HP Elite x3 will include a number of exclusive Windows 10 Mobile apps

The upcoming HP Elite x3 will include a number of Windows 10 Mobile apps that are made exclusively for the business-themed 6-inch "superphone".

Aggiornamentilumia.it and Microsoftinsider.es have managed to find info and screenshots of these apps, which are currently hidden in the Windows Store. Some of the apps are pretty simple ones, such as a basic voice recorder, along with an app that redirects to the Salesforce.com sign in page. Another app will redirect Elite x3 owners to download apps from the standard Windows Store, along with one that goes to the previously revealed HP Workspace, which offers a way to run x86 apps on the phone with a subscription service.

Another app on the Elite x3 will be the HP Device Hub. This will allow owners to see the current firmware version for the device and check for any software updates. It also allows them to check on their warranty, connect to the phone's user guide or contact support. It also offers a way for owners to submit their opinions on the Elite x3 with a chance to win some prizes.

HP Display

The HP Display Tools app lets users set how long it lets the phone stay bright before it automatically dims, and how long the phone keeps its screen on before going to sleep. There is an app that's located inside the Elite x3's Settings that allows owners to enable or disable the Double Tap to Wake feature, along with a way to enable the phone to remain on when it is tilted.

Finally, there's "Iris Anti-spoofing" which can also be enabled or disabled. This is likely something security related to the phone's iris recognition feature.

Pre-orders for the Elite x3 have started in some markets, and the phone might ship to some of its first buyers as early as this coming week.

Thanks to Mark for the tip!

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