What's the best way to use the Surface Pen on the Surface Laptop?

7 essential apps if you own a Surface Pen
7 essential apps if you own a Surface Pen

There are dozens of apps that leverage the Surface Pen, including Win32 programs such as Photoshop and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) tools like Sketchable. However, most of them work best on the Surface Book, Pro, or Studio, where the screen can be angled into flatter positions.

The Surface Laptop also features inking, but there's no way to lay the screen out flat without putting the laptop on its back ... awkward.

What do you think would be the best way to use the Pen on a Surface Laptop? Windows Central forum member Rainar Angelo recently posed this very question:

Like every other Surface device, the Surface Laptop comes with a pen. However, I think it would be really awkward to see someone trying to take down stuff on a Surface Laptop. Weird? Probably. Doesn't this minimize the utility of the Pen?

Rainar Angelo

I used to use the Surface Pen in my old job to annotate sets of keys, as the IT guy for a chain of private schools. Rather than label the keys, I spread them out, took photographs using my Surface Pro, then annotated the pictures for each key. If the keys ever got lost or stolen, there'd be no way to know which key was for what door, without access to my annotated OneNote picture. This is one way the Surface Laptop's inking feature could still be useful, even without laying the screen out flat.

Are there other ways you use Surface inking without setting the screen down flat? Perhaps annotating documents, signing forms digitally? We'd like to hear from you, so head over to the forums and let us know.

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