ID@Xbox Game Fest 2020 vid showcases a handful of gorgeous indie games

Idxbox Game Fest
Idxbox Game Fest (Image credit: Microsoft)

ID@Xbox Game Fest is an annual celebration of some of the latest and greatest indie titles heading to Xbox and Windows 10, some of which are already available, with some arriving later in the future.

To that end, the ID@Xbox team has put together a mini showcase on YouTube, giving some great independent teams a chance to show off their games, and explain some of the design ethos behind their creations.

In the showcase posted today, the team offered some insights into the making of titles like Old Man's Journey (opens in new tab), What Remains of Edith Finch (opens in new tab), Fractured Minds (opens in new tab), The Gardens Between (opens in new tab), Hyper Dot (opens in new tab), and Silence: The Whispered World (opens in new tab), explained and elaborated upon by the game's developers.

Many of the titles showcased for ID@Xbox Game Fest 2020 are also on sale, with some very steep discounts anywhere up to 75 per cent, so do give them a look.

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Jez Corden
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  • Very impressive to think that Fractured Minds was developed by a 17 year old. Hopefully she goes on to have an exciting career in game development should she choose that path.
  • Saw an interview with her, a gem of a person. I knew it was coming but noticed the price. I bought it before it hit game pass, as I loved how she came across. And some of the money goes to charity. Had some really nice bits in it.
  • That Old Man game, does it not have some odd permission requests at the start? Are they legit? Because none of the other titles I run have asked for that, in that way. Unless I'm being paranoid. Anyone else checked that out? The Gardens between is great, love it.and HyperDot is shoot em up training, a belter!
  • Old Man's Journey? I don't remember it having any weird permissions, but I could be wrong, I have played through it anyway. Fun game.
  • Yeah, I wanna give it a go. But when I saw the request, I backed out. The Xbox store reviews all moan about it.
  • Yes and after you agree to proceed you get an email from Microsoft: "New app(s) have access to your data
    Old Man's Journey connected to the Microsoft account...
    If you didn’t grant this access, please remove the app(s) from your account.
    Manage your apps" I removed the Old Man's Journey app to be on the safe side. There were also others the likes of Epic, Sea of Thieves and YouTube.
  • Ah, right. Yeah, I'm familiar with them, but load this up... It definitely looked different.