Instagraph for Windows Phone 8 updated, Metrogram integration joins the fun

The popular Instagram client Instagraph was updated just a short while ago to version 2.0 and as promised, Metrogram is now part of the mix.  The two apps really didn't become one but rather integrated where you can access Metrogram's features from within Instagraph and visa versa.

The Metrogram integration is only for the Windows Phone 8 version of Instagraph. Windows Phone 7.x users shouldn't feel left out in the cold though.

Both versions of Instagraph get the ability to create Instagram accounts, a new color picker to create color borders, and a new internal browser for liking/commenting on Instagram feeds, modify profile information, and receive live notifications.

With the Metrogram integration on the Windows Phone 8 version users have direct access to followers and those followed, the ability to search tags and accounts, and view your liked photos.

To access the Metrogram features you'll first need to update that app (due in a few hours), then just tap the "M" button at the bottom of the main Instagraph screen. This will pull up your Metrogram menu.

The neat thing about it all is that Metrogram is due for an update as well (version 3.3) that gives that app integration with Instagraph. This will allow Metrogram users to post or re-Tweet pictures.

As a side note, Instagraph's developers have made the offer to any developer wishing to add Instagram sharing from their app, they can download a public sample over at GeekChamp and connect to Instagraph within their app. It is our understanding that Instagraph is now working with WPGram to provide similar integration. Who knows what's next or how far the integration could go.

The update for Instagraph should be pushing out shortly (if it hasn't already) and the Metrogram update should be live soon too.  If you haven't tried Instagraph yet, the full version running $.99. Metrogram is a free app.

You can find Instagraph here in the Windows Phone Store and Metrogram here in the Store.

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George Ponder

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