HTC placeholder page for Sprint Touch Pro 2

Yep. The HTC Touch Pro 2 is coming to Sprint.

Nope. We don't know when. Or for how much.

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  • YYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Funny, thats exactly what I was gonna do... YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
  • I believe it's highly likely that Sprint and Verizon may be waiting for WM 6.5 before they release the Touch Pro 2 on their networks. Actually, I think I'll be happy to wait for WM 6.5 if this is indeed the case. While I do expect 6.5 ROMs to be made for this handset on any carriers that choose to release it with WM 6.1 (Telus, T-Mobile), I'd much rather just buy it with 6.5 from the get-go. I don't know what the official launch date will be for the new "Windows Phones". Has a date been announced? If not, I'd bet even money that Microsoft will plan the launch to rouchly coincide with the Windows 7 launch on October 22. Seems like a decent strategy to me....
  • Good analysis.
  • While that would be nice, I for one really hope that's not the case. That's more or less do to pure obsession. I'm pretty tired of waiting for this phone.
  • Ya really. Much as I dislike Apple, the TP2 was announced in like January, and the latest rumor is September. The phone will be outdated before it is even released! Come on HTC and Sprint, you've really fowled this one up. I think I'll just wait for WinMo 7.
  • yep the phone will be outdated before it is even released. if not already. the samsung omnia pro & omnia2 r almost 2x the speed as tp2 & should b out around nov-dec! no wonder htc losing money. RELEASE YOUR PHONES IN AMERICA FIRST! we use the most oil, energy and other goods than europe combined, so y is htc releasing their devices in china for? i don't think the average china-men can even afford the phone. im starting to blame htc rather than sprint. and if sprint is the one dragging its feet, htc should force the issue and give deadlines for releases.
  • the general public in America doesn't like to pay much for a cellphone. $250 is thought to be way too much. Where as in Europe and the Middle East phones are more of a status symbol and people like to keep up with the latest technology. Why do u think none of the high end and most of the middle end Nokias and Sony Ericsson's never make it to US networks?
  • State of the Art: That piece of technology you want. Obsolete: That piece of technology you own. Nanosecond: The time it takes that new piece of technology you bought to become obsolete! It IS a shame that we learn about a device at the beginning of the year and not have our hands on it until almost the end of the year. With as fast as new tech comes out though, it's inevitable that as soon as something is released, there's something else "on deck" which makes the new release seem lacking. It bothers us "bleeding edge" folks the most - heck I know tons of people who still won't justify the cost of ANY of these smartphones! Talk about the opposite end of the spectrum! All these release dates don't mean squat to them - just those of us who HAVE to own the latest & greatest! :)
  • Looks like HTC took the page down for now... check it out. :(
  • There is another possibility here - just like what happened up here in the wilds of Canada - Sprint may be playing around with the hardware (read: Telus went with a 3.5mm headphone jack.....).
  • I was told by my buddy at sprint that the TP2 will be out at the end of Sept. I did not ask for this info. I was contemplating the Palm Pre but I have big hands and love all of my apps and the pre is just too small. Plus who knows how long it is going to take for the pre to catch up with all other top notch phones. My buddy told me to wait for the TP2. He said they are having remarkable returns on the Pre and I can't use yahoo or msn messenger on the darn thing. I have been a palm user for ever but they missed me with that pretty LITTLE pre. I'm just not impressed at all with the size of the thing. I'm gonna wait to see what goodies are introduced with the package. Should still be one of the best devices out.
  • Woohoo! Hope they heal quickly! Aside from the fact that they haven
  • If none of you have heard the Sprint TP2 is going to FINALLY have the standard 3.5mm jack. I think that modification is probably the hold up if not both that and WM 6.5.
  • ...and the last I heard it is due out September 6th. I don't know where the end of September is coming from.
  • Touch Pro 2 will be released Sept. 3rd for Sprint. Your Welcome.
  • We have all known that for weeks.
    Brightpoint Sept 3
    Normal retail Channels Sept 8. YOU are welcome
  • i talk to sprint and they dont even know when HTC pro 2 is coming wtf huh
  •, goolgle