Although just getting a Dell Venue Pro seems hard enough these days, getting to its storage card may even be harder. That's assuming it even has one.

In one of the first shots of the device without a battery cover, there's nary a SD card in sight. Granted, it could be buried below somewhere, requiring you to break out some mini-screwdrivers, but this is no Samsung Focus, which has the slot readily accessible. Of course, with that recent warning from Microsoft to AT&T, you may want to hold off anyways.

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The device is reported to come in two varieties: 8GB and 16GB, so at least there's that option. Still, for those looking for a 40GB Venue Pro, you may be out of luck or have a lot of work ahead of you.

Update: Over at wmpoweruser, it was shown that indeed the Dell Venue Pro does have a microSD card, so upgrades are a go, if you want to risk it.

Source: PocketNow