HP's OMEN Obelisk gaming desktop cranks up the power with GeForce RTX 20 GPUs

HP's OMEN Obelisk gaming desktop cranks up the power with GeForce RTX 20 GPUs

Acer and Dell aren't the only ones ready to take advantage of NVIDIA's new RTX 20 series. HP is also hitting the ground running with its new OMEN Obelisk, a powerhouse rig that combines the new NVIDIA cards with speedy memory from HyperX.

The Obelisk certainly fits its moniker, packing its powerful components into a sturdy, all-black chassis. The design is only broken up by an OMEN logo up front and a spacious side window that reveals all of the goodies powering your games.

As for those internals, HP has gone with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, along with Intel's 8th Gen Core i+ CPUs or AMD's 2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs. Storage options are described as "flexible," with options ranging from NVMe SSD, HDD and SSD combos, and Intel's Optane memory. On the RAM side of things, HP has teamed up with HyperX to use the company's FURY DDR4-2666 modules at up to 32GB. The modules come in a sleek design that features a low-profile heat spreader that should help keep temperatures low.

Most of all, HP is touting how customizable the Obelisk is, as it seeks to pull in the DIY crowd. Parts can be easily swapped in and out without the need for tools, and there's plenty of space to work with inside the chassis. Cooling can even be adjusted by swapping in your own aftermarket 120mm fan or radiator at the top of the case.

HP says that the Obelisk desktop will be available starting in September at its website and other retailers starting at $849.99. For now, you can get a better look at what to expect at HP's dedicated Obelisk site.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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