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Is Windows 10 Mobile ready for the masses?

Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile is nearing release both for Insiders and the general public through new hardware like the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Windows 10 Mobile build 10586 is expected to be the commercial release of the OS and is not too far off from the current Insider build of 10581 save for some fixes and optimizations.

Is Windows 10 Mobile ready though for the world?

If you were expecting me to answer that today, you will have to wait for my review of those new phones with the shipping version of the OS. However, there is a fascinating and contentious thread started in our forums that is drawing a lot of input from users:

Windows Central Forum - 'MS says W10M is ready, I call that BS'

Obviously the original poster Rafael Yousuf has an ax to grind with Microsoft. He opens with:

"I believe that the current build or even the next one won't be RTM ready. I am not talking about performance, I am talking about the UI & UX of W10M. The UI is a mess (specially with all the gray color used everywhere). I mean how do they say it is ready if Cortana is still using the Bing mobile site to show search result. Users notice the UI first.if the Ui is a mess, don't expect the OS to be a success."

Others, however, disagree with is assertions and criticisms. One of our forum moderators, a5cent, chimed in with a valid point, in my opinion:

"We could turn that argument on its head by saying WP8.1 had the cleanest and most consistent UI of any mobile OS, yet it didn't manage to appeal to many potential users regardless. Doesn't that suggest that the UI is not the determining factor when it comes to consumer appeal?"

You can also make the argument that Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are never really finished, but that just kicks the can down the road.

So what do you think? To kick it off, let's use a hypothetical:

If there was no Insider program and for the last year we had no idea about Windows 10 Mobile would you be impressed with its release and what Microsoft has accomplished? Are we just fatigued from a year of testing or is the OS truly a disappointment?

I think it's an interesting question.

Windows Central Forum - 'MS says W10M is ready, I call that BS'

Jump into that thread linked above, read what others have said and share your thoughts (although please remain polite and respectful, we're all on the same team here).

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Absolutely not.
  • Yea. Especially with that blatant action centre. It is very ugly. Doesn't fit in. MSFT will always be catching up with other OS if they don't think ahead. And so many other features missing.
  • People are never pleased with what they get. When android or ios releases an update people go nuts over it, but ms has destroyed the element of surprise with the insider program. I am sure if there was no insider builds people would love wm10 when they saw it first.
  • The Insider program is optional. If you want to be surprised then don't join. Isn't that obvious? I haven't joined and am not experiencing the fatigue the author mentions.
  • So you didnt read any news since March about Windows 10 Mobile ^^ 
  • Sure, but all I have gotten are basically progress reports. I still don't really know what to expect from the OS without ever having used it. I can say without a doubt I am not fatigued, but, rather, intrigued.
  • I'm in the same position. The only handle I've actually had with Windows Phone is with 8.1 on my girlfriends 640 and I'm seeing comparisons with Windows Mobile 10, but without having used it, I'm more intrigued by the UX than anything else. The improvements actually seem mostly like a step in the right direction and its why I'm excited to let the 950 be my first step into Microsoft's mobile operating system.
  • I've tried every release of Windows 10 Mobile to date, and all I can say for sure is that the UX changes are almost entirely for the worse. Things that were once easy are now tedious or difficult to find. The mail app is horrible. And really, when you get down to it, the 950 is pretty much the same phone (specs wise) as various Android makers were releasing in FEBRUARY. The 950 is too little, too late. I've been singing the praises of Windows Phone for 5 years. I'm done. I'm out. Microsoft doesn't have a clue how to succeed in mobile, and they never will.
  • bye
  • There were numerous videos from Dan outlining the new features of each W10 mobile build.
  • I didn't watch any of them. Hey, that's just me. I'm not interested in beta software, but don't begrudge anyone who is. All I'm saying is that if you want to be surprised then perhaps the Insider Program ain't for you.
  • I don't think anyone's arguing who should be in the insider program. The question is this, if the people who are so negative about the development of W10 were not in the insider program, would there be this negativity? If the insider program wasn't available, would so many people who've been using W10 for months prior to release be complaining that the features they want aren't included, or that it's taken too long, when there are so many features which have been added. Personally, I think that without the insider program, there would be much less negativity surrounding Windows 10 for phones. I've even seen some third-rate tech sites try to write "Reviews" of W10M based on pre-release builds in the last few months.
  • I trust MS is getting good feedback from this program or they would discontinue it. They have to weigh the pros and cons.
  • And besides, regular people don't even know what Windows 10 mobile inside program means. When they buy the phones and use it they'll fall in love right away
  • Its not betasoftware. The phones releasing , have in fact, a far more earlier version of windows 10 mobile installed then the insiders running the latest insider build. Why that ? Because ms had no time to use newer builds to they sticked with an old build and simply optimized it till a degree where ppl won't complain that much
  • Yes, it's beta, and no, the 950's won't ship with an earlier version of 10 Mobile than we currently have on insider. That's just silly.
  • @liddidp same here - I might skim over an article or two, but I'm largely unaware of the features of W10M. I'm not really interested in learning all about a feature if it's broken, ugly, or ends up getting changed anyway. I'll wait until everything is finalised for release and read all the info then... or perhaps I'll just wait until I buy my new device and discover it there for the first time
  • Well you know enough just by being on windows central. U still won't surprised
  • Same here. I didn't enroll in it. And I sure would be surprised when I'll get the public release.
  • Same here I didn't even look at the insider program.....i am way too excited..... Any way don't compare android with Windows.... They both are entirely for different mindset...
  • I agree Pallav.  I think there are a lot of improvements, and things that make me excited about the future.  I haven't used iOS for more than a few minutes since the release of iOS 7, but most of what I see and have experienced in W10 is still an improvment over iOS.  Being able to scale your display up or down is a great feature.  Having my list of contacts on the left and messages on the right while in the messaging app makes navigating back and forth between multiple contacts very fast and convenient.  I have not seen that on iOS.  Edge is fast and nearly on par with the other mobile browsers.  They just need to add swipe navigation and it will be on par.  The new mail and calendar apps are great.  I can't wait for Continuum, and the new camera app is pretty solid too.  I am sure some of the Android Camera apps may have more features, but I feel it's better than the current iOS app based on the times I have used my wife's phone to take pictures.  Overall, very solid and a good foundation for them to build on.
  • Yes. Wm10 is a massive improvement than wp8 and is better than iOS and android in many respects.
  • Massive improvement?? The people app alone was turned into a complete pile of garbage. It did far more in WP8.1. There are plenty of things WP8.1 did much better. WP10 has some improvements but they destroyed what was good and turned it into an android clone without any of the android benefits.
  • Thank you! MS should stop copying android in UI. THE OLD UI WAS THEIR MAIN DIFFERENTIATOR, why don't they get it?
  • Agreed! MS needs to stop 2nd guessing EVERYTHING and do their own thing. They are so concerned with making it all "familiar" with IOS and Android so to think it will be an easier transition for people to leave their platform for another. I leave a platform when I get frustrated and want something new. Build the best experience and they will come.
  • Completely agree
  • they arent trying to make it familliar with iOS and android, they are making way for project astoria and the iOS counterpart. They want to make sure that when devs start making crappy cut/paste ports from android and iOS to windows phone (because lets face it, it happened with BB, its going to happen on WP), that the design lenguage has some sort of consistency.  Also, windows phone needs to be as easy as possible for devs to port their apps to. If they have to redesign the UI completely for a WP app, it will significantly reduce the chances that they will want to put in the effort.
  • The WP UI with respect to navigation/menus was different in one significant respect: the pivots. It was an excellent idea, the only flaw was that Microsoft kept pushing this ridiculously large font size for the "main heading". Everything else about it was perfect for mobile. It was the easiest way ever to navigate, since you never had to reach for anything - it was swipe left/right, and up/down. Brilliant. The less significant stuff was in the "..." menu. Simple, and effective. However, users didn't care. We who had it loved it, but it's not a selling point until you've used it. Moreover, developers didn't want to use that model for their apps. The larger ones want control and a unified UI, and they were already going for the hamburger/dropdown navigation style. They don't want to redo everything for WP. Add those two things up: user indifference + developer resistance = Microsoft: "we gotta give it up" So now we have what people are OK with, and what developers are OK with: the inferior hamburger/generic-menu navigation. The advantage is that apps can, hopefully, be ported easier. THAT would be a win. At some point, MS had to conclude that different didn't sell and try something new.  
  • Spot on, MikeSo. Couldn't have said it any better.
  • I am totally with you on this, the ham burgers suck, pain to navigate
  • Remember the photos app from wp8.0, truly beautyful...
  • Genius
  • I agree with most of that. Adopting the hamburger menu is pretty much the nail in the coffin for me when it comes to W10M. The large font size in WP7/8/8.1 was part of the style though. The People, Pictures and Music apps in WP7 were gorgeous.
  • Wow. Well put. It stinks but it's the truth. Surprisingly it can still work if Microsoft brings back the ability to swipe left/right to move between these menus and open the hamburger. Having to reach up is annoying since I have to reposition the device. I'm not used to the one handed workaround feature. For lack of a better term "reachability".
  • Yes. Infact they say same in dev docs. But aren't following same. :/
  • VHS (inferior) beat Betamax and V2000 in the same way. We can be happy that now it's only one UI element that falters and not the system, we win too!
  • You are absolutly correct. No matter how unique and awesome the pivots are they do not make the masses switch and are much less flexible. I cannot figure out why people dont get WP WAS NOT SELLING AS IT WAS!
      Except that, in my opinion, they haven't fixed the most glaring feature of Windows Mobile.  The start screen is ugly. They are trying to fix everything except the most glaring problem with Windows.  
  • Unfortunate but true. I have recently started WP development.. I find it more interesting n better.
  • pushing this ridiculously large font size for the "main heading"
    Funny, that's the part I like the best.  I love what Microsoft is doing with typography and whitespace. 
  • The old UI was and still is very childish and unprofessional. Windows 10 mobile grew up and looks like adults use the phone as opposed to 10 year olds.
  • After going back to 8.1 I was shocked at how hard I complained about the rumored changes. It does seem a little childish looking back. I think the thinner, sharper text is a much better look. I still miss the pivots, but they've been redone in a way that I'm okay with.
  • Yeah, And you know what else? People get used to stuff. Like I got used to WP 8.0 and learned to appreciate and enjoy it. Same happened with 8.1 and would've with W10M if i could get a Lumia 950 to work on Verizon. It's now sad farewell and on to iPhone world. Oh well it reminds me of Win XP and I enjoyed that too.  
  • The old UI was and still is very childish and unprofessional. Windows 10 mobile grew up and looks like adults use the phone as opposed to 10 year olds.
    I personally don't see enough change to make a difference.  At least for the start screen.  It's still got a Fisher-Price feel to it. 
  • yeah agreed BUT it was also a major drawback for getting apps. With an app design that is somewhat simlar accross all 3 OSs as devs we can develop an app that can be coimpiled to run on all three (Cordova). This will bring a big boost in apps. As a dev i am waiting on W10M before making a couple of custom apps for my clients. Ima  solo dev but i will be just one of many that are waiting on the tools to calm down before diving in. I have been with WP since WP6.5 and i keep having to postpone projkects because its really clear that i would waste my time and have to rewrite it next year. I am happy to report that this no long the case and i cant wait to get started
  • Yes i feel the same way.. Only for the sake of market share they have taken lot from android and i don't know why am loosing interest in WP10. I bought the WP only for the design and the appealing of OS it had in WP8.1 but in WP10 most of the things are borrowed from android.
  • Oh they get it, oh too well. They realised that people don't want anything too different - they want the same. The disaster of W8 showed that, and it took until 8.1 to fix a lot of their mistakes. W10M will be like that - give people enough of the 'same' so they're not confused coming from other platforms, but still enough of the 'different' to keep it interesting.
  • @michail71 People app alone doesn't represent the OS. It's an app. If you need "Android benefits", you should really go Android. Trust me, from the years of experience of using Android and then WP, you won't ever get so called "android benefits" on the Windows phone because it's not Android. By "android clone", if you're refering to the UI (which I assume you are), then you should thank the whole bunch of people who thought Windows Phone 8/8.1 had a "confusing UI" that left Microsoft with no choice but to redo the UI for public's appeal and familiarity. Uniqueness and Familiarity can't go well along.
  • Agreed Gautam. Someone please help me understand what is so Android about this OS.  There are a few hamburger buttons scattered about, but that's really become a universal icon more so than something specific to Android.  I admit I haver never personally owned an Android phone, but I have used them and really don't see much of a connection.
  • Hey - credit where credit is due: Windows 1.01 first introduced the Hamburger Menu! Try it out here: (Open this link in Chrome): 
  • @Snapperlicious Exactly. While initially, I was among those who criticised the idea of hamburger menus on Windows phones (more because of its awkward position than the hamburger icon) but the menu really had nothing to do with Android. It is, in fact, a universally accepted menu recognition element. Be it on a website, android app or iOS app, it serves the purpose. And thus, now on Windows phone.
  • Hamburger menu is been around for a very long time, even before it became popular in mobile OS. Its heavily used in websites especially for mobile sites. Only these days became so popular because its easier to make responsive sites these days and mobile apps also benefit alot from this UI control. Many Android app use this but not all. The most latest Google apps is actually use less Hamburger these days and use Pivot controls instead, they understand better how to use Hamburger menu properly and should not put anything on it. Also their Hamburger menu is accessible by swiping from left edge which is more ergonomic, in W10M you are forced to reach the tiny Hamburger button at the top.
  • I didn't down vote that but the people app is a crucial part of the phone.  Next to the dialer it's probably the central most important app on the phone.  And it simply sucks in comparison to WP 8.1.  It is 100% downgrade with not one singe functional improvement. I suspect I know why they downgraded it.  My guess is that it required use of special APIs that don't map to iOS and android.  So they gutted it for consistency sake to support universal apps and easier ports. 
  • The people hub/app has been pointless in both windows 8, 8.1, and 10. They really should just get rid of it all together. It's not even usefull on my surface or pc.
  • The people hub is your contact list.... You can't delete that.
  • People app is a contact manager on steroids, so its meant you to organize and access contacts their but with seamless integration to any social media service compatible. People app in Windows 10 desktop is indeed pointless because they left it with alpha state and looks absolutely ugly and no features that People apps do.
  • Android benefits such as highlighting a word and capitalizing the first, all or none of the letters with the press of a button?
    Oh wait, that's just Windows.
    Malware? I guess we are lacking something after all... I kid, obviously there is more to be done, but it's got done things Android still doesn't or just got... Like offline maps.
  • Thank you! Somebody mentioned People app, especially on Windows 10 desktop which hasn't changed much since the Pre-RTM.
  • I agree. The outlook calender is horrible, the office apps have a desktop ui , or at least ms tried to get all the shit of a desktop version in there and forgetting the " mobile " part. Peoples hub is ugly, the new photo app sucks, the fact that we can't use lumia cam anymore because ms is now forcing us again to use their stupid windows cam >.< the groove music app and so on... Ms improved so good things to the worse. That basically what I can say about win 10 mobile
  • After using Windows Mobile OS since Win 7.5, I must say that its better than other OSes especially W10M. Its now hard to imagine using an OS without live tiles. But the sad thing is most of the accessories I own dont have an app for WM
  • Widgets are Live Tiles without restrictions. Widgets also show you information at a glance and are also interactive. Live Tiles are almost useless. Even if you do see something you are interested in, you cannot access it directly. You have to then open the app and try to find whatever it was you had seen before. It can be very frustrating if you cannot find the article or post you saw in the Tile. With Widgets, if you see something interesting you can direct access the content in the app or sometimes right in the widget. Widgets can be anything, even Live Tiles, but they aren't because Live Tiles don't really make sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't know how you can make that argument. The best that can be said is that it is, in many ways, better. But out of also, on many ways, worse. Like Windows 10 desktop, if really isn't fair to call it an upgrade over Windows 8.1. It's just newer, and on some ways better and in some ways worse. Your experience will depend on what features you value more.
  • Yeah, the problem with Windows 10 release at the moment is that, yes its got new features and we know that but it also missing several ones and that what frustrates the users who uses it. Overall Windows 10 in metric feels just little bit better than Windows 8.1, not that significant because of those missing things. Imaging if Windows 10 didn't omit features that we got from 8.1 and everything is solid and polished. There wont be much complain at and Windows 10 will be truly epic in that case but in reality, Windows 10 despite of some new things, its riddled with missing things and even now its not that well polished OS overall.
  • Yes, they all lack some polish, and I would bet they wouldn't release the OS so early if it weren't for one thing.  They need apps!  The best way for them to do that is with Universal apps, and that required Windows 10 on all devices.  I will accept losing some polish to get Universal apps sooner rather than later.  Get the SDKs out, Get the bridge Dev tools out, and polish as you go.  With that said, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be.  I admit, some people have it worse than others.  There are some features that some people use that are now gone.  There are some phones that perform worse than others.  Overall, I honestly think it's a step in the right direction and an improvement for most people even if it does appear a little rushed.
  • They need apps!  The best way for them to do that is with Universal apps, and that required Windows 10 on all devices.
    So where are the universal apps?  Will any appear in the near future?  I'm thinking not.  There's only a handful of universal apps today.  They probably only exist because Microsoft begged them to create them (and perhaps paid a little bit of incentive money.  Most existing apps are probably Win32 apps.  Nobody's going to completely rewrite their Win32 apps into Universal apps.  It's just too big an investment.  So you can probably forget about existing apps ever coming to Windows Mobile.  What about new apps?  Do you think that all the developers that have learned how to write Win32 apps are going to start all over and learn how to use the Universal SDK?  I can't imagine them throwing away their own skillset to start over again.   So to me, the future of Universal apps is going to be a slow one.  Too slow to save Windows Mobile?  
  • But if windows 10, , looks and still beta have found very bad translation errors on Spanish version of Windows looks like the UX UI translation was done with hurry but is a disaster so far windows 10 is beta forever and Microsoft is playing with everyone, if a very insult the status and glitches of Windows 10 and the worst some apps are so glitching and bad done or simply looks like was done in two days without any sense of ergonomics why action center is in the right side of will support interactive replies should be at top of the display in such way when get an message can reply and be easy to your eyes track what notifications get even if had to do changes or thin the menu bar or make to the style of OS X Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ROFL did you ever even USE 8.1? I'm sorry, but for every 1 step forward in 10 mobile, they take 5 steps backwards. It's an AWFUL operating system.
  • Not really. They just released iOS 9.1. Personally, I have no idea what it brings to the table besides squashing bugs. They have 9.2 beta and still, I've no idea what the big deal is.
  • Yeh I agree with your argument
  • Yes, u are right
  • I'm not really sure if you're paying attention to what has been going on between the 3 operating systems the past few years. People are upset because MS is flat out starting over with WP/WM over and over and they are consistently making us wait to get basic feature that have been on Android and iOS for years. 8.1.1 finally brought a decent OS starting to compile many good features of both OS's and a few unique ones. Now here we are starting completely over again. Posted via Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/ Lumia 2520
  • Yeah I think the same why on the hell didn't Microsoft done the action center at first even symbian belle had it the failures of Windows phone market share is the same Microsoft the responsible because haven't done at first a good and robust OS in terms of look and feel even android 2..1 , had action center and notification drawer. Also will add the marketing strategy of msft by example many countries are ignored by their sales then how hell expect sell phones or even sell more phones or grew up the phone marketshare if in certain markets don't sell flagships and abandoned the market in my country by msft but the same company yells about piracy of software but here doesn't have any store to get their products directly with better prices or even get phones directly from Microsoft stores, a thing that Apple,android manufacturers knows do well is the marketing strategy and the sells on multiples sales channels Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The short explanation for why WP didn't have an action center is that the entire start screen was meant to be an action center. Problem is, people don't use phones like MS bet/hoped they would, and developers had little interest in taking advantage of the live tile features, and also the features were too limited.
  • It was also a spectacularly bad time to shatter faith with Windows Phone's current users by killing off OneDrive, and lying to is about why they did it. Who has faith in Microsoft's commitment to its Customers now? Their commitment to Windows Phone? To carrying about the Windows Phone UX? Cue sound of no one raising their hand. Nadella has firmly given consumers the finger while continuing to give Enterprise what they want. Anyone concerned about the UX of MS Consumers is going to be very lonely. What do you think about that Bellefiore? Oh right, he was swept offstage last summer. Not looking like that was a coincidence is it?
  • They have made the biggest OS release in the history of the company with Windows 10. They are making it available for free to current users. They are also making it run on everything from refridgerators (IoT) to gaming consoles to PC's and consoles... They are making sure the new OS is available for as many devices as possible, even some that was released almost three years ago. They are also making new apps for exactly every part of the OS that before was baked into the OS itself which made it impossible for them to add new features without pushing updates through carriers. They have also refined and released all new hardware across the board (except the Console), they have made an entirely new device available, they have made all their services compatible for every thinkable device out there so you can work and play on whatever device you love. They've made us able to stream our console games to our computers, they are running PUBLIC preview programs on all their new platforms to make sure they get it right this time... Again, for absolutely no money exchanged at all. Meanwhile... Apple has made the ipad and iphone bigger... Google has added offline maps. You are just a tad spoiled... Aren't you?
  • And Win10 made the Dell laptop slower, buggy & unusale when it was working brilliantly with Win8.1... Win10 is not so rosey for everyone, I had to go back to Win8.1 to make it usable.
  • It made my Dell laptop faster, running very smoothly. No bugs that I know of or care about with the latest build.
  • Love it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • don't think be polished windows 10 for the masses Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do realize Android and iOS have their own Insider program? They might not put all the features into it though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • im happy with windows 10 but the truth is 2 things i love are missing features from 8.1.  its not moaning its just trugth.  No linked email option is a bigy for other android and iphone changers and gestures which is a awsome set of features that changed the way i used my phone yet again is missing from windows mobile 10 too.  Also when your about to release your next mobile phones and your playing catcvh up(personally i though windows 8.1 was beter than my 6 years on the iphones.) Why would you remove every customers free 30gig storage and limit them to 5gig especially as they are suporting you by buying windows 8,8.1 and 10 and a windows mobile.  Surely  thatll just kill your chances of success?
  • I agree! Stop copying MS! Go farther! People want extra not just basic. But please at least get the basics right
  • Basic is BETA and the rest is only in US. That's Windows and W10M for MS. PS: They anyway deliver the above late
  • Those who criticize, we should look at their valid criticism and not focus on their emotional input as they are very enthusiastic. We should focus on his point on ux rather than whether it's a factor of success. (if we really wants the wm10 to improve) I do agree that there's many grey spaces, but I'm sure ms will polish it later. (they took only a year to build wm10, so I'll be patient for this) For the notification center i personally find it very dull would prefer aero glass design, but it's down to preference. For the animation, i hope they could add some animation effect making the os looks smoother.
  • I agree Nick. I've heard in the past that this is the most secure mobile platform and have heard it again recently. If they are building a solid base that is secure and stable I can do with a boring look for awhile. I actually like the accent colors and play with the background to complement them (or vice versa). Things like 3D tiles and a aero effects can wait if they are coming at all, until the OS itself is right.
  • Its not just about the boring looks.... but the whole Reboots and alienating of their fanbase... MS is not really interested in Mobile side of things unless its iOS/Android
  • its not that they took just over a year, its that they kept promising things and then kept being late with them or doing u-turns.  Example it took over a year to see skype intergration ans still its not quite there yet.  anotyher example is the constant promise of insider relese dates or phone suports that keep changeing.  Put that with onedrive issues and removing every users free storage then id say microsoft have some very big isssues to over come, unfortunatly just as ythey look to be wining people over they go and destroy that in 1 day.  These are just factual things, and as a huge windows yeh windows fanboy that i am(mot microsoft cause they are taking my 30gig and leaving me 5and they lie) i cant help but feel uterly disapointed how microsoft is still handling itself in business.  Hell they even doubled the price of storage and removeed mopre resonable data storage threaholds lol, but then again they want your 5.99 or 9.99 for onedrive monthly. Polish wise in the ove 1 year they have had, they could have given use a linked email option and windows gestures which only came out in december and already with windows 10 is missing.  No offence if a company like microsoft cant employ enough people to make a mobile os and all the features it had in 1 year then there is some serious issues there too.  Hell mac dont delay things to this extent and as much as i dont like apple,s ios at least they double their customers  cloud space and for free unlike microsofts methods of penalising all their windows users.
  • People always assume that their subjective preferences are universal. Just because you think something is "ugly" doesn't make that opinion a universal truth. Posted from this here device.
  • I agree. That's what bothers me most about the complaints. I rather like the plainness of the ui. I mean, it's been like that since 7, right? Black and plain doesn't equal ugly.
  • i tri4ed going back to windows 7 on the desktop and it was horrible windows desktop 10 is great. Mobile 10 is very good but its not the great of 8.1 yet, mainly cause its missing some features i consider key, a linked email option(yeh i know i can use seperate tiles) and no gestures beta app for windows 10, i also miss pivoting 9in music app but pretyy much everything else is great.  My main complaint isnt with windows 10 or the windows phone its with how microsoft just decided to screw users from their free onedrive storage allotment.  When i say free i payed 500 pounds uk for my phone and windows 8 to get the 30gig storage so i dont really consider it free storage, i consider it payed for by buying windows products, but still to take it away is the single biggest action of scumishery i have seen from any company in years and 1 month before the 950 comes out lol.  That has got to hurt their onedrive and phone sales this year.   Its anoying that i have been singing microsofts praises for the last year only to be let down in just a big way and to think i wqas 2-4weeks awayu from buying a onedrive account anyway cause its awsome value.  Im still mixed if i should cause i know i dont trust microsoft at all at this time even if they have in my opinion is the vastly superior product line up.
  • Thank you, Mr. Obvious.
  • It's not "obvious" to some who keep crying that what they think is ugly is objectively ugly, Mr. Immature. 
  • He needed that.
  • i have iphone friends always complaining it looks bad, they all forgot they useed to say that and then somehow within mthe last 6 moths they seem to have changed their minds and well they all have selective memory and claim never to have said it lol.  Just like my lumia 930 was too heavey for a phone to them now they all own iphone plus s and they weight alot more lol.
  • People always assume that their subjective preferences are universal. Just because you think something is "ugly" doesn't make that opinion a universal truth.
      Perhaps the lack of sales might suggest that "ugly" is a very valid opinion.  It's certainly my opinion.
  • Interesting theory unless you consider that WP7 won design awards and still didn't sell well. Is it just your specific preferences that determine sales? You must think the sea of Android icons is beautiful. It must be, according to your sales/aesthetics theory. Posted from this here device.
  • the lack of sales is largely down to 2 issues 1)apps, i know its not a issue for me but it is a big one for alot of people 2)marketing.  Thats right microsoft shoot itself in the foot over and over again with windows phone 8 from what i saw retailers steared people away mainly cause they got biger bonuses from offering android or iphones,, restricting phone sales in a country like having icon with only verison or you have to wait for the 930 is a prime example why microsoft marketing was terrible.  And now future prediction.  Comeing out less than 1 month before 950 release they take away not 1 not 2 but every single windows users free onedrive  storage, in miost cases thatll be 25gig of 30, i mean its not actually too hard to see where microsaofts big floors are.  It really isnt.
  • turn the action centre to light mode. This is how it generally looks and feels to non-windows phone users (or visa versa if you use light mode regulatly)
  • & edge is barely useable
  • i have to agree edge on the phone is not great i wishm theyd left ie on, at east that got good at the end.
  • Redstone is "coming soon(tm)"
  • 4 years of hoping it gets better and still so much work to be done. Some things gained, some things lost, and then the wait continues.
  • This will forever be the circle of development with MS. Two steps forward, one step backwards. Been the case since WM6.5. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android and iOS users have features they have been waiting/wishing for for years. Every year I see the rumors and wishes for new features for iOS, and every year some of them are not included. Even basics like group texting are often left out of Android. However, Android and iOS users choose their platform, and seem to not gripe so much. They talk about what they want, but there's no "Google just doesn't care or they'd included X by now." There is excitement for new features, and hope that other features will come eventually. The same is mostly true of the WP community. Except that when someone wants a feature, it's not a wish or a hope. It's a mandate. They MUST have this feature. It's necessary, if MS even cares, they'll include that feature. WP has a lot of features today that weren't in WP7 or WP8. Yes, there are some things that have been changed, and we miss the old way. But overall, we've seen improvement. I don't see why WP people can only focus on the next thing they want, and can never acknowledge the progress that e