HP Elite x3 speed showdown: Iris Scanner vs Fingerprint Reader

The HP Elite x3 is here and we're putting it through it's paces. The first thing I was immediately drawn to was the new fingerprint reader on the back, which with the Anniversary Update is supported on Mobiles. Since the HP Elite x3 is packing both an Iris Scanner and Fingerprint Reader, I was curious to find out which is faster.

From our tests, it appears the fingerprint reader is faster by a small margin. Assuming you get your finger to scan successfully the first try, using your finger to login to your phone is super convenient and faster than waiting for the Iris scanner to pick up your eyeballs. That's not to say the Iris scanner isn't fast however, from our tests we're blown away by how quick the Iris scanner logs us in on the HP Elite x3. We definitely think it's faster than the 950 and 950 XL.

So the fingerprint reader is faster, but which is better? It comes down to user preference. Personally, I find the fingerprint scanner to be more convenient, even though it's in a slightly awkward place for my liking. The Iris scanner is easily the better choice for those of you in colder areas who'd rather not have to take their gloves off to get access to their phone. And then, there's those of you who don't believe in biometric login and would much rather use a passcode. That's fine too.

Let us know what you think of the Iris and Fingerprint scanners in the comments area below.

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