How to trim Xbox One game clips using the guide

The new Xbox guide feature allows you to trim and share clips without having to use external software or Microsoft's woefully outdated Upload Studio on the Xbox One. Using these new systems, you can easily prepare clips for sharing either on Xbox Live or other social networks, focusing on the action rather than the process.

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How to trim game clips via the Xbox guide

Note: As of writing, the trimming feature is only available in the Xbox Alpha ring as part of the Xbox Insider Program. It should roll out more broadly sometime in May 2018.

  1. First, take a clip! Refer to this guide for more information.
  2. Open the Xbox guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  3. Navigate right using the joystick to the Broadcast & Capture menu.
  4. Select Recent Captures using the 'A' button.

  1. Select the clip you want to edit and share.
  2. Select trim using 'A' on your controller.

  1. Use the left and right joystick to select the region of the game clip you want to keep.
  2. You can preview your selection by hitting the 'A' button.

  1. When you're done, hit the 'Y' button to save your clip.

That's it. It will take a little time to trim the clip, and once it's done, you'll be able to share it across Xbox Live, Twitter, or upload it to OneDrive for storage and further editing.

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That's a wrap!

While it's a shame we still haven't got a good update for the Upload Studio, it's cool to see Microsoft bring some of the more convenient features directly into the Guide to make sharing easier. Let us know in the comments if you plan to use it!

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  • Does it save a copy of trimmed clip? Or delete and reupload the trimmed version
  • If it's anything like the photos app in Windows 10, it should give you an option to do either of the 2 things and the choice is yours :)
  • Aye it gives you a choice.
  • I love the guide. Just remember the disgusting UI on release
  • Plzzzzz make an actual editing app integrated into upload studio for us content makers.
  • Why XBox UX/UI is smooth and clean? I sit already have CShell in it?🤔😊
  • Is it? It still often takes twenty seconds for the Store to load. Pretty unbearable.
  • 20 seconds? is your internet really slow?
  • Will it downgrade the quality of the clip like upload studio does?
  • Doesn't seem like it.
  • Shortcut to recent video/screenshots = Xbox Button, View button