HTC Leo's version of TouchFLO 3D

You gotta hand it to the cats at HTC: They can sure skin the heck out of Windows Mobile, and they're getting better with every build. We've already seen Manila 2.5 (aka the next generation of TouchFLO  3D). Now Manila 2.6 has been outed from the upcoming (but still unannounced) HTC Leo. And it's a beauty.

Gone are the drab white icons, instead completely replaced by the colorful images we've come to expect on Android devices. There are more bells and whistles for homescreen shortcuts, too. Expect to see this cooked into custom ROMs any day now, and let's hope we see it in an official release soon.

Peep Pocketnow's video of the build after the break.

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  • Looks bloated to me. Too much stuff in too little space.
  • I agree. It looks very functional, but to me it left the style of what TouchFlo was. It looks more like a TouchFlo skin for SenseUI.
  • The HTC Leo has a 4.3 screen.
    The film demonstrated touch Flo 3d is a HTC Diamond.
  • "Expect to see this cooked into custom ROMs any day now." Really? They can barely get Manila 2.5 in a few ROMs.
  • It may take some time but I'm sure it'll be added to the recipes. It's my understanding the main hurdle right now is that 2.6 is QVGA and not VGA.
  • Will this be able to run on the tp2?
  • Lotsa talk, lotas speculation, lotsa commentary. Two important tangible facts still remain unknown. No one has yet to nail down the launch date of Windows Moblie 6.5 and no one has yet to be able to nail down the release date of this HTC Leo. (Continental Europe and the United States.)
  • All true. But a "launch date" is kind of a moot point. We highly doubt Microsoft will pull back a curtain and say "Heeeeeeeeeere's Windows Mobile 6.5!" and it'll be automagically available for your phone.
    No, an update will still have to come down through a carrier or manufacturer, at least until Windows Mobile 7 (we hope).
    As for the Leo, don't knock rumor and conjecture. That's our bread and butter, man! ;)
  • I too will stress the question about 2.6 will be able to run on the Touch Pro2. Hope someone can give an answer, and (hopefully!) also a suggestion about WHEN.