This is the incredible new Dell XPS 15 with Infinity Display

It was one of Microsoft's biggest new hardware partner announcements during the Computex Taipei Forum event, and while we're not allowed to touch it, here it is in all it's glory.

The biggest thing that strikes you is the Infinity Display. In the same way it wowed us at CES when the XPS 13 was introduced, it has that jaw-dropping appeal. We may have expected this to be the path Dell was going to take with its larger XPS offering, but you can't believe it until you see it.

So, what do we know? Very little. Dell had a strict "no comment" policy when asked about any hardware, release or pricing information. But it literally is a larger XPS 13. So you've got the form factor of something much smaller, maybe a 13-inch laptop, we honestly don't know. You've got the same construction, a harmony of Carbon Fiber and metal, and that it's "Windows 10 ready." And apparently that's when we'll see it, not before.

For now, that's what we've got. But we're going to be waiting with bated breath to find out more.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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