Verizon Trophy pushed back...again?

We can't be too hard on Verizon here, since they never officially announced the HTC Trophy. But c'mon, we're not dumb either and we know the device exists, have seen pics (more pics), knew it was in final testing stages and that that they were offering Microsoft employees discounts to get it.

That latter part is what this is about as evidently they keep pushing back that "offer" from December, then till April 1st, then April 7th and now...May 5th. That goal line keeps getting pushed back for a reason and we bet Verizon fans are not too happy at all.

We'll keep following till we hear more. Sorry folks.

Source: Verizon Store (opens in new tab); Thanks, Jesse and Brian, for the tips!

Daniel Rubino

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  • This has to be some kind of joke now, right?
  • *sigh*
  • I bet this recent piece of news has something to do with the Trophy not coming April 7th."Verizon Wireless to eliminate one-year contract option on April 17th"
  • Good inference, could very well be.
  • It would make sense, as it appears Verizon is more interested in **** their customers than keeping them. If they could lock us all into another 2 year contract it would benefit them. I would like to know how many customers they are losing over this.
  • Not really on the phone delay, but I can attest to them wanting to f-ck (I assume is the word you used :p) their customers instead of keeping them. They wouldn't uphold or correct a lie from one of their in-store sales reps in my case.I added a line around May last year to get a newer phone earlier and under the premise that I would be able to cancel the old line in November according to the sales rep. Come November, I call to cancel and I'm told my contract ends in February. Come March, I'm finding $200+ in fees for reasons unknown to me. It turns out that there were some reconnect fees or some silly things with the old line and late fees, etc. What does customer service do? At most $60 credit, they tell me. Needless to say, I told them to eff off and I switched to Sprint the next day. They could've had me for more years, but I guess it's more profitable to charge a ridiculous ETF and provide no service than it is to keep me as a customer.Anyway, I'm stuck with the Evo 4G (yeah, I said "stuck" :-p) until next week when, supposedly, the Best Buy near me is going to get the Arrive in-store.
  • this is messed up... is this done on purpose????
  • I dont think the promo date necessarily correlates to the launch date of the device. Why would they want the promo to end on the launch date?I'm not jumping to any conclusions until after MIX11
  • Definitely not an exact date, but notice how that offer went from Dec, to April 1st, to April 7th and now till May 5th? Correlating with that is a phone that has been repeatedly delayed...The dates coincide but perhaps not overlap 100%.
  • I think I speak for everyone when I say, God Damn It.
  • If it is indeed pushed back ... I am seriously considering jumping ship. I am tired of giving a company money that does not care about its customers. I like Verizons network but the comments from the CTO about the Windows Phone and the fact that they definitely do not care when they release this phone are putting me in a corner and I do not like that. Companies need to learn that when you mess with your customers, you go out of business. I would rather give my money to a company that really wants it. If there is no windows phone by June (when my contract is up) I will move my family somewhere else, Period.
  • u should definitely want something by june; vzw's also going w/ tiered data plans "this summer" - my plan is to reup 3rd week of May for 2yr - mine ended in November and they have been harping on me left & right to get a new smartphone (currently have feature phone)however now seeing BGR report that VZW will be axing the 1yr option on the 17th, i'm torn. My plan was, if the trophy sucked as much as i think it's going to, to go android on a 1yr contract while wp7 matured, then go wp7 next summer. If they're going to take away that 1yr option in a week, and not have wp7 at the time for me to evaluate, i'll be going android w/o getting to evaluate the trophy, which I don't like.rock & a hard place. for sure.
  • What is most irritating about this is what Verizon has done to former KIN owners. As you may know, owners of the original KIN devices had until March 31st to exchange their device for any new 3G phone (Excluding the iPhone) because Verizon and Microsoft killed the KIN Studio. This also required them to renew their contract for another two years.My girlfriend waited until the last possible moment to do this, hoping that the Trophy would be out by then, but it wasn't. Instead, she got a Droid 2 (Or X maybe?) and is using that for the time being. She's hoping that the Trophy is out within the 14-day return window, but it doesn't look like that is happening.I would've thought that Verizon would offer WP7 to KIN owners by saying "Hey look! This is REALLY similar to your KIN but even better! Get one and renew your contract!" Instead, they're kind of left out in the cold, which REALLY sucks if they've invested in something like a Zune **** which has ZERO value if you're using a Droid.
  • That does suck, and Verizon should give all former Kin owners an option to pickup a WP7 phone when it "finaly" comes out, regardless of what they were forced to use in the interim. I bet the original end date for Kin was based on the theoretical Trophy launch date. So nothing there has changed except for Verizon being a bunch of jerks about this. Not a Verizon customer (once a long time ago) but I feel your pain. Their silence is about as deafening as AT&T's with their NoNoDo.
  • I wonder, if you exchange within the 14-day return window and get another phone, do you get another 14 days?
  • I bet you'll be able to connect with this video I just made concerning the trophy on verizon...
  • If there isn't a firm date at MIX, I'm going to at&t.I've had enough
  • Silly, I know, but I recently made the jump from AT&T to T-mobile, and it's been an awesome decision. They have unlimited data and texts, plus more minute for the same cost. And when you're on 3g--woo, it's fast. I miss the Samoled from the Focus, but that HD7 is awesome.
  • Maybe the phone will still come out on April 15th like that leaked road-map said, and this is just an offer that can be used until the 5th of May.But if not...EFF YOU VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'll second that motion. Any against? (crickets)Motion is passed. If no Trophy on 4/15 then EFF U VZW.
  • MS & WP7 is gonna get a bad rep for being associated w/ constant delays. I don't understand why MS just can't get this mobile scenario straight??
  • This is insulting. They are no doubt delaying this so that people are forced to renew at two years instead of one. Add me to the list of those pledging to switch to AT&T if the phone is released at a point after which the one-year contract option is no longer available. I have sent their customer service dept an email via the website (apparently, you have to pretend you are a new customer in order to do so), and called to voice my disapproval. I suggest that others do the same. What happened to being the carrier that's all about customer service? What a scam.
  • this is crazy too many delays with this device yet sprints has been out for almost a month now wtf. Hopefully this promo has no effect on the rumored april 15th launch i hope it comes out next week im getting impatient and frustrated with verizon at this point
  • Well, guess I won't be taking my Focus back anytime soon. Looks like the 30 days will be long past by the time Verizon stops sucking.
  • I am begining to realy not like Verion.... But just thinking out loud....Could the hold up of the Trophy be related to a LTE Radio being installed, and matbe not quite ready yet ???
  • I don't understand... Doesn't it say THROUGH May 5th... meaning the offer will END May 5th??
  • Diagnose Malaria on the fly with Windows Phone 7?Three comments, two of which are spam.Delayed WP7 phone?Almost 30 comments. People love to **** About anything. Hell, I'm bitching right now about people bitching.
  • These are the complaints I can get behind, though. Why?1) Complaints are directed at the offending party and not Microsoft.2) Complaints are from people that WANT TO PURCHASE something from Verizon. Considering that they are the ONLY major network in the US that doesn't have a WP7 device yet, they are risking losing more and more customers by their complete silence.Now, be honest, is it good customer service to do what they're doing? I'm somewhat loyal to Verizon due to my good experience with their coverage in my area vs. AT&T and T-Mobile. I also am interested in the Trophy due to it being a world phone and I'm eager to start some international traveling soon. But I'm more interested in WP7 than what you see above, so for what reason should I continue to wait on a maybe?The complaints are justified. This time ...
  • More BS from Verizon, Not giving customers what they want.No HD7s on AT&T watching what phone hits first.
  • I've been waiting for Verizon to get a WP7 device for ages, but between the delays and the CTO's comments about the platform, I'm concerned about Verizon's dedication to the platform. With Android seemingly being their main focus, I'd hate to see them basically put minimal support behind WP7, which I'm afraid could mean very slow update cycles and so-so WP7 phones.So, the big question for me is to wait it out and see how it goes for another two years or jump ship to another carrier since my contract is now up? Have many of you made the jump and loved/hated the decision?
  • Wow I cannot express my disappointment in Verizon if this is true. I just wandered the bigger Verizon store by me and have to say the smart phone I played with didn't thrill meat all considering the beauty that is the Metro UI. Android seemed a lot like my current WM6.1 on steroids and the Pre 2 was too small' particularly with the Pre3 and TouchPad on the way. Since my area won't be LTE any time soon the Thunderbolt is worthless to me too. This is just depressing...
  • I swithed to AT&T a month ago after never getting a straight answer out of Verizon. I could not be happier. Verizon is focused on the Droid and iPhone and could care less about WP7.
  • I was so looking forward to today. I still had my fingers crossed with the hope of some news. Still stuck with my Blackberry I reckon.
  • Anyone else try to send an email to about the MS Employee offer?
  • I just read an article about a guy getting the run around from verizon support for a month trying to get tv service added to his VZ internet contract. He got next day results by emailing the Verizon CEO. My Verizon contract ended several months ago and i'm waiting on a WP7 to renew.So, I sent him a polite email asking when VZW would be shipping a WP7 device.
  • I received a call back from Verizon Executive relations. The lady was very nice, but couldn't tell me anything more than Verizon is releasing WP7 device this year.It's something, I guess.