HTC 8X available at Target for $129 with T-Mobile contract

The HTC 8X is available at US retailer giant Target for just $129.99, when taken out with a new contract on T-Mobile US. The Windows Phone has its own product page on the retailer website showing off features included as well as the attractive discounted price.

This is -of course- a handset that's tied to a contract, so what's the catch? Minimum plan charge is $59.99 a month, which includes unlimited minutes, SMS and a data add-on. Unfortunately, the HTC 8X listed at Target isn't currently available, and sports the following notice:

"Due to overwhelming demand, the nationwide supply of the Windows Phone 8X is limited. All orders approved by T-Mobile will be reserved and shipped when available."

The Lumia 920 isn't the only Windows Phone suffering from higher-than-expected demand levels. Walmart's inventory system has also revealed a low price of just $150.

Source: Target; thanks, jossueinacoma, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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