HTC Mazaa heading to Sprint?

Leaked images of a new Windows Phone have surfaced. The HTC Mazaa appears to be sporting a 3.7" screen and, according to unconfirmed reports, will be headed to Sprint in the next six or so months.

The Mazaa resembles the HTC Trophy and is rumored to use DDR2 memory to improve overall speed. The tipster makes not of what appears to be an IMEI number on the phone which could mean the Mazaa has GSM capabilities. Could Sprint be poised to launch a Windows Phone 7 world phone?

All of which leads us to the inevitable question, which will hit the market first, the Sprint Mazaa or Verizon Trophy?

Edit: The red under the speaker grill is exactly like Verizon's "Red" accented Trophy. We find it a bit difficult that Sprint would opt for the same color scheme and at least I'm a bit skeptical. Even AT&T changed the color accent on their HD7 versus T-Mobile's. D. Rubino

Source: XDA Developers via: Pocketnow

George Ponder

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  • Even if this is just a respin of an older design with more storage the fact (if this is true) that Sprint is asking for a 2nd WP7 device is good news to fans of the platform.Still, I can't wait for leaks of the Mango wave devices coming in the fall/holiday 2011.
  • As a Verizon customer who has been waiting patiently through rumored release date after rumored release date for the Trophy, this is extremely depressing.
  • Hopefully, Verizon will come through for you and others (should be this quarter). As much as I'd like a WP device, there is no contract on earth that I would sign for this HTC device. Nokia or bust!
  • Wasn't the Verizon version of this phone supposed to be a world phone also? would both Verizon and Sprint carry the same phone?
  • it's a similar scenario to the evo4g and thunderbolt, or the variations of the galaxy s lines (which bring the samsung/android combination of suck to all carriers)more phones on more networks = more handset sales for the manuf.
  • I hear what you're saying, but the device hasn't proved successful on US shores (i.e. Evo) so it just seems senseless; but it's HTC afterall. I wouldn't take any of their phones for free.
  • haha, senseless. zing!i'll take an htc device over samsung's poorly coded and supported **** any day.the evo did pretty well imo for being released on sprint, which as much as they pretend to be, aren't a top tier network like att and verizon. which perplexes me even further, as releasing a wp7 device on verizon's huge network and subscriber base could give the platform a similar push like the moto droid did for android.
  • Well Sprint wants to cater to everyone now with the whole att tmobile thing. They may not be tier but they have been ranked second with att by JD Power. I think verizon is still distraught by the Kin and its failure. They believe people only want android and the iphone. Sprint may not have as many customers, but I think they will be android's new spokes boy (i.e. Nexus S, Evo 3D, rumored Atrix, etc.) We will see what happens!
  • The Evo may not have done so well but it is pushing hard. And it was one of the most powerful phones and set benchmarks to the smartphone world. An example is your Thunderbolt, pretty much an Evo remake for Verizon some good 7 months later (without HDMI I believe). HTC has one of the best phone makers out there. Quality phones, sturdy, and fall proof. Also, if you are an Android fan you can more than likely expect your phone to update to a newer version of Android. HTC has quality phones and that is why everyone is anxiously waiting the Evo 3D and I know people who are switching networks for it!
  • Sprint needs a non-qwerty slider Windows Phone.
  • +100. I hate Sprint's obsession with landscape sliders.
  • He said "non-qwerty," not "non-landscape qwerty." I like portrait sliders too, but a slider with a numeric keypad?
  • But Sprint's only WP7 option is the landscape slider Arrive.
  • "non-qwerty slider"...? You mean instead of a qwerty revealed when you slide it open, out pops a tray for storing small sandwiches? 'Cause that would be super useful for busy travelers.
  • maybe he likes azerty or dvorak keyboards ;)
  • You all know what he means...
  • If it is a pre production model, the probably have not change the color yet, only used the same chassis as the Trophy on Verizon.
  • I would love to see Sprint get a Windows Phone with a large 4 inch screen.And I know people love HTC but IMO their Windows Phone offerings have been underwhelming. It's either a subpar screen, a terrible camera, or a gimmick like the Surround. The HD7s looks like it could be their standout Windows Phone but I wouldn't be surprised if it still had a crappy camera.I can't wait until Nokia ups the ante. Maybe then other manufacturers will create something truly unique and original. I also hope Dell keeps whipping out some new WP7 phones. The Venue Pro is a step in the right direction, and might be a firmware update away from being an amazing phone.
  • Agree. 4" is a sweet spot that it too rare in the offerings....sent via EVO.
  • The red accents have nothing to do with Verizon. My HTC Evo has red accents and it's a Sprint device.Still, I just went back to the EVO after having the HTC Arrive for almost a month. I loved WP7. It's so refreshing and easy to use. Android just seems to get chunkier and clunkier with every release.If I could get WP7 on my EVO, I'd reflash in a heartbeat. Give me WP7 on a 4 or 4.3 inch device, and I'll be happy.
  • Curious, why did you leave the Arrive?Also, what did you have before your EVO? I went from TP2 to EVO and have enjoyed it despite a lot of Exchange calendar faults. I'd love to try an Arrive (better if it was 4" IMO) and hopefully the eventual Pre 3.
  • I went from an Evo to an Arrive as well, and I'm not going back. Not to the Evo 4G, anyway. I need a hardware keyboard. I tried to use the on-screen keyboard on the Evo - I installed many different 3rd party solutions, the gingerbread keyboard, swype, etc... never could get used to it. I hated typing long emails or even short text massages on the Evo. Maybe a future device will tempt me, but right now I love the Arrive.
  • I went from a TP2 to the Evo and, now, I'm pulling my hair waiting for Best Buy to get the Arrive in-store. :-p While at least a 4" screen would've been perfect, besides the obvious fact that I'd prefer WP7 over Android, the trade off between a physical keyboard and a bigger screen isn't enough for me.OT: When typing text messages on the Evo in landscape mode, does the send button disappear for everyone else or is it just me?
  • What?! Sprint and HTC to make a WP with global roaming? Say it isn't so. Finally someone doing something right. At this rate, I may actually get a Windows Phone by 2012.
  • I would get this first day if it has 4g.
  • if this is real and comes out before verizon releases the trophy, i'm going to go on a murderous rampage at verizon headquarters. STOP JERKING US AROUND VERIZON! :(
  • This version so deferential to another and feature so lovely..Nue Science
  • I love HTC and have had their all HTC phones since the Mogul. I was a little disappointed with the Arrive (heavy, didn't/don't really want a slider, screen size). Don't get me wrong, I love the phone! Its amazing, just not what I was looking for! This is more of my cup of tea, if only it was at least 4 inches. I may have to switch to this!