Xbox One TV Tuner

OneGuide is one of the core features of the Xbox One, and it integrates cable TV with the console in a single seamless interface. But what if you don't have cable TV?

The good news is you're not frozen out, and you can very easily — in certain areas at least — integrate over-the-air (OTA) TV channels into your Xbox One experience. Here's how.

How to watch live TV with the Xbox OTA Tuner

To get OTA TV channels directly onto the Xbox One you need a tuner that runs between the aerial and the console. They aren't expensive, but depending on where you live they will look a little different. In Europe, for example, there is an official Xbox-branded tuner that's still available, while in North America it's produced by Hauppauge. (That same version is also now available in Europe, too.)

Xbox TV tuner

It's an interface with an aerial input on one side and a USB cable on the other to connect to the console. Upon plugging it in, the console will automatically recognize it and send you into the set-up process.

For more information on how to get up and running, check out our full review of the Xbox One TV Tuner.

Xbox One TV Tuner review

As for pricing, it'll cost you $55 in the U.S., while the official Microsoft version can be had as low as £10 now in the UK . The official Xbox-branded tuner seems to have been phased out in favor of this one, but should you be able to find one it'll cost you a lot less than the Hauppauge.

Channel availability will depend on different factors, such as location and the quality of your aerial. If you're in the U.S. and curious about what's actually going to be available in your area, AntennaWeb is a terrific resource.

Without paying for cable, though, the TV tuner is a fairly inexpensive way to pass TV through your Xbox One, keeping it at the heart of your home entertainment setup.

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How to watch live TV with HDHomeRun


Using the official TV tuner isn't the only way to watch TV on your console. If you're using something such as the HDHomeRun to put TV onto your home network, the Xbox One is a great companion.

Not only can you use it with the official companion app, but also with Plex, with the added bonus that both of these services provide access to a DVR.

How to watch live TV with Plex on Xbox One

Microsoft had originally planned to offer DVR functionality for folks using the OTA tuner directly with the console but it was then cancelled. So if you want this kind of feature you're forced to use a third-party solution such as Plex, HDHomeRun or Emby.

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Updated July 20, 2018: We added information to this guide on using third-party devices and services like HDHomeRun and Plex.

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