Intel and Samsung teaming up for lower-cost 4K monitors

4K monitors could be about to get a whole lot less expensive as Intel has announced a partnership with Samsung to produce units retailing this year for $399. Currently pairing up your Windows PC with a 4K monitor can be an expensive business with prices stretching into the thousands. But at Computex, in Taiwan, the collaboration with Samsung was announced to bring the cost of panels down by half.

Over time Intel also plans to work alongside TDP and Viewsonic to achieve the same goal of moving the 4K monitor prices down to $399. They're also promising that these displays won't be some cheap and nasty products either, with 60Hz refresh and 100% sRGB color gamut promised. Sure, we won't know for definite whether they're worth even the $399 outlay until we see them and sadly no exact timeframe beyond "this holiday selling season" was announced.

An additional bonus to the partnership is that consumers will soon be able to pick up a 4K all-in-one PC for $999, again cutting the price by half over currently available models.

With price having so far always being a barrier, is $399 something you'd shell out for a 4K monitor?

Source: The Inquirer

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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