Is Windows 10 Mobile ready for the masses?

Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile is nearing release both for Insiders and the general public through new hardware like the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Windows 10 Mobile build 10586 is expected to be the commercial release of the OS and is not too far off from the current Insider build of 10581 save for some fixes and optimizations.

Is Windows 10 Mobile ready though for the world?

If you were expecting me to answer that today, you will have to wait for my review of those new phones with the shipping version of the OS. However, there is a fascinating and contentious thread started in our forums that is drawing a lot of input from users:

Windows Central Forum - 'MS says W10M is ready, I call that BS'

Obviously the original poster Rafael Yousuf has an ax to grind with Microsoft. He opens with:

"I believe that the current build or even the next one won't be RTM ready. I am not talking about performance, I am talking about the UI & UX of W10M. The UI is a mess (specially with all the gray color used everywhere). I mean how do they say it is ready if Cortana is still using the Bing mobile site to show search result. Users notice the UI first.if the Ui is a mess, don't expect the OS to be a success."

Others, however, disagree with is assertions and criticisms. One of our forum moderators, a5cent, chimed in with a valid point, in my opinion:

"We could turn that argument on its head by saying WP8.1 had the cleanest and most consistent UI of any mobile OS, yet it didn't manage to appeal to many potential users regardless. Doesn't that suggest that the UI is not the determining factor when it comes to consumer appeal?"

You can also make the argument that Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are never really finished, but that just kicks the can down the road.

So what do you think? To kick it off, let's use a hypothetical:

If there was no Insider program and for the last year we had no idea about Windows 10 Mobile would you be impressed with its release and what Microsoft has accomplished? Are we just fatigued from a year of testing or is the OS truly a disappointment?

I think it's an interesting question.

Windows Central Forum - 'MS says W10M is ready, I call that BS'

Jump into that thread linked above, read what others have said and share your thoughts (although please remain polite and respectful, we're all on the same team here).

Daniel Rubino

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