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What you need to know

  • ID@Xbox is a program at Microsoft that works with independent developers to publish their game projects.
  • The program has successfully published over 2,000 games now, including hits like Untitled Goose Game, Celeste, Cuphead, and more.
  • Over $1.5 billion has been paid to these indie developers in royalties throughout the program's history.
  • There are over 2,000 more games in active development, and the entire ID@Xbox catalogue is coming to Xbox Series X.

While we're all a fan of gorgeous AAA gaming titles like Cyberpunk 2077, the most interesting and unique titles can often be found in independent developers, who don't have to worry about trends or marketing, and can simply chase their gaming dream. Over the past seven years, these indie developers have found a home at ID@Xbox, a program at Microsoft that works with developers to publish their games on Xbox and Windows 10. As of today, that program has hit a major milestone: over 2,000 games published through the program.

This is a huge accomplishment, and shows the power of indie developers, with true gems like Limbo, Oxenfree, Cuphead, and so many more fantastic games brought to life and given a vibrant platform by ID@Xbox. Even more impressive, ID@Xbox says over 2,000 new games are in active development with ID@Xbox, and all these games will come to Xbox Series X, along with all the past games published to the Xbox platform. These are mind boggling numbers, especially considering that ID@Xbox has paid over $1.5 billion in royalties to developers over the program's history.

From recent titles, like ones shown off in this video, to upcoming titles like Song of Iron, ID@Xbox has a very bright future ahead of it, and will be a large part of the success of the Xbox Series X, especially since many of these games find their way to Xbox Game Pass, and see lots of success there.

Have you played an ID@Xbox title recently? What's your favorite game you've played that was published by the program? Let us know in the comments below!

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