Xbox Quick Resume UpdateSource: Microsoft | @neonepiphany on Twitter

What you need to know

  • Quick Resume suspends games on Xbox Series X|S consoles so they can be switched to without loading.
  • As of now, Quick Resume is a tad unreliable with games moving in and out of a suspended state without much input from the end user.
  • A new update coming to Xbox will allow you to force up to two games to remain in a Quick Resume state at all times.

One of my biggest criticisms of the Xbox Series X in my review from 2020 was the quirkiness of Quick Resume. Generally, the feature leaves multiple games in a suspended state, giving you instant access without having to fully load them back in. In practice, though, it can be a little odd.

With Quick Resume, you have no real control over what and when games become active. A game you might expect to be in Quick Resume may randomly just leave its suspended state, which made the feature feel unreliable at times. Thankfully, however, Quick Resume is getting a huge update.

As revealed by Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie on Twitter, Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Ring will soon be able to test the ability to fully control what games remain in a Quick Resume state.

By pressing the view button on a game, you'll be able to "Pin" it into Quick Resume, meaning that your Xbox will always prioritize that game for a Quick Resume status, and it won't be overridden by opening up other games.

Xbox Quick Resume Update 2022Xbox Quick Resume Update 2022Source: Microsoft | @neonepiphany on Twitter

Once pinned in Quick Resume, they'll display in the Quick Resume group with a pin icon in them, ensuring that they always remain ready to fire up. This system will allow you to pin two games to permanently remain in a Quick Resume state, while others will come and go as usual.

This new feature will go a long way towards making Quick Resume feel like a more consistent, reliable experience. If you're experimenting with other games but have a go-to game to play when your friends log in of an evening, leaving it standing by in Quick Resume will ensure that you're always ready to lobby up and go.

The feature will roll out today to Xbox Insiders in the testing Alpha Ring, and will typically hit the public version of the Xbox Series X|S OS a few weeks later.