HTC selling T-Mobile HD2 for $99 flat (2 year contract)

For those still on the fence about the HD2 (we imagine Hulu would look great on that screen), HTC Shop America, their direct sale store, is pimping the phone directly with a T-Mobile plan for $99. No rebate, no waiting.

Rumor also has it that this deal may not last, but who knows with these things (that 35 percent Bing cashback is still available as is the Wirefly deal). And considering how often T-Mobile is running out of stock/replacing stock on this device, we take it to mean it's selling quite well.  Go here to get started.

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  • I tried to purchase it! But I think it's not there any more!
  • Type in your Zip Code into the Phone box and it should show up
  • I meant the offer (the price) not the phone itself!
  • my bad, it is there, it did not work for me as an upgrade though! :(
  • It's still there....I thought you mean on the initial page the link brings you to. I typed in my Zip and saw the phone on that page for $99... Here's the link
  • Man... I am so close to pulling the trigger...
  • I am too. I just have to find one in store to see how pocketable the device is. I'd probably take the bing cashback route because it's slightly less expensive over two years ($58) and makes a break to the new iPhone or the EVO 4G a little easier.
  • That's some very aggressive pricing. I'd do it for that much, maybe.
  • can we all at least agree now that WM is going to have a very sharp but steady decline. i believe it will be quicker than most are expecting. the evidence is just so damn obvious. face it fanboys
  • I'd certainly agree to that, WM will be steadily declining. However Windows Phone 7 will have a huge upswing in market share...the evidence is so god get a life...and a brain before you post such idiotic things. By the way, aren't you missing you boy steve present his latest iteration of his "closed environment, propriety, only allowed to do what he says phone"?
  • oh ya, cause everything i just said is evidence that i just love hippie apple products. fucken idiot. how do you even respond like that and also agree with the only point that i made in my comment. looks like someone got duped and bought the HD2 too early and now his vagina hurts. tough break nigga
  • "And considering how often T-Mobile is running out of stock/replacing stock on this device, we take it to mean it's selling quite well." Of course you do... Let's totally ignore the simpler explanation that T-Mobile choose not to stock up on a dead-end device (remember that T-Mobile contracted to carry the device before the WP7 announcement) and is going the conservative route to avoid unsold inventory. Malatesta = Fanboy
  • Is there anyway to get a deal if you already have a 2 year contract on tmobile for the phone? I would have to pay $400 from them to upgrade so for the moment its a pass but if I can get it down to about $300 I'd probably do it.
  • It applies to NEW activations only...sorry you our out of luck. Unless you open a new T-Mo account and then cancle you old account and pay the ETF...may save some $$ that way and still get the goods...
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  • Wal-Mart online has it for 129.99 and 150 in store as an upgrade with 2 yr. contract extension for exsiting customers .
  • has the HD2 for $99.99 and free 2day shipping, and no sales tax, in most states! Plus the return policy of is miles better than back end of HTC's ShopAmerica site)
  • My brother got this smart phone a week before and its highly customizable user interface is impressive and improves on past Android devices with Outlook e-mail,calendar and contacts synchronization,a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 5-megapixel camera.Its Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,GPS and 3G support all are working great.