How to send voice messages on the Xbox One

If you're on the Xbox One preview program, you are now able to send voice messages in the messages app. This feature should be able to everyone else very soon. You can quickly and easily record audio to send to your friends or others through the snapped messages app. It's really easy. Watch our how-to video to see it in action.

  1. Double tap the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. Choose Snap an app and select Messages
  3. Click New message
  4. Select a friend (or more) to send a message to.
  5. The keyboard shows up to let you type a message, but you can back out by pressing the B button on your controller.
  6. Click the new microphone option.
  7. Hit Start recording to create your message and hit Stop when you're done.
  8. You can listen to your recording, re-record, or send.
  9. That's it!

It's great to see the audio waveform of your recording. It's a visual guide to let you know if you're too loud or if the microphone isn't working.

Voice messaging isn't the only new feature coming to the Xbox One April system update. It also includes game hub links, more detailed achievement notifications, dedicated servers for party chat, and improvements to the What's On area. What's On will also be expanded to Canada and the UK. You can read all about the system update for more details.

It's worth pointing out that right now it seems that you need to be on the preview build to open the voice messages. On our consoles on the regular public build, we're not able to open them yet.

If you're not on the Xbox One Preview Program yet, you can ask for invites below. The Windows Central community is usually very helpful with that. If you have friends that are already in the program, they can invite you by using the Invite friends page in the Xbox Preview Dashboard app.

Update: Some comments have asked about using the Kinect sensor for sending a voice message: Yes, the system does support this function, although you need to enable Kinect-for-chat in settings first!

What do you think of the new voice messaging feature? Will you be using it more frequently than typing with the onscreen keyboard? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Can my friend that's not in the preview hear my message? I'm at work, so can't try it out yet.
  • I doubt it
  • It worked as far as sending to someone on 360. I think One owners need the preview.
  • Can you record via Kinect too or just microphone?
  • Kinect works great. Used it last night.
  • Awesome! Thanks for letting me know
  • Anyone want to send me an invite to the preview? GT=Silentsolution thanks in advance
  • I'll shoot you an invite after work.
  • Thanks
  • Do send me one too please :3 GT: AdrienSalvatore
  • Hey, can I get one also?  Jaemo X
  • I expected that voice messages would have an easy voice command... what a funny logic Microsoft has, so many steps.
  • Anyone wanna hook a brotha up with an invite? Please? (:
    GT: Mike OnThe Mike
    On topic, its good to hear voice messages are back. If it integrates with Smartglass, even better
  • Ditto! GT: thals1192 Waiting for Media Player to be better integrated. Sucks being required to have it pinned and being required to play a game in letterbox mode. I also have to keep playing with the volume between apps for tracks.
  • I'll see what I can do after work.
  • Cool! Thanks!!
  • Whats on section is still not there here in canada or its only available on English?
  • It's working for me. Guessing it is English only
  • Could someone help me out and send me an invite? GT is Grooseland. I'd really appreciate it!
  • If anyone wants an invite, add me and send me a message. My Gt is: cjshonky
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  • Check the Xbox section of the forums, there is a thread for adding.
  • Could someone please send me an invite too? :D GT: Anubis99
  • Would someone be so kind and send me an invite please? My gamer tag is azzatey.
    Thanks in advance.
  • How does it look on the receiving end? How does the recipient listen to it?   Honestly, I didn't miss voice messages much since they've been gone. It seems much easier to deal with text messages, since you can glance at them quickly without diverting your listening attention to the sound clip. Plus, if someone doesn't speak clearly or with an unfamiliar accent, it can be hard to understand. And, since I've been using SmartGlass for messaging more often lately, it's even easier to use text.  So I'm actually a little disappointed to have voice messages back.
  • No to mention there are sore losers out there on xbl
  • How can I add voice messages to my Xbox??
  • You have to download the new update, either by waiting for them to offically release it, or by being part of the preview program.
  • Sent one yesterday
  • Hi all, I'd be most grateful for anyone willing to send me a Preview invite. My gamer tag is Pyrelyne. Thanks so much!
  • If only it could all be done on the app
  • Would be nice if I could actually play games on this hunk-a-junk(#AMD CPUs still suck)
  • I've heard they are no longer accepting new people into the program or if they do it will be a long wait.
  • Got my accept message last night, was invited back in December. So wait was about 4 months
  • Can someone send me an invite
  • Could someone please send me an invite for the preview
    GT - mekerite
  • How can I get invited to the Xbox one preview. GT- Superhawk35
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  • My gamertag is Canterrain.  If you follow me, I'll invite you (at least as long as I can).  Feel free to unfollow after the invite.
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