IGN and Nerdist apps make their debut on the Xbox One

Two more media streaming apps are now available for owners of Microsoft's Xbox One console. One features content from the gaming-themed IGN website, while the other contains videos and podcasts from the Nerdist Network.

Here's what you can expect from the new IGN app:

"The IGN for Xbox app turns all of our video games news and reviews into an interactive TV channel. Launch the app and the latest news from the IGN home page is automatically piped to your TV screen, with simple functions for finding and queuing videos. You can sit back and relax with IGN, or dive deep for the specific content you want. It's Internet video made for your television, the way we want to use TV."In addition to IGN's in-depth games coverage of everything Xbox and beyond, the app offers reviews and trailers for movies, and all other content you expect from IGN. All app functions are supported in both Full and Snap modes on Xbox One, so you can watch IGN while playing your favorite games."

The new Nerdist app is also available on the Xbox 360 console as well. Here's what you get:

Now you can catch all of our regularly scheduled greats like Nerdist News, The Dan Cave, Because Science, and Nerdist Presents right from your Xbox console. The app also features classics like All Star Celebrity Bowling, Grammar Slam, and Cops: Skyrim, too. Oh, and did I mention that one show with the super clever, dashingly handsome, and highly charismatic black dude, Nerdist: Play? Yeah, you can find that incredibly attractive gentleman on our Xbox app as well. Here's another fun fact: you can catch archived versions of the Nerdist Podcast on the app as well. That means you can fire up your Xbox console and let the sultry voices of Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, and Jonah Ray play directly through your home entertainment system. How smexy is that?

Source: IGN, Nerdist

John Callaham
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  • That's what I thought, but she disagreed.
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  • Lol even can't pronounce it..
  • I see these headlines about great apps that go to Xbox one instead of windows phone :( so saddening.
  • Hopefully universal
  • Yeah hopefully when windows 10 hits
  • Now that I think about it, if they would somehow implement W10 into Xbox ONE and made those apps also universal with PC/tablets/phones. Devs would more likely do apps for Windows because Windows has better marketshare in consoles than in phone division. Playstation vs XBOX is like Iphone vs Android comparison (I dont mean literally by numbers). I am not sure if I missed something but W10 wont come into XBOX right?
  • Xbox uses win10 kernel. Correct me if im wrong anybody.
  • Win10 is coming to XBOX and it's part of microsoft's plan for universal apps also.
  • Exactly. We will get the apps because it wont make sense for them not to create for it. The Windows store will grow no matter what whether phone, Xbox or PC. If they bother to make an app at all it will be worth their while to make it universal eventually.
  • Thats cool, because now they cant say "low marketshare" cause millions of PC and consoles will be included. I am really curious how devs will act when W10 will oficially come out.
  • Nice... What about phone apps? Do we have those?? I haven't checked.
  • No but IGN's website is very mobile friendly. Looks and behaves like an app.
  • With a shit loads of ads
  • "With Shit Loads of Ads" ....indeed. But God forbid a Non Sport Game includes a Billboard and IGN start Preaching "Brimstone & Fire".
  • Just get addtrap. Best money, literally I can surf the web including ign, ESPN, Hulu plus without commercials. Amazing. Just plug and play.
  • Still ni no windows maybe it will change
  • IGN's Podcast Unlocked is a good show for Xbox fans.
  • Anyone seen the redesigned NowTv app icon. How ugly is that!!
  • Still waiting for Spotify, or free Xbox Music for Xbox gold members:) I have been a loyal Xbox live paying costumer for 10 years now!
  • Not gonna be free! Paying publishing companies like ASCAP is pricey. You can't even stream free anymore. Just let me use iy in the background and not just snapped and I'm happy. I'm only 6 years into my Live/Music combo. Go you.
  • Yes, it's really bad that you can't play music in the background in 2015! I don't want to have it"snapped". Ms has alot of work to do if they don't want to lose costumers' to Sony's PlayStation.
  • And I maybe have been a paying costumer for 10 years, but this may be the last year whit Xbox. Sony's PlayStation is just much better. Spotify,can play music in the background, alot of free games whit Psn live, good prices at the store and also the ability to chose Nordic game versions(I am Swedish) and so on
  • Games with Gold has gotten much better on the One, it was too new to offer good free stuff for a while and no backwards comp killed the chances on getting great games, but I like it now. I just got Rayman! On the 360 GWG is already good. We have Spotify but I haven't tried it so can't speak to its functionality. Gold members get good prices on games and while Sony sometimes has them a bit cheaper/earlier we get that with some games too. In the U.S. so don't need the Nordic. MS wont catch Sony in console sales for this generation, not sure they care near as much as Sony does either. They have and continue to sell enough to be relevant slash see some resemblance of a profit. Being number two in a two person game ain't bad, see Apple v Android in mobile.
  • Well Microsoft Will lose more and more costumers everyday. I have Xbox One/360, PC, Lumia 930/920. But we wo are loyal to Ms don't get much, and even less outside Us. We don't get Cortana, Nordic Games in the store, Spotify who everyone here use and recently "Games whit gold" haven't been satisfying:/ I still really hope that Ms will fix some of this because i really love my One
  • Nerdist has been there for a while actually but at least you got around to reporting it. Thanks WCentral :) all appreciated.
  • Yes, I grabbed it when Nerdist sent out the email notice of it going live a while back.
  • Arghh I thought they finally made a windows phone app
  • Just used SmartGlass beta to get IGN. Hope it looks/works well.
  • Does that means that once W10 realeases, IGN will be also for Windows Phone?
  • That's not how it works.
  • Would be very interesting to see how can companies not be compelled to release Universal apps once Windows 10 is released.
  • You left out the Time Warner Cable app that went live today
  • Very smexy indeed.
  • Any news about a Windows Central app for the One?
  • Yeah!!
  • and people bitch abuot the xbox becoming media and not a gaming console.  dumb people are praising these apps.    
  • Hopefully scalable to windows phone
  • Iheart?