Read Microsoft's inside story of the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One is a killer gaming console, but it’s more than that. It’s also a great all-in-one entertainment device for your living room. Microsoft recently started a column on their site to highlight unique individuals working within the company. Today they’re highlighting three employees who helped shaped the Xbox One.

Boyd Multerer – Director of Development

Not many people can claim to be the father of both Xbox Live and XNA, but Boyd Multerer can. He’s been with team Xbox since the beginning and shares some insight into the processes of creating the Xbox One. On the Xbox One he was responsible for spearheading the effort to align the needs of the gamer and the game developer. The solution? Three operating systems working in unison on the Xbox One. Read more about Boyd.

Carl Ledbetter – Industrial Designer

Carl has had some pretty impressive design roles within Microsoft since he first joined in in 1995. From shaping mice and keyboards to shaping the Zune and Xbox One, Carl has done it all. He didn’t always want to be an industrial designer, he almost became a geologist. What’s he most proud about on the Xbox One? The things that might go unnoticed, like the ABXY buttons that have a jewel-like finish and are clearer to read. Speaking of reading, be sure to read the whole interview with Carl.

Alexis Hebert – Creative Producer                                                                           

You might recognize Alexis, she grew to prominence in the gaming community as a member of the PMS clan and later Ubisoft’s Frag Dolls. She’s been at Microsoft since 2011 and is now working on helping shape the company’s road map for e-gaming. She’s a crazy cool cat. Be sure to read more about Alexis.

The Xbox One is an impressive machine, but sometimes it’s the people behind a product that are the real story.

Via: TechNet

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