InPic updated: brings bug fixes, Facebook sharing, and Picture Hub integration

When it comes to Windows Phone, we may not have an official Instagram app, but we do have the best around. Earlier today we saw 6tag pick support for multiple accounts and now InPic joining in with some updates of its own. Let’s check out all the v1.1.1 newness.

InPic is one of the more recent newcomers to the Instagram app field on Windows Phone. It’s developed by Applyf – makers of PrimeTube and the first Instagram app with upload on Windows 8, also called InPic. The last update to the Windows Phone version of InPic featured a security update. Here’s what’s new with the latest:

  • User login bug fix.
  • Upload photo - Share to Facebook
  • Picture Hub Integration

After updating the app we had no problem login into the app. So any bugs you might have encountered there in the past seem to have been addressed. There is also now the ability to share your photos to Facebook. And finally you have integration with the Picture Hub.

Why go with InPic over competing apps on Instagram? The app is completely free with no trial and no ads. Just 100% free for users. It’s a really nice way to dip your toes into the world of Instagram if you haven’t yet.

Interested in grabbing InPic for Windows Phone 8? Head to the Windows Phone Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the more section in our app. You’ll then be on your way to a fast and fluid Instagram client.

Now if only someone could point CNET’s Molly Wood to one of the handful of excellent Instagram apps available on Windows Phone… ;)

Sam Sabri