HP's Workspace app for the Elite x3 pops up on the Windows Store

The HP Workspace app for Windows 10 has been listed in the Windows Store. While it's not available to download yet, the app will allow owners of the upcoming HP Elite x3 smartphone to use x86-based apps when docked to the phone's Desk Dock accessory.

Here's a quick description of the app (via Winphone.ir):

HP Workspace enables users to run their Windows desktop apps (x86 and x64) when docked on a Windows Mobile device with Continuum. Using HP Workspace, users can bring the Windows desktop experience, with large-screen, keyboard and mouse support, to their Windows 10 Mobile device, and without the cost of server hardware and IT administration challenges of traditional app virtualization services. A subscription is required to access this service.

Shipments of the HP Elite x3 are expected to start rolling out to some pre-order customers as early as next week.

Thanks to amir for the tip!

Download HP Workspace from the Windows Store (when available)

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John Callaham