HTC 6990 LVW passes Bluetooth Certification

We've heard rumors of a handful of HTC Windows Phone 8 devices and now we are seeing a HTC Windows Phone device pass Bluetooth Certification.

The request for certification was filed on July 16, 2012 and passed August 13, 2012. Not much to see other than the HTC 6990 LVW is LTE equipped and likely headed to Verizon. The LVW corresponds to the method of communications for the Verizon Wireless LTE Network here in the States. Much like with SGH-T is what T-Mobile Samsung devices use.  

HTC 6990 LVW

Now we aren't sure if the is the Rio or Accord that was leaked earlier or it could be another mystery HTC Windows Phone we haven't heard of yet. HTC is still scheduled to reveal the company's Windows Phone 8 line-up next month so we don't have long to wait until this mystery is solved.

Source:; via Blog Mobile,  WMPU