iHeartRadio's universal Windows 10 app hits the Store with mobile version on the way

If you are a fan of iHeartRadio, you may be wondering if the popular music streaming service would have a Windows 10 app. Luckily for you, the answer is yes as their Windows 10 Univeral app has hit the Store. The mobile version is currently not available – like Twitter and FitBit – but we know that those are on the way, and such is the case here.

The new iHeartRadio app can be played fullscreen, windowed or showing off the universal app abilities made into the phone version for desktop. The app features colossal, bold graphics and is very Pandora-esque with its thumbs up or down for likes. Users also have the ability to share channels with the Share picker (unfortunately, you cannot share to Twitter yet just Mail and OneNote). The app also features the by now familiar hamburger menu for Browse, Sleep and Settings and the app can be connected to Facebook and Google+.

Oh, and yes, there is a Live Tile too that flips to reveal the current 'now playing' station.

As a neat bonus, iHeartRadio is clearly teaming with Microsoft as your streaming channel features a Get it from Microsoft and Get a Groove Pass buttons near the bottom in a nice cross-promotional effort.

From our first impressions, we like the new iHeartRadio app and think it looks great. The app continues to reveal the power of universal Windows 10 app model, and it will look fantastic on any PC or tablet.

No word on when the mobile version will hit, but if we had to guess it should launch right around when Windows 10 Mobile gets official. Microsoft may be planning a wave of new Windows 10 Mobile apps to bolster their re-launch of their phone OS. Stay tuned.

Download iHeartRadio for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Thanks, Jacob M., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Very beautiful!!
  • Absolutely true win8.1 version is sooo ugly
  • Very beautiful indeed. Shows how devs can make such a good looking app.
  • I'm not from U.S. but this is the first radio station that I have really liked before any other. Nice to see them developing for Windows 10.
  • Mm.. I hope Universal Windows Apps will work this time around unlike W8.1 version
  • I'm running a few universal apps (beta) on mobile/desktop and they are fantastic. 8.1 was not really universal. Shared code, yes, but still separate in many ways. These are truly the same apps now.
  • This^^^ I'm running some to and Daniel is 100% right, they are awesome.
  • Any high quality app is good, especially if there's promise of a Windows 10 Mobile version.
  • Why does Mobile app have to be released separately? Doesn't it share the same code as pc version?
  • Simple. Windows 10 Mobile is not finished. Devs and companies don't like releasing apps for a few thousand beta users when the OS and APIs are shifting beneath their feet. There is no real benefit to getting it out there now. It just doesn't matter at this point. They can learn what they need from the PC version and add to the phone one later. Getting reports from users that something is wrong when it is tied to the OS and APIs is not helping devs.
  • Is this also a last version of Windows mobile like it is for PC? I mean there won't be a Windows 11 mobile?
  • It's kind of an irrelevant question. The short answer is Windows 10 is just Windows across all devices (phone, PC, Xbox, IoT, wearables). Same kernel, same APIs, same app coding. If they call something 'Windows 11' it won't be for a few years and even then will be mostly in name as it is all Windows as a Service (WaaS).
  • So, Windows as a Service means current Windows mobile devices will get much more longer OS support in terms of updates cuz kernel won't be changed in near future. That's interesting. Sorry for of topic question and thanks for answering.
  • It would be cool if they name the future updates the way Apple does with Mac. Yosemite, El Capitan, Mountain Lion.. Really epic nomenclature.
  • This. I believe they can be released already but Win10 mobile has not been officially released.
  • It's also that it takes time to optimise for smaller screens. It's fairly common to build for desktop and tablet sizes and then spend more time optimising the UI for mobile. Considering W10 is not out on mobile yet they may as well not hold up the launch for something most people can't use.
  • Hopefully Pandora will follow suit
  • And tune in and Spotify. While current Spotify app is really solid having a universal Windows 10 version would be great too.
  • Nice! Rise Against Radio! I love them and The Offspring both. Nice genre selection my friend.
  • Looks nice! Really looking forward to the mobile app being updated.
  • So this should be available for Xbox one when it gets the 10 update as well?
  • Sure, if IHeartRadio want it there it's up to them. My bet? It'll be on Xbox One too. With close to 50 million Xbox Live users, I can't see why they would turn down the ability to get on there.
  • Pretty sure they'll do that, considering they already have an Xbox one app. It'll definitely be good to have a consistent experience across desktop, tablet, phone, TV (through Xbox), and eventually hololens.
  • The universal app for W10 is the Xbox One app. But since it's already on Xbox One, shouldn't have any changes once updated. But definitely background playback support is a must, not just snapping it.
  • Very nice looking
  • So cool it looks amazing. So much inspiration for sure. Windows apps looks so much more beautiful than most android and ios apps
  • Awesome, now for Spotify and MixRadio.
  • Nice app! I love how W10 optimized apps tend to launch much faster in W10 than apps in W8. Anyone else noticing this?
  • Yes, it was a part of the big keynote at BUILD 2015. They heavily optimized the code so apps designed for Windows 10 launch significantly faster than their Windows 8(.1) counterparts.
  • Yep. I love Windows 10 <3  W8 apps use to lauch pretty slowly compared to win32 apps for me, but Windows 10 apps are immediate.
  • I can't download it. It says its not available. Is it US only?
  • Appears to be US only =/ *sigh*, I wish iHeartRadi​o in Australia would release their apps for more than just iOS and Android. They HAVE an app for the Windows platform, it looks great, but they won't let it work in Australia...
  • The region change should work as it does on phones.
  • How is it universal if the mobile version is not out?
  • Universal is Windows 10 and once Windows 10 hits mobile and Xbox, it will be available then. I think that's how it works, though some apps do work across W10 and 8.1 currently.
  • The Mobile version doesn't need to be out in order to be universal, if you haven't noticed Windows Mobile isn't out yet ;)
  • "How is it universal if the mobile version is not out?"
    It's about the codebase. Look at my first image in this article. The reason I posted that is because that is literally 100% the phone layout. This happens on Twitter and Fitbit too. Phone version is not out because the Phone OS is not out. Beta don't count. They will want to wait until MS finalizes the code and tools before they test and push it out.
  • The Play and Skip buttons look a little thick for the new wireframe design of Windows 10, but otherwise fantastic!
  • Never used this app but due to the beautiful quality I will be downloading it tomorrow to give it a try. Just on the basis of how it looks. Eye candy is always welcomed. Also,as it links into Groove Pass, which I have, it's a no brainer to try it, at the very least.
  • Beautiful!
  • Anyone else getting "this station cannot be played right now" when they try and use it?
  • Mobile version is awful and always was.....wp8.1 at least.
  • Looks nice! Hope Vevo takes notice and comes back to Windows soon.
  • Vevo is working on my SP3 on Windows 10.
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Daniel likes Rise Against? 
  • They're my favorite band. Saw 'em twice in the last year. See my Instagram @daniel_rubino
  • That's awesome! You just earned a whole bunch of points in my book!
  • Woot!
  • Downloaded for WP8.1 and W10. Will get W10 for Mobile when I upgrade my phone, AFTER it's official. ;)  All this time I've been listening to my own music library and never used a radio service like this, until my wife decided to download and use one this morning. Now, I read this, and I'm like, "Okay, I'll give it a try." Loving it so far. I think I'm going to convert her to iHeartRadio now.
  • The Offspring...nice...it's too bad they suck so much now.
  • Cool. Bring on more Universal Apps!
  • I thought that's the whole point of One/Universal Store - that once an app becomes available in the store, it becomes available to all devices running Windows 10?
  • Yes, it is virtually ready, but they need to fiddle with the interface to optimize it better for mobile. Besides, win10 mobile is not officially out so they do have Time
  • Still, why is it available in the store for PCs/tablets and not in the store for mobiles? Aren't they the same store?
  • Why doesn't Pandora have an app????
  • Great job! I might start using it to give support. Pandora people should take a lesson from these guys.
  • I'm confused. If it's a windows 10 universal app, then why would the mobile version be "on the way"?
  • Look, the codebase is shared the UX will probably need a little tweaks for phones. Plus Windows 10 for phones is not officially out yet - so "it's on the way".
  • is it better than tune in radio cause they really been lacking in the updates
  • Daniel never misses the chance to show his love for Rise Against :P
  • Cool ! Today downloaded it and tried it ! Awesome !
  • Maybe now Microsoft are involved iHeartRadio will actually support their app in New Zealand? As they already do for iOS and droid
  • Currently not available in INDIA
  • I cant find it when i search on the store, the stores search should be more open as it doesnt find things or give you options when your type search similar words...
  • It says not currently available?
  • Actually, if this is a universal windows app, we need to start using the right terms. Instead of a mobile version on the way, it should say mobile adaptation is on the way since in theory it is only one app but needs to be adapted for different screen sizes and hardware specific features.
  • Just looked at the app on my computer. It launches, but that's it. Can't search anything, can't play anything. :(
  • TBH I thought Universal meant desktop/tablet/mobile...