Verizon extends Trophy offer to MS employees

Going back to November, it was known that Verizon would be offering the HTC Trophy world phone to Microsoft employees, part of the deal that MS would cover employee phones (so long as they were Windows Phones, ahem).

A few days ago, that date for the offer was extended to April 1st, a sign we thought that Trophy release was imminent. Now we get word that the date is extended, yet again, by one week to April 7th. What does this all mean? What we've known for a bit: Verizon is testing the Trophy, it's nearly complete and their "release dates" for the public (latest being the 15th) are clearly moving targets, not written in stone. Lets just hope this is the last of the delays as Verizon is really dragging this drama out for a phone that is far from the cream of the crop.

Source: VerizonWireless (opens in new tab)

Seth Brodeur
  • Soon it will be mandatory for MS employees to have a Windows phone, lol.
  • It already is. They have Mozarts in the UK.
  • I doubt it ever will. Microsoft does provide incentive to get Windows Phone though. Microsoft will provide the phone for free and will pay for the phone bill.
  • i'm assuming the only "new" part of this information is the deadline for the employees to accept. otherwise **** we've known this since November.
  • Didn't we alreay know this 2 weeks ago ?
  • I wonder if the continous pushing out of the date is related to the continous release date slip?When I put my tin foil (really? who actually uses foil made of tin anymore?) hat on I have to ask the question if the Verizon slip is related to AT&T not pushing NoDo. Could it be that AT&T has said that VZW can't get WP7 until AFTER the first update is released to their devices?Nahh.
  • > (really? who actually uses foil made of tin anymore?)So true. Platinum is the new tin.
  • No one is posting it (even though I tipped all WinPho blogs) so here is what I discovered. If you slide the predicted text bar to the right after pasting on WP7 the paste icon will appear again. Allowing you to paste the same thing again. Tapping the very left edge of the same bar also brings the button back(this works well for pasting multiple times in a row with many taps to the same area). Have fun!
  • If you click the source link above (verizonWireless), and then click "Learn More" in the special offer advertisment, they show the specs of the phone. WVGA and 512MB + 16 Gigs.
  • I will point out that the only thing that changed was the date slipped from April 1 (tomorrow) to April 8. I am not sure how much stock you want to put into the specs of it though. Those have been there since December, I believe ( I would only hope it was a SLCD, but I'll take what I get considering I ordered this thing in the first week of December... You guys think you have it bad, try being a person who already ordered this and is now under contract from when it was ordered. The only positive out of it is that I am already 4 months into the contract of a phone that I do not have. I would expect more likely the date to be Apr 21st or after, from what I heard.
  • WHEN WILL IT BE OFFERED TO US? (april 15 date is soooo shady!)
  • Yes, I'm hoping the delay has to do with the screen being updated to SLCD. In either case, this will be my phone once it's released. I can't jump ship from Verizon as I have an employee discount running. No OS on earth is worth losing that!
  • That would have NOTHING to do with it. The UK version of the phone came with the SLCD after the first batch.If you were to buy a HTC Trophy overseas you would get one with a SLCD
  • You know this is BS on both ends. How does Sprint have it already and Verizon is just play with us with BS extending the date. This phone will be outdated by the time it hits the market. Lets face it the new Iphone should be out by then and the BB should hit the stores anytime now. This is BS i have the 1st Omnia that Verizon first put on the market, can't stand the under developed Angroid it feel like a souped up windows 6.1 phone and the I phone well it just an already used up interface that lacks any luster what so ever. Verizon is going to make buy a Iphone 5 or Blackberry, because i refuse to pay for a dated Windows phone.
  • One year contract....Only $70 more. Problem solved. Unless you want to wait till fall (well, with Verizon, Early 2012) till the 2nd gen models hit.Verizon has always sucked at releasing new phones, GSM is soo much better in this aspect.