HTC 8X reportedly coming November 14th for T-Mobile US, no sign of the Lumia 810 just yet

Good news for T-Mobile users as you can start to expect the HTC 8X to be available for purchase on Wednesday, November 14th.  That date actually falls in line with things we’ve heard in the past and leaked roadmap via TmoNews only confirms that information.

Unfortunately, no word on when the just announced Nokia Lumia 810 will arrive, but it’s starting to look like it may come after the 14th since it doesn’t yet appear to be scheduled. Plus we still know nothing of the Samsung "Odyssey" either.  Of course, like all dates, pricing and device availability news, we’re sure to find out more in the coming weeks and especially on October 29th.

Source: TmoNews

Daniel Rubino

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  • Meeh we want 920!
  • I concur!
  • +1 me too
  • Finally ! Took kinda long, but better late than never. Now, I'm going to wait for the 810 or 910. Lol
  • Agreed. We want Nokia!
  • I don't I want Samsung
  • 810 or 8x?
  • That's the big question. The 8x has the better hardware. 810 will have all those Nokia exclusive apps.
  • I know! Tough choice.
  • How spectacular are those exclusive apps that you can't find anything similar in the WP store? Seriously don't give me that bullshit! News and navigation app is nothing to brag about. Now if they hold a wells Fargo app exclusive , which would be very useful, then I'd envy.
  • Calm down... I don't know about you, but I would rather get regular updates and support for my phone, which Nokia provides. Everywhere I look, people are complaining that the exact opposite is true of HTC. That right there is why I personally would rather get a Nokia than an HTC.
  • I got every update from HTC for my hd7. Nokia had flaws on their product. Reason for constant updates. Now if you don't have any, you don't need any. You know like iPhone.
  • There are plenty of exclusives like the CNN timed exclusive, EA game timed exclusives, angry birds may be the same deal. Viber is one I use also because I know about 10 people that use it and it too is nokia exclusive. Nokia is throwing their weight behind the platform HTC and samsung are content with selling google devices.
  • 8x all the way. Just because the 810 has the "Nokia" name doesn't mean it's a godsend product. Do the comparison.
  • Oh Lubba...They've done the comparison, that's why they want the Lumia!
  • Just like I've done the comparison. 8x>810
  • I agree'd have to be crazy to choose the 810 over the 8X. The 8X is a premium build quality phone with the nicest form factor of all the WP8 phones and a true HD screen. Do we need to point out again the the Lumia 810/820/822 has a WP7 SPEC SCREEN. That right there is a deal breaker. HTC makes some of the best screens on the market as the One X is the current king of Android displays. It will blow away the 810, which will be apparent to anyone who picks up each device for 1 second.
  • Screen resolution is not a deal breaker to many; to others, no expandable storage is a deal breaker :)
    Pete, there  'crazy' people out there; the 810 will sell ALOT!  Just be happy with your 8X :)
  • Expandable memory over techno advancement! Whooooo! All the times people been asking for higher resolutions on WP were just fakes? Just put 1000 gig on there phone and that's it! MS has a winner. No need for wp8 nor cloud storage.
  • The screen is what you look at 100% of the time when your using your phone. Watching youtube,Netflix,texting,sending or reading an email on a full touchscreen I'd say its a pretty big deal. How often do you check how much storage you have left. I personally never do,,I've had the same 4GB sd for 4 years with multiple phones and still have over 2gb left.
  • Call me insane then. Lumia 810.
  • My wife can't see the difference in resolution between our old 27" standard def tv and our new 40" 1080p set. Don't think she'd care about the WVGA screen. Even people with much better vision can't tell or don't care. I have 65/20 vision and I've never had an issue with WVGA at 4.3" or smaller. While I would gladly take a sharper screen, and plan to with a 920, it's by no means a deal breaker. Especially with the horrid experience I've had with my current HTC device. Support>specs any day of the week.
  • I've resigned myself to switching to AT&T to get the Lumia 920 (whenever it arrives), but I'm mystified as to the execution of this launch. 
    Pre-orders start next weekend, but the announcement of the system and presumed release date details don't arrive for 8 days after THAT, and now it looks like the devices won't actually be available for sale until ANOTHER 16 days after that eight day wait?!
    And this is, of course, on the heels of multiple half-effective OS and device "launch" events, each of which promised that a lot more was to come. 
    I mean, they'll get into stores prior to Black Friday, and that's all well and good, but they have ceded a LOT of shopping days this year to Apple and Samsung. Looks like they'll get the iPad Mini and Galaxy Note II, respectively, into stores before a single Windows Phone 8 handset will go onsale. Sigh....
  • Good point, that's actually pretty poor.
    I guess you have to look at all that Microsoft has been tasked with this year alone.
    I mean a complete overhaul of Windows Phone, Windows 8 launch, Surface launch... it's a lot
    Not to mention what they're burdened with for next year (cough xbox)
  • LMAO... Yeah... The 810.... Because people are lining up in droves for that flop
  • Might wanna see it before you say that. It's a handsome looking device
  • Its an ogre of a device with the Nokia name on it. That's all it is. How is it that with huge size, there's no HD screen, no pureview, and alot of wasted screen space?
  • You do realize that your opinion may not necessarily match someone else's, right? What looks like an "ogre" to you may look like a gem to someone else.
  • Oh Lubba...The 8X doesn't have Pureview or expandable storage either, but you seem to want it anyway.
  • Lol.....
  • Flop? 1.5Ghz dual core, 1GB RAM, NFC, Wireless charging, Bluetooth 3.0, super sensitive touch screen, 8MP Carl Zeiss rear camera with 1080p video, 1.2MP FFC with 720p, Gorilla Glass, removable battery/cover, SD card support is a flop? What the hell are you looking for?
  • Ha!  8X not confirmed for expandable storage...
    So looking forward to T-Mobile announcing that the Lumia 810 is there best selling WP8 device :)
  • 810 the best selling phone. Lolzzzzzz!!!!! No wonder the rep at tmo suggested to me "don't buy the L710. The radar is better". Yes on tmo's site, radar has more and better reviews. The tout on the 710 were just a bunch of bull. And I suspect 8x will do very well just like the hd7. And that's a gem.
  • You really have a lot of hatred for Nokia. Might want to consider therapy for it.
  • 8x is my therapy... Maybe Ativ S. Lolzz!
  • When you like something and look forward to it, and at the the end they let you down, there's some grudge going on you know. I'm sure many are disappointed. Not just me alone. Wp8 with all the bells and whistles as Android phones. People been complaining for that for 2 years. Now wp8 provides that. The 810 is not what tmo customers looking forward too. 8x has most of the praised features from the one x, aside from the 16gig.
  • The only thing not offered on the 810 is a 720p screen.  It is not missing any other upgrades that could possibly be put in that the 8X has.  8X does not have removable storage or battery, nor wireless charging, nor replaceable color shells.  Your stuck with one color with the 8X.  8X also has Bluetooth 2.1 vs. the 810's bluetooth 3.0.  The 8x will also be missing all the exclusive Noka apps and support.  The 810 could have up to 40GB of storage including the SD Card.  Have fun with your 16GB.  You make no sense when you speak.
  • Yeah call me a loser.  You are low class.  I am not trolling.  I am making a statement that the 810 has a lot of features and is not a flop.  You call somebody a loser for stating an opinion.  Your parents should be proud of you.
  • If the 810 is a variant of the 820 then it won't have a 720 screen it will have the 480X800. And its not going to come with wireless charging you need to buy a seperate case/shell for that. there are equivalent apps in the app store that rival anything Nokia has to offer plus ALL WP8 phones are getting nokia maps and nokia drive. HTC did consumer research and found that 16gb is more than enough storage for the average person.
    The only real fact is that the 810 is a Midrange phone while the 8X is a highend one.
  • The 8X will be $199 with contract and the 810 will be $99. I prefer the 810 regardless of price but will gladly take it for half price to boot.
  • So if the 8X were $99 with contract would you still get the 810?
  • Yes. The saturation and contrast ratio of AMOLED RGB displays are more important to me than 720p resolution. Also, I prefer to be able to change colors frequently. The colors of the 8X are too loud for me and I can't imagine looking at the same loud color for 24 months. Plus I like removable battries (maybe because I'm used to doing battery pulls with my BlackBerry). I like removable storage also. I think from a spec perspective (without comparing in to 920) the only thing that can be upgraded on the 810 is the resolution.
  • LOL! I have never owned a Nokia in my life only Palm and BlackBerry. The 810 will be my first WP phone and my first Nokia. I never realized how childish people were on this forum. I thought Windows phone fans were smarter than other platforms but I guess not. I've been part of the crackberry forum for some time and I never seen anybody on that forum attack another member because of his reasoning. I wish the people on this forum were a little more grown up.
  • His reasoning isn't flawed,,,those are his opinions and he's entitled to them. But I would like to mention that the 8X does come in basic black not just the vibrant colours. And the AMOLED screen is pure preference,,,I myself prefer the super LCD2 with its more natural colors. ALOLEDS to me are sometimes TOO saturated and unrealistic.
    And to be COMPLETELY honest if the 8X had a AMOLED screen probablly wouldn't get it. So his views are completely understandable,,,the more important thing is he and all of us here have more than a few options for our WP8 phones.
  • He doesn't hate Nokia he just has a hard on for HTC.
  • @lubbalots. Well, technically, the Radar was released a couple of months before the Lumia 710 was made available to T-Mobile.
    And if you want to really count reviews, the Radar has only about 75 more reviews that the Lumia 710 (Black+White), which is not astounding given the Radar's two month headstart on sales.  And there is not a significant disparity in ratings either - 4.4 for the Radar and an average of 4.2 for the Lumia.
    You're reaching.
  • Finally, News other than Nokia. Only a month away guys.
  • Agreed
  • Agreed x2
  • The 14th just so happens to be my Birth Day,,,I think its a sign =)
    CaliforniaBlue 8X--HAPPY Birthday to me!
  • Be sporting the red!
  • Will HTC 8X support T-Mobile's LTE network?
  • I asked this over the live blog but what the fk is that Dell BMW??
  • Its a windows 8 laptop
  • Speaking of the Lumia 810...
    Looks like "coming weeks" is looking like a month and an half. Maybe more.
    Strong possibility i'm switching to ATT.
  • I'd switch but ATT just too rich for me.
  • And better handsets.
  • +1.
  • Better handset vs pocket change in a harsh economy. Do the math.
  • Yep. But still the better handset.
  • I'll agree to that. The more dough you give to ATT, the better handsets they get.
  • That is why they have a better handset.
  • Hopefully the good handsets will after the refarm
  • Any word on the 8s? I like that spunky device
  • Want the Blackjack HTC 8s :) is this heading to Tmo?
  • Going for 8X most likely I don't care about not being able to get Nokia's exclusive apps on it as I may just use my 710 for those apps if I ever really need them.
  • Hey guys, any info on the Bing maps navigation? Will you still have to tap the damn screen when using the navigation?
  • That long???
  • Waiting for Lumia 810. I dont trust HTC.
  • Glad to see a release date for the 8X. I'll be buying the HTC over the Nokia. Honestly, the way that Nokia has handled this rollout from a customer relations perspective has lost me as a potential customer for the foreseeable future. I was super excited to get a 920, but have made peace with moving on from that idea and getting an 8X in limelight yellow. My HD7 has been mighty good to me, so personally I'm not concerned with buying an HTC product. I know that a lot of people here love Nokia (even more than windows phone, which I don't understand), but I won't reward them with my hard-earned money given the incredibly poor communication since the unveiling of the new Lumia phones. When Nokia puts customer service and basic communications first, then I'll reconsider the bitter taste they've left us with during this round of device releases.
  • With all WP8 phones getting Nokia Maps/Drive some of the "have to get a Nokia phone" has dissipated for me. Yet the HD resolution screens of the higher end phones will save me countless hours and hard drive storage since I won't have to convert my HD movies for small screen viewing. I am on the road a lot and my phone is my media center. In all reality the Ativ S (with LTE) would be almost perfect. The Nokia OIS feature is unbeatable and a desire. Too bad it's not coming to TMobile anytime soon.