HP Spectre Folio 13

Best answer: The HP Spectre Folio is made of 100 percent genuine, durable chrome-tanned leather. You can rest assured you'll be getting the same premium look and feel you'd expect from a $1,300 Windows PC.

HP: HP Spectre Folio 13t ($1,300)

Leather that feels as good as it looks

HP switched up the current trend in notebooks by replacing the aluminum chassis with some leather. No, the entire device isn't made from leather, but you'll find a lot of it around the keyboard, as well as acting as a clam case. The rest is the usual metal construct you'd expect from a laptop at this price.

The question is — as is the case with anything you can buy with "leather" — has HP used real, genuine leather? Absolutely. The company is going all out with the Folio, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise since this notebook is part of the powerful Spectre family.

We even spent some time with the new HP tablet come laptop, and I strongly encourage you to watch through our hands-on below for a quick glance at the device in the flesh.

The only drawback to the leather is you're stuck with it since it's part of the chassis. It's also important to keep the leather treated and clean to avoid serious wear and tear, but you'll likely fall in love with the PC after unboxing if you're a big fan of premium and unique design.

Our pick

HP Spectre Folio 13t

Reinventing the portable PC with leather.

The HP Spectre Folio is an incredibly unique entry in the company's powerful Spectre lineup, and HP has done some pretty impressive engineering work to make sure it all comes together nicely. It's also real leather.

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