IE Lede

Recently we covered UnleashThePhones taking a good look at Internet Explorer 11 in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. The publication has now added more details, including InPrivate Browsing and the ability to have more than six tabs open at any given time. Pass the break for more information.

The InPrivate Browser feature will allow users to surf the Internet without having data stored on the Windows Phone, just like private browsing on a Windows 8 PC.

IE11 InPrivate

Alongside the private browsing (for all your 4chan needs), Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone 8.1 will also allow users to have more than 6 tabs open at once. No longer will you be required to delete tabs to make room for that seventh website you so desperately require access to.

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Remaining on the topic of tabbed web browsing, IE11 can synchronise tabs with Windows 8, allowing users with multiple devices to pick up on where they left off – perfect for when browsing the web at home and then continuing when out the house on a Windows Phone.

IE11 Tabs Downloads

Lastly, IE11 adds an option of opening downloaded files instead of saving them after they're stored on the device. Not a whole lot more functionality, but these are changes that address minor complaints from consumers and we certainly look forward to IE11.

Source: UnleashThePhones