Hyperkin possibly developing wireless racing wheel for Xbox One

If you love racing simulators, then purchasing a racing wheel is an easy decision. While there are many such devices on the market, the wireless options are rather limited. Luckily, it seems like a wireless racing wheel is being developed for the Xbox One by Hyperkin. You may remember Hyperkin as the company that recently revived the "Duke" controller for fans of the original Xbox.

According to IGN, the racing wheel will be shown in prototype form at E3 2018. It's unclear when it'll launch on how much it'll cost. However, given the fact that it's supposedly wireless, it probably won't be cheap. IGN also said that "the wheel controller will connect using the Xbox One's wireless chip, and the controller's dock will become a charging station when put in place." Added functionality is always welcome.

As with any such leak, take it with a grain of salt until we receive official confirmation. Hopefully Hyperkin will provided more information about the product now that it's out in the open. Playing games like Forza Motorsport 7 would be an absolute blast with such an accessory because it provides more convenience.

If the accessory exists, hopefully the manufacturer will allow gamers to test it out next week on the show floor. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more or receive a response from Hyperkin. Until then, you can gawk at the gorgeous black-and-white design.

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  • Not sure how good a wireless wheel is going to be. If it's just free hanging in the air like the old Wii controllers in a mount it's not going to win any prizes for realism. Interesting to see what it's all about. A good wheel needs motors and vibration and all that jazz to add to the sensation.
  • The old wireless racing wheel for 360 was able up give quite good control, once you got used to controlling your arm movements. I was able to get much better laps than with a controller. That wheel was lacking tactile feedback and bumper buttons, but it was good for someone without the space, or the desire to spend the money on a driving rig, IMHO. This is very intriguing, if it isn't too expensive...
  • That's the other thing: Price. You can buy some wheels for pretty low prices already, they're not the greatest but they're a traditional setup. If this doesn't undercut those then it's going to be a tricky sell to anyone who actually wants a wheel over a novelty item.
  • For sure... I know the article implies it may be expensive, but it really has to come in at the 100$ mark, I think, for a casual racer to really consider it.
  • For most people they'll also need to buy/build a wheel stand plus the space to place/store it, and the extra time it takes to set it up every time or the ability to leave it out. All will be even more tedious if the user hops between multiple gaming locations (Xbox/PC). I'll definitely pick a novelty wheel over a real racing wheel setup with the above in mind. Worst case scenario I can try to play Dark Soul with it.
  • I didn't mind the old 360 wheel like this. Although I tended to slowly flatten it and be using it horizontally which kinda made it not work very well. If you cold keep it vertical though it worked a treat.