HP Elite x3 available on contract at Carphone Warehouse

We're not exactly sure when this happened, but quietly, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has begun selling the HP Elite x3 on contract.

From £37.50 a month on a new 24-month contract you can net yourself a shiny Elite x3 with or without the desk dock. The difference is a £30 upfront cost, with the dock-free version requiring an initial payment of £59.99 compared to the £89.99 with it included.

The HP Elite x3 is an incredible piece of smartphone, but the asking price is high. Really high. While contract buying isn't going to be for everyone, it's at least another opportunity for folks to snag one. Hit the link below to check it out for yourselves.

See at Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab)

Thanks Simon for the tip!

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  • I wonder what magnesium kind of device Microsoft will drop to compete with x3 or idol 4s.. We all know iPhone and Samsung are on another level.. But I love my Lumia still
  • This is good as it makes the HP much more affordable in the short term as you're not paying out that hefty price upfront but I'd never take out a 2 year contract on a Windows device at this time when Microsoft themselves can't even commit to the platform.
  • Don't know what you're talking about MS has stated time and time again that they are supporting Windows Mobile, they can't kill it off as if they did they'd kill off their One Platform vision for UWP. Also it'd take too long and be too expensive to restart a project instead of maintaining it as they are, and there's regular updates for Windows Mobile, far more than other platforms.
  • RS3 is rumored to be the last mobile update then it will be maintenance updates only. Makes sense with WoA coming. Why have two mobile platforms?
  • You do understand that Windows on ARM while in smartphone mode wil look and act just like a regular Windows 10 Mobile device? And that there probably wouldn't be Win32 app support while the device is used as a smartphone (as that would be pointless!) Red Stone 2 isn't even out yet, so Red Stone 3 is still far away. And you are citing unconfirmed sources, while Microsofts official statements to both hardware partners as their customers has been that they support Windows 10 Mobile for 100% within the Windows 10 Family.
  • Looks like a good deal in a world of rare deal for Windows 10 mobile. I believe MS will maintain the platform alive and updated since their partners (like HP) are pushing the device to enterprise.
    But I will not be surprised if I see the development of new features slow down and are enterprise focus.
  • At the Microsoft Store in Las Vegas yesterday guys and the salesman and I were talking about the Surface Phone and he said it is coming out and I'll be a full PC when connected to the dock and will be able to use all WIN32 programs unlike how it is now. When its unplugged from the doc it'll go back to phone mode. Hope it performs well. I have the ELITE X3 & 950 XL, and the X3 battery & screen is amazing. Camera take long to focus and no camera button and glance sucks! The salesman did say he expects the Surface Phone next year though. Wait and see!
  • Or the salesman us just another fan boy who got his info from a fan site
  • I've been to that store before. They read Windows Central like the rest of us ;-)
  • :D
  • When TELUS? 😂
  • They probably do, but I'm just repeating what he said. He did say that the phone will not be a full PC though like alot of people wanted.
  • Holy smoke that's expensive.
  • Wishing that it had CDMA capabilities so I could use it on Verizon here in the states...
  • And so it begins! The HP Elite x3 is a great Windows 10 Mobile device, making it more broadly available to consumers is great for the platform! Windows Phone used to be relatively popular on the British Isle maybe that Carphone Warehouse could keep this going in the UK with the HP Elite x3!