HP has gamers in its sights with two new Omen monitors

As part of a blitz of new Omen gaming announcements today, HP has revealed a pair of new monitors meant to offer gamers solid performance and framerates. Appropriately called the Omen by HP 25 and Omen by HP 27, the monitors come in at 25 inches and 27 inches, respectively, and with plenty of features to boot.

The 25-inch model only packs a 1080p resolution, but it ratchets things up with a speedy 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Though 1080p may be giving way to higher resolutions nowadays, the refresh rate leaves plenty of breathing room for any decently specced gaming PC to hit high framerates with most games.

Additionally, the Omen 25 includes support for AMD FreeSync, which can help kill screen tearing by syncing the GPU to the monitor's refresh rate given a compatible GPU. There are also two USB 3.0 ports on board, along with a DisplayPort, and an HDMI port.

HP Omen 27

As for the 27-inch model, the specs are a tad higher all around. This model steps things up to a QHD resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. The TN panel can even be overclocked, HP says. One other differentiator with the 27-inch model is that it swaps AMD FreeSync for NVIDIA's proprietary G-Sync. This essentially ensures the same frame syncing as FreeSync, but it only works with NVIDIA GPUs.

Though they may be lacking some of the hot new features in the monitor space like 4K or HDR, both Omen monitors look to offer some solid performance at a decent price. It also helps that they're fairly aesthetically pleasing without going overboard like gaming products have a tendency to do.

The Omen 25 will for on sale on June 26 for $280, while the Omen 27 will do the same on June 8 for $800. And if you need even more Omen, HP says it will also have accessories, ranging from a headset to a keyboard and mouse, up for sale on June 8.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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