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What you need to know

  • The Xbox Summer Showcase is an opportunity for many smaller developers to show off their latest games.
  • One of the most exciting games at the Xbox Summer Showcase is Song of Iron, the debut game from Studio Escape.
  • Song of Iron is a side-scrolling action adventure title set in a Nordic world, where the player has to fight through a brutal landscape.
  • The game is being published through ID@Xbox, and will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X as well as Windows PC's.

The Xbox Summer Showcase is in full swing, and ID@Xbox is hard at work showing off some incredible games from indie developers and smaller teams. One standout game is Song of Iron, from Studio Escape. This game is set in a breathtakingly beautiful Nordic world, in which the player has to fight through hordes of men, monsters, and worst in order to find the lost gods and fulfil their oath of vengeance.

The game looks very impressive, and it's even more so when discovered that Studio Escape is exactly one person, game artist and developer Joe Winter, who is working on Song of Iron from the comfort of their makeshift office at home. Any fans of dark and brutal games should absolutely be checking out Song of Iron, since its combat appears to be fluid, satisfying, and suitably bishy-bashy, despite being limited to only two dimensions rather than the typical three.

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Song Of Iron GifSource: Studio Escape

If you're interested in this morbid side-scrolling action adventure, you can check out the game on Steam, or find the developer on Twitter to follow along with game updates. Because the game is being published through the ID@Xbox program, Song of Iron is also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X alongside Windows PC's, adding to the growing list of amazing indie games that Xbox has to offer.

If all of that still isn't enough to satisfy you, check out some images and screenshots from the game below.

Is this a game you're interested in? What excites you most about Song of Iron? Let us know in the comments below!

A dark Nordic adventure

Song Of Iron Reco Image

Song of Iron

A special addition to ID@Xbox.

Song of Iron is the debut product from a one-man studio that combines gorgeous visuals and hard-hitting combat in a side-scrolling action adventure title. The game is coming to Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and is definitely one to keep your eye on.

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