HTC Windows Phone passes Bluetooth Certification, destined for Verizon with LTE

We've heard rumors of a handful of HTC Windows Phone 8 devices and now we are seeing a HTC Windows Phone device pass Bluetooth Certification.

The request for certification was filed on July 16, 2012 and passed August 13, 2012. Not much to see other than the HTC 6990 LVW is LTE equipped and likely headed to Verizon. The LVW corresponds to the method of communications for the Verizon Wireless LTE Network here in the States. Much like with SGH-T is what T-Mobile Samsung devices use.  

Now we aren't sure if the is the Rio or Accord that was leaked earlier or it could be another mystery HTC Windows Phone we haven't heard of yet. HTC is still scheduled to reveal the company's Windows Phone 8 line-up next month (opens in new tab) so we don't have long to wait until this mystery is solved.

Source:; via Blog Mobile (opens in new tab),  WMPU (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I thought Sammy used SGH for AT&T and not T-Mobile
    HTC Lineup is going to be great
  • Meant SGH-T
  • Thanks
  • Hopefully the Nokia kool-aid drinkers won't ruin this comment section
  • I have a lot of gratitude toward Nokia for adopting WP and giving the platform the attention it deserves.  But I think you are right, WP fans are a little too anti-HTC/Samsung right now.  Both those companies make excellent phones and I'll be excited to compare them with Nokia when I choose my next phone.
  • When you compare HTC Samsung and Nokia with what they have done for the WP7 platform, i am sure you can come to an almost certain conclusion that Nokia's support for the platform is by and far better than HTC/Samsung with less time in the WP7 phone market. 
    When you heard about the apps that are coming to WP, you probably saw "in partnership with Nokia".  When there was a bug issue with data, Nokia pushed out a quick fix and gave credits for your troubles.  Nokia has continued to push out their own apps, advertised their phone, and continued to support phone after release. 
    You can not say the same thinga bout HTC and Samsung, which is why people have sided with Nokia instead of HTC/Samsung. 
    There is a reason why people may be more excited for Nokia devices than other OEMs and not OEM fanboyism. 
  • Think about where the platform would be now without Nokia (nowhere) and maybe the praise nokia gets will make more sense.
  • I agree that Nokia has done a lot for WP and the make good devices with good support. That being said, I have not needed support with my Trophy and it has been a solid, reliable phone. So when the time comes to choose, I'll probably go with htc, especially if it's a high end phone.
  • Where was Nokia when WP first launched? Nowhere! Only reason they're doing what they're doing is because MS paid them since they were going under from Symbian, that's it.
  • Doesn't matter when Nokia came in. What's important is they came in full force. OTOH, Samsung would never give all their best to their WP8 phones at this point because that could undermine their no.1 Android position. With HTC, its fluid at the moment so they could lean either way.
  • Only because they were paid, read my comment again
  • So what?! That argument doesnt make Sammys or HTCs phones any more attractive.
  • But it also doesn't mean that you punk Nokia fanboys should crap on every article that isn't Nokia
  • Everything always get compared to the better alternative, thats how it works. It would be no different on the Nokia news if Samsung or HTC would be on top of things.
    And im no Nokia fanboy, I have a Samsung Omnia 7 now, I have had an HTC Touch HD in the past and I have never had a Nokia smartphone. Its just a fact that so far Nokia is the only company bringing their A game when it comes to WP, end of story.
    Maybe its different if you live in the US where you have all the great bing-features, but in Europe there is really no competition.
  • I'm against buying another HTC phone due to a negative experience with my current one. None of the WPs Samsung has put out are available in Canada, or I'd probably already own one. Nokia is making my next phone, but to those planning to buy HTC, more power to ya!
  • I don't care who makes a windows phone, as long as I have any phone with WP8 on it I'm happy. I do like exclusive apps though. And I'd pay to by them.
  • Well said.
  • Just two points:
    - Nokia are in it for the money and so is every other OEM. Nokia were paid by Microsoft because they chose to become the main partner for WP and accept help (would HTC or Samsung have done the same? Nope.). They could have easily gone Android but they didn't and put their full force behind this platform and that means they deserve some respect. I definitely hold Nokia in high regard because of that and will actively consider their offerings for WP8. You can hate all you want. - yeah, Nokia got a good chunk of money from Microsoft but that's all we know. What this money was actually given to Nokia for(helping them with funds/speeding up their WP program/advertising/not going under/getting on the platform) is a mystery. That makes my guess as good as yours. Point being: we don't know what all that money was used for so no point in throwing around accusations that Nokia only got on the platform for the money (which isn't really a bad thing anyways and probably good considering how loyal they are). I'm all for choice and I haven't even bought a Nokia product since about 6 years but that doesn't mean I won't consider their offerings when it's time to upgrade. I'll choose what's best for me and go with that and I suggest you do the same.
  • I don't even hate Nokia, I'm just tired of all the damn Nokia fanboys bashing other OEMs. It's sick.
  • The other OEMs are doing a great job bashing themselves. Based on the rumors, it seems like WP8 will be getting dated android hardware.
  • You guys should stop hating Nokia because they've given WP the care and attention it deserves so far while Sammy and HTC have not. I own the HTC Trophy(work) and L900(personal). While I've used the Titan I which I think is an excellent phone, HTC did nothing to promote it, so if sale are soft and their profits are dying, they have no one to blame nut themselves. It seems like they made the Trophy & Titan series Windows phone to simply appease MS, with no intention of promoting sales at all while Nokia is just the opposite. The Titans are simply inflated versions of the trophy, furthermore, the trophy is a knockoff of one of their Andriod offerings a bought my daughter at least 2 years ago. They chose to put all theirs eggs in the Android basket, and now their paying for it. I am not anti-HTC, I'm just truthful about what they've chosen to do. If they recycle the One-X, I think people will have the, "been there done that attitude"; you or I may not, but the average consumers are who we need to worry about. We're here because we care, but average consumers listen to sales staff, and you know what their going to promote, so you know what WP manufacturers need to do(advertise)
  • Have a htc Radar and loving it :-)
    Screen and frame are unbelivebly solid. Design is great, wp is the best os I've ever tried on a cell. Not sure if I end up with htc or Nokia wp8, but if htc comes out with another splendid phone...
    Either way, it's gonna be a wp8.
    Why should people care of what brand it is, as long it is a WP?
  • I love all the things nokia is doing for windows phone but come launch day which ever company has the best wp8 phone on verizon I'm getting. Which hearing nokia might only have a mid-teir phone for verizon I wouldn't mind getting an htc phone like my last 3 phones.
  • Feel the same way about tmobile as their getting the same Nokia as Verizon. Not always a big Samsung fan, but so far that sounds like the big dog wp8 for tmob.
  • +1
  • Well, this is good news that devices are passing FCC approval !
  • This is Bluetooth cert, not FCC.
  • It's progress anyway about it....
  • All the others passed FCC as well, but that's where Samsung and HTC let their WP offerings end as well. I hope this time around they put some effort into advertising effectively, highlighting things other than how fast you can post to social sites. How about how useful it is; i create/modify/share documents all the time for work. I also have good tools and games obtained from the marketplace; Apple & Android aren't the only phones with an App store( I don't care how many apps we're missing in the marketplace, the face remains that there's more than enough to be useful and integration negates the need for certain apps and that's a plus by itself). Its sad that none of the current manufacturers could not come up with a commercial showing Android/Apple users having to access an app while WP users don't need too. I think if people saw a commercial like that, it would at least peek their interest.
  • i hope they use the new logo and thats why the sdk is taking so long and apping new stuff
  • How do we know its a WP device?
  • I mean how do we know by the cert image?
  • Same (limited) profile as specified for WP8 devices.
  • So the "4.0" next to the row listed Specification is not the updated Bluetooth 4 standard?
  • If HTC sent it for bt cert, it might be in FCC hands too, but FCC takes longer. Giving 2 months for full scale production, we might see it in October around windows 8 release. My wallet is already feeling lighter... =/ I think it will be a contest with HTC vs Nokia, cuz Sammy looks like they are going to reboot the gs3 for wp8 (meh).
  • I love Windows Phone. Being on T-MO my first gen HD7 #4 replacement also have a Lumia 710 not ever replaced. would love to have a Nokia High end device on T-MO sadly though from the looks of it , that isn't going to happen. so If sammy does that 4.8 I'M IN HTC NEVER EVER,EVER AGAIN!
  • Cool story bro
  • Sweet! Was hoping for on new HTC on Verizon! Now the wait tell January to renew.
  • With devices rumored to hit as early as late September or early October, I hope we are not waiting till January to get one !!!!
    This would be the final staw for verizon with me...
  • I've retired my HTC Arrive 32GB 1 week ago. I'll be replacing it for something that comes out first on Verizon. I seriously doubt that anything with a keyboard will show up so I'm all prepped for the sad fact that an on-screen keyboard only phone will be in my future. I'll get used to it:)
    As for manufacturers.....
    I'd prefer to get a Nokia first because of the well documented awesome call and hardware quality. I really do want the ClearBlack screen and the possibility of the PureView camera. Come Sept. 5th I'll be able to see what's coming and choose! Hopefully something to VZW with 4.3 screen size or larger. I'll stick it out after the announcement if something comes relatively soon worth waiting for.
    I've been happy with my last 3 HTC's TP, TP2, & Arrive so I don't have a problem going with HTC again. If a "Titan-ish" phone came out on Verizon I'd probably go for it. I like the SuperLCD type screens HTC uses. The build quality has been mostly good for me so I have no reservations about running with HTC. Please no recycles HTC.
    Samsung - If the S3 gets recycled I most likely won't pick one up. If other Samsung phones come out I'll evaluate and possibly get one if nothing from Nokia or HTC is available depending on specs and build quality. My i730 & i760 Sammy's were pretty good but their newer phones seem like they could break real easy after a few drops. NOT a fan of the pentile screens, but I'll learn to like it if VZW makes it my only option.
    I just got moved back to Verizon on someone's "Share Everything" plan (I don't need to pay) on my old TP2 so I'm definitely "stuck" with Verizon. Going back to WM 6.5 has been a challenge but it's only temporary.
  • I'm sure they will get them sooner but im in contract tell January. :(
  • I hope Samsung bring that S3 or something like that to T-Mobile because I will definitely get it.. I need a 4.3" inch screen or higher from Samsung or Nokia!
  • I like it.   Nuff said.
  • Depending on what phone they release, im switching to Verizon asap. ATT and gsm in general blow. No indoor reception is complete bs. So, im hoping a hi end W8 phone comes to Verizon.
  • Nokia phones have best reception.
  • The F you talking bout? GSM is far superior to CDMA
  • The technogly betweeen GSM and CDMA, no question, GSM is far superior. Coverage in the US is a different story..
    I just wish Verizon used GSM and not CDMA, it would of been a better world !!!
  • Don't know where you are, but I have Verizon & an ATT WP phones. I compared the speeds and reception. In southern Texas, ATT blows VZW away
  • And T-mobile blows them both away
  • T-mobile has LTE?
  • I am on verizon, I will grab what ever comes out first as long as its quality.
  • Same here.
  • I have always bought HTC phones, but they never support their phones. No updates, nothing, and when I bought the lumia 900, I cannot complain at all. Support from day one. I will always buy a Nokia phone
  • I ran Windows Phone updates from VZW on my HTC Trophy 3 times during my ownership.  Every update from Verizon included a Microsoft and HTC update for my device.  My most recent Tango update downloaded a huge HTC update that helped support Internet Sharing.  Maybe it was your provider or perhaps the device you owned?
  • So what should that tell you: 1. Verizon had a choice in the being to get the first Nokia device, but they chose to say no (Nokia met with Verizon pre-WP launch if you remember) 2. They have the resources and ability to promote/release prompt updated to WP phone had they chose to properly advertise 3. They chose Android/Apple over WP without giving it a fair chance. I have no respect for them and hope they start experience the effects of a flooded android/apple market which HTC has already started feeling. I don't care how many new iPhone and androids get released, when everyone is selling them, only the strong will survive. I see it getting harder for companies to sell enough units to turn a profit when so many are selling the same device. Ex. Virgin mobil now selling the iPhone off contract; what effect do you think that will eventually have on carrier sells?
  • I have had my HTC Trophy for many, many months now.  The device is rock solid and I have had no issues with it whatsoever.  While I am sorry to see that HTC has decided to take the path of mid-tier phones and volume sales, I can testify that their "mid-tier" Trophy has been a trusty device with some slick supporting APPS out of the APP Store.  I am very willing to give a WP8 HTC device a look this Fall. 
    PLUS, I am still a bit perplexed about this Nokia Atlas that VZW will be carrying.  It claims to be a "gaming phone" with a special version of WP8, blah, blah, blah.  Special versions of anything from MS end up dying a slow and agonizing death as a result of the lack of updates and worn out trends. 
    It would be nice if VZW would carry a WP8 device from Sammy this fall, too.  I don't think that HTC and Sammy are going to let Nokia muscle in on their turf at VZW.  With Blackberry going away and the lack of love that the iPhone gets from VZW, that leaves room for only Droid and WP8 ecosystems with the VZW handset makers.
  • "With Blackberry going away"
    I really doubt Blackberry is going away. They will release 2 phones for sure and will compete head to head with WP8. We just don't know yet. But by the looks of it, they are a failing company. We'll see though.
  • RIM might be releasing 2 new phones but the problem is BB10 will be released several months after WP8 devices are already out in the market. AND don't forget the iPhone 5 will be everywhere too!
  • I believe that it is strictly up to Verizon whether or not HTC offers a mid range or high end phone.  I would love for Verizon to offer a high end HTC Windows Phone 8 as a replacement for my Trophy.
  • They didn't let the muscle in on their turf; Android!
  • I, too, do not believe that VZW will pull the plug on Blackberry.  However, the BB customer base, which consists of many corporate user groups will soon turn elsewhere.  My company has 3000 using BB and their Enterprise Server on VZW.  In October, our employee population will be told that once your BB contract dies, you will be getting an iPhone.
    Ha-Ha!  Yea.  That why I use a Windows Phone with my corporate discount and plan!  BB or Apple?  Give me something sharp so I can poke my eyes out!
  • Agreed. My trophy has been amazing. Not one issue. I got it about a year ago. I feel like even a mid tier new wp8 phone will still be an upgrade. So I'll be happy either way.
  • "the" should "this" in "the is the Rio or..."
    Delete after corrected.
  • ..."should be" instead of "should this"...
    Delete after corrected :p
  • Can't wait to see what HTC will come up with
  • Trophy 2?
    We had such a horrid experience with the Titan on AT&T (four replacements) I was very down on HTC.  Then we got the Titan 2, and all of a sudden I am open minded again.  It is so much better of a device and I still love the feel of a HTC.  I want to have a reason to support HTC or Samsung, only because I love choice. While I am a huge fan of what Nokia means to WP, I do not want an "only Nokia" future for WP.
    Come on, HTC and Samsung, fight for our money.
  • Sorry m, their actions thus far say they only want funds generated by Android sales only......Good Luck
  • just 12 days to go!
  • If Nokia actually had a high end phone coming Verizon I would get that phone no doubt, but since it's just a mid range I will be looking at what HTC and Samsung have to offer.
    i loved how the HTC one x was made looked so nice. But nokia has much better apps as well like maps, drive and many others. Just gonna have to wait and see.
  • Every I repeat every phone running wp8 will get Nokia drive
  • SO, if the phone comes out for Verizon, would I be able to get the phone and use it on Sprint?  Honestly, I never have really kept up with which service uses which technology.  I'm really just an end user.