a max it will store though, I just don't know how much that is.
  • I missed my pre-order at the store because I was out of town and they have been sold out since.
  • Well I can't sleep waiting for Band 2 to be available in our country.
  • Does anyone else with the Band 2 feel like the # times awake per night stats are completely off? Often times it tells me that I wake up 7-10 times per night but don't remember a single one. Wonder if it's something about my heart rate, etc., that's really confusing the sensors?
  • Yeah had the band 2 for 3 days now the one stat i find odd is how many times i woke up between 7 - 10 times i do feel a little bit run down at the moment maybe its that last night it sais i only got 4 hrs 35 minutes light sleep and 19 minutes restful sleep which is better the other 2 nights i was certainly very tired last night and thought i was ready for bet but this morning i feel very tired still so im on the fence with the accuracy odlf the sleep tracking at the moment.