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How to SIM unlock the Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T

If you have the Nokia Lumia 1520 from AT&T and plan to travel overseas, you’re probably interested in unlocking the device so you can use local a SIM. This will save you money on roaming fees or international rates. AT&T makes it very easy to unlock your device by providing an online form, but you must meet several requirements.

We have just unlocked our AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520. Read on to find out how.

1. Get your IMEI number

The IMEI number is a unique number that identifies your phone. You can get this from your original box or by going to settings > about > more info.

2. Head to AT&T’s Device Unlock Portal

AT&T’s Device Unlock Portal (opens in new tab) makes it very convenient to request your unlock code. It asks whether you’re a prepaid, postpaid, or previous customer. You also need to provide other information like your name, last 4 digits of SSN, telephone number, and email address. Insert the IMEI number you acquired from the first step, then click submit.

3. Wait for unlock code

AT&T may take up to 5 business days to email you the unlock code. We got ours in 2 days. They’ll check if you meet the requirements:

  • a current AT&T customer
  • a former AT&T customer who can provide the phone number or account number for the account
  • The AT&T Mobile Device was designed for use on AT&T's network.
  • The AT&T Mobile Device has been paid for in full.
  • The AT&T Mobile Device has not been reported lost or stolen.

There are more customer-specific requirements listed at the Device Unlock Portal.

4. Enter unlock code

Once AT&T emails you the 20-digit unlock code, you can enter it on your Nokia Lumia 1520 device. Go to the phone dialer and tap ##7820#. You are allowed ten attempts to insert the code before your device permanently locks to AT&T. When unlock code is inserted correctly, the Lumia 1520 shows a picture of an opened lock.

That’s it! You can now use SIM cards from other compatible wireless services. Did you follow the steps above? Let us know in the comments if you are able to unlock your Lumia 1520! You can also follow the discussion in our forums where crav4speed has found the Lumia 1520 is now unlockable through AT&T’s portal.    

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Anyone knows how to unlock a 920 from Telcel (Mexico)? I'm al ready overseas, and their official method is to hand in the phone itself (for 20 business days!) along with a written form and the original receipt :'(
  • Look into for tbe unlock code. It cost some money, but if you really really need your Phone unlocked, it worth every penny.
  • People who want to get AT&T Nokia Lumia unlock code can buy it from here.
  • Found they were able to unlock my AT&T Nokia 1020. There is an option for 1520 too so check them out if you need the unlock code. I chose them because they had great reviews.   
  • Hello i want to know that can i buy Lumia 1520 at&t or Verizon locked from amazon and get it unlocked in India...without being customers of these carriers in past ..plz reply fast and tell me which locked phones can we import to india
  • That's a ridiculous phaff! In the UK you just call up and say, 'I'd like to unlock my phone.' they say 'Ok, I'll txt you the code'. 5 minutes later you enter the code into your phone and its unlocked. Or if its an iphone the unlock it remotely. This is assuming you meet the same criteria as the at&t one, mainly you've finished paying for the phone.
    Why do they make it so difficult in the US and Mexico? I gather its to keep you on the network, but once you've paid off the phone its yours to do with as you wish.
  • Thanks all, gonna try. They didn't even give you the unlock codes in any way until a recent change in law, before there was no "official" way to do it. They do it because they can, sadly :(
  • At least they dont charge an additional fee like most service providers in canada do due to a hole in the legislation not specifying that
  • They do that here for at&t too, even before you pay it off. Usually require 6 months of ownership is all. I get all my phones unlocked. I just call them up, ask, give my IMEI and I get the instructions emailed to me... Never had a problem. I think what's unique is the form, but 5 days is a long turn around time.
  • Para desbloquear tu teléfono en Telcel es todavia algo peor que ATT, tienes que llenar papeles, tener antiguedad con tu celular o haber acabado tu periodo de plan. Llama a alguna persona de y pregunta si te pueden vender el servicio.
  • Sabes de alguien que lo haga en MercadoLibre? O cómo lo busco? Gracias!
  • If you are having trouble unlocking your AT&T stuff, you can go check out, I have unlocked two of my phones already using that site  
  • Unless AT&T lies and says they don't have the code, like many 1020 and 1520 users have been dealing with
  • I've unlocked a few Windows Phones from them in the past, including theh 1020 detailed on this site. Never had an issue.
  • Dan, have you tried to do the 1520? I just tried and was told no because I am still under contract.
  • I had several problems but the funniest one  (well not so funny at the time) was when they approved it and send me my cell phone number as the unlock code. Then I called and they told me they had to submmit another case. That one was denied. So I tried again and they finally sent me the code 3 months later. Nokia 920   But in a good day I have recived unlock codes for 920, 900, & 1020 in one to two days.
  • i know this is a different topic but Dani, do you know how can i get access to the Field Test menu on a Lumia 1020 (RM875) with black update. I cant get access to 3G and LTE on Telcel Mexico, please help!
  • Or these people didn't fulfill the requirements.
  • Same thing with rogers & bell plus if they cant find it you dont get your fee refunded
  • I'm not an ATT customer but DID buy my Lumia 1020 in full. They wouldn't unlock it ! I had to use a 3rd party service. Took 3 months to find someone that could get the job done.
  • Where did you find such a service? I got a Lumia 520 AT&T as a Christmas (2013) present from the US of A (nice!)
    and since I live in Finland there is no AT&T (unless they buy DNA)
    so I can't become their customer :-/
    I'm stuck with a very small tablet & Skype calls where WiFi is available Unlock my Lumia 520 AT&T "tablet", anyone, please?
  • "I'm not an ATT customer..." *sigh* That's why. HOW HARD IS THIS TO UNDERSTAND?
  • I thought I unlocked my phone way back but when i enter ##7820# it still shows a lock? why is that?
  • reentered my unlock code and now it shows unlocked. try ##7820# again and stills show unlocked. interesting. maybe the "use a different carrier sim" solution didn't work completely
  • Orrrr you can just buy the international unlocked version since ATTs version doesn't even have Qi wireless charging anyway
  • Does anyone know what that means as far as LTE? The international version is missing a couple of the LTE bands for AT&T. Does that mean I'd only get 3G, or what?
  • That's exactly what it means. Ignore eddieDOTexe's advice. There's a reason why we buy AT&T branded's for the AT&T LTE bands.
  • Does the international version work with TMobiles LTE?
  • Not any of the variants on the market right now.
  • I really don't understand the requirement that you've paid in full. If you haven't, you are already in a data plan contract, why hold the phone hostage?
  • for the glory of satan of course!
  • Its so that you continue to spend money on calls and texts on their network until the end of the contract.
  • We have unlimited voice and text. But I could see that point for data. Although, we never go over that either.
  • Most western countries have unlimited voice and text (and in the UK at least, data). But there are still charged services like international calls/texts, premium rate numbers, etc.
    Additionally, it forces you to stay on the network if you have a problem with them, and then hopefully by the time you are up for renewal you'll have forgotten the problem and stay with them. In the UK they don't make you go through this song and dance, when the phone it paid off you call and ask for the number and they txt it to you in 5 minutes, it's been like that for the last 20 years (well actually, before about 10 years ago most contract phones weren't locked anyway, only pay as you go phones). Some networks (orange) will give you the code after you've been with them 3 months, which is nice, although does mean you have to be without any signal for 3 months whilst you're stuck with them! lol.
  • Because hostage nogotiations make great action movies?
  • Try being on T-Mobile. I bought my L521 back on 12/15/13 and they tell me I have to wait 40 days after purchase & usage before they will release the unlock code to me. So for now, my phone is held hostage for (as of 1/23/14) a few more days (3 to be exact) until they release the unlock code or I can pay for the unlock code via a third party company. This whole process is stupid because if I purchased the phone outright & not under contract, why do I need to wait from the service provider "clearance" so that I can use my phone as I wish?
  • Because they are idiots.  It makes no buisness sense.  They told me I couldn't unlock becuase my device was under contract.  I asked if there was any way I could pay my ETF to get "out of contract" and they said no.  They told me the only way they would let me unlock the phone is if I cancelled my service and paid my final bill in full.  So I did it and they unlocked it.  Now I'm running my 1520 on T-Mobile with unlimited everything for $70/mo.  I even got 4G LTE  tethering working on it.  I have no clue how that makes any sense on AT&T's part.  They need to change their buisness model.
  • Mines the LTE international version it kicks ass got it in red :)
  • Mmm no limitations at all really i get 2G 3G and 4G for my data connection everything's super fast the wireless charging's sweet as always battery's as good as they say its impossible to kill it in a day and the 1080p is sweet only thing i notice is how good it is :)
  • Oh wait at&t em i live in the uk i forgot to mention ^^
  • You do realize that makes a world of difference? Those who live/work in the US would not benefit from an international Lumia 1520 due to it lacking AT&T LTE bands. Also, you can edit your comment, even in our app, instead of creating a new one ;)
  • I know dan its called cant be asked lol ill do so in future XD
  • Do you know what LTE bands it has?
  • 1, 3, 7, 8, 20 (800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600Mhz
  • Thank you
  • Thanks!
  • I am not an ATT customer, and they unlocked my 1520. You have to call, call, hassle, and email, but they'll do it!
  • give me the at&t number!!
  • 1800 CALL ATT
  • Or just wait till you can get an unlocked NAM version from Rogers or TELUS, no groveling to att required.
  • And not even a whisper or a hint on the wind that it's coming to Canada at all, let alone when...  Hoping for the 929 anyway myself.
  • This method can be BS at times..... the site says you can unlock up to 5 a year...... I haven't unlocked a phone in about a year an a half, and after 8 days i get an email stating that I've used up all my unlocks for the year, so i can not unlock my 920. Also, no method of countering that is given at all!
  • You need to call I've unlocked two phones...only by calling.
  • NT
  • literally created a forum discussion about this a week ago when i faced a similar problem with my 920. i called various times (i am not an AT&T customer btw) and they continued to send me to their website and when i told them i was not a c ustomer and couldn't do it they told me i was shit out of luck. AT&T changed their unlock policy around november because i know i was able to unlock a lumia 900 with them around april when i was not an AT&T customer. thus i had to use a random person to do it, which i recommend to anyone but am not responsible for anything that could potentially happen.
  • This is the same process for unlocking any Nokia phone on AT&T
  • The best way to get an unlocked Lumia 1520. 32GB and wireless charger without any case. I've got one, and is the best windows phone in the market.  
  • With no support for AT&T LTE bands.
  • Does anyone know if the ATT Lumia 520 needs to be unlocked to work on Net10? I've tried two different. Net10 micro Sims and the phone tile say "SIM Invalid" but the att SIM that came with the phone works fine.
  • You should not need to unlock an AT&T phone for use on Net10 as long as you are using the blue net10 sim card.  The pink one is for T-mobile locked phones.
  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah I got two of the blue att micro Sims but both show up as SIM invalid... But the ATT SIM works fine... So does Sim invalid mean the SIM is bad?? Or is the phone locked to only work with att Sims??
  • During activation, some Go Phones lock to the SIM they are activated with. If that is the issue, customer care can clear the SIM lock leaving the device locked to AT&T but not that specific SIM.
  • Mmm interesting thanks for the Info I'll try that. Do u mean the ATT customer care?
  • AT&T can go fuck themselves. They used to unlock my phones even when I was still in contract. Now they want me to be out of contract before unlocking my phones. I usually change yearly so it hurts my resale value and my ability to sell on Craigslist. The blacklist sure isn't helping, now lots of people won't buy the phones because they're afraid that the seller will stop paying their bill and get it blocked. Meanwhile if my phone gets stolen it isn't helping me at all that the thief can't use my phone. They're still going to unload the phone for very cheap and won't stop stealing phones. Fuck the carriers. 
  • Why is AT&T allowed to lock devices but verizon isn't? I know verizon was sued over, but one would think these rules should apply to all US carriers.
  • Just a heads up if your buying one used have the owner Unlock it for you because they only do original owners. 
  • I feel so bad for you guys in the US.
  • Out of curiostiy... anyone take a U.S. AT&T 920 (or any other Lumia from At&t) over to Tmo US?     What is the status of that refarming Tmo did about a year ago?  Are At&t phones now compatible w/ Tmo's high-speed data?
  • My AT&T Lumia 920 unlocked successes and I bought Tmobile Sim Starter Kit from Walmart which is $30 per month with first 5G high speed, I did tried to insert the Tmo sim into the L920 and I saw it has 4G after turned on the phone then switch to LTE few seconds, I haven't try the speedtest because the Tmo sim card unable to activate, need to go Tmobile store to change new sim.
  • It obviously depends on your coverage area, but I am using an AT&T 1520 on T-Mobile and get 4G and LTE great.  I even got the phone to work with internet sharing (T-Mobile does not charge extra for this).
  • Can you please explain more about how you got the 1520 to work on internet sharing using Tmobile? From my understanding you have to pay an addition fee per month to have internet sharing (IE mobile hot spotting). Please do explain
  • I end up buying an unlocked version (international) on eBay because there are no unlock codes available for AT&T 1520.. It did cost me $650 though, but man, my wife is crazy about this phone. It looks like the new status sysmbol among women over here (St. Maarten). Move over Note 3, there is a new hunk in town for the ladies (who don't need to put that big phone in their pants' pocket like me)
  • I just entered ##7820# for the first time and it shows an opened lock. My phone came unlocked? Thank you, Rogers!
  • Cool! Thanks for the shoutout Mark! Just to clarify some things, I originally purchased the device from the Microsoft store at full retail price and have been using it ever since on my contract plan. They didn't ask me for a receipt or proof of purchase. Also, I really never had plans to move to T-Mobile or anything like that but I do like my phones unlocked in case I resell them in the future. It sure beats having to pay $200 extra for an unlocked version! And with OS updates throught the developer program, I don't have to wait for AT&T to release any updates.
  • I've just checked and EE in the UK will unlock, with all conditions met. They want a £21 fee though. Rip off.
  • HarkAtYou... below mentioned that in the UK you just call up and ask for the unlock code and you get the code via text, no problem. Still not good enough, why not just follow my country New Zealand where it is illegal for carriers to sell locked phones. Every mobile sold by all carriers are fully unlocked to use anywhere at any time. The way it should be. Oops realised my comment is at the bottom so my first line should say HarkAtYou...ABOVE !!
  • I don't know who to believe with my Lumia 920.  I contacted AT&T about getting it unlocked and they tell me my phone is on another contract.  I pay the bill and its only on my contract.  The back story is my phone had a problem and Nokia replaced it. I was able to put this phone on my account without any issue.  But when I tried to get the unlock code, they tell me, I cannot unlock it. It is on another account. The strangest excuse ever. Not sure where to go with this one.
  • Can anyone help me?, I want to do the same but for a 920 that I just bought, see I'm not in the U.S. and I'm not an AT&t user so I can't complete the formulary, I could give you the IMEI number just help me please :(
  • try to tap *#06#
  • Does anyone know if the ATT Lumia 1520 is compatible on Tmobiles network? Will It have LTE bands as well?
  • I JUST got my unlock code from a buddy at ATT, unlocked my brand new 1520 and everything works on Tmobile. LTE, text, MMS, 35/15 data speeds like before on my note 2. This phone is incredible.
  • sweet worked for my 920. went through att portal, but i couldnt figure out what the code was to access the unlockscreen without a sim. tmobile here i come as soon as my comtract is up.
  • Unfortunately, this process didn't work for me after several tries so I ended up having to call customer support and open a case.  I'm told it should take up to 5 business days for a reply from the support team, but I hope to hear something sooner that that.  Crossing fingers!
  • Update - I received the code from customer support and was able to unlock the phone successfully. :)
  • gan mau tanya kal unlock nokia lumia 920 gmna ya 
  • I gave up unlocking mine ATT won't let me I'm on my 3rd attempt with them there telling me to root it and install new software so I can unlock it. I bought my 1520 outright at the local windows store thinking that was all I needed. Nope denied
  • Amazing post. Thank you . There was no other place that told me I had to-- "Go to the phone dialer and tap ##7820#".  I love my 1520
  • You know normally I wouldn't waste my time in the early morning of an all nighter and I probably won't ever post again, but it seems that ya'll have lost all hope in the word research so let me do you all a favor and save you some money. Go down load PC Suite and Jolie your phone into your laptop and flash it your self. Phone users go jailbreak your phone and download a subscriber artificial module. If you need anymore help contact me on kik or gmail , soldier25136536.. I spend sleepless nights doing research to not end up in a blog with a hundred post and not one of them answers the original question. OH and for people that are not in the U.S. Jail break is " illegal" I didn't tell you to do this... Have fun one and all
  • Hi, I unlocked my Nokia Lumia 1520 for free using the guide on this website: i was really easy and quick to do. they have lots of other phones on there you can unlock too so it's a really good site. hope this helps.
  • Finally got Lumia 900 unlocked. Bad SIM card caused a lot of headaches. Still said 'invalid SIM', had no unlock option. Tried another SIM and worked fine.