Is Windows 10 Mobile ready for the masses?

Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile is nearing release both for Insiders and the general public through new hardware like the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Windows 10 Mobile build 10586 is expected to be the commercial release of the OS and is not too far off from the current Insider build of 10581 save for some fixes and optimizations.

Is Windows 10 Mobile ready though for the world?

If you were expecting me to answer that today, you will have to wait for my review of those new phones with the shipping version of the OS. However, there is a fascinating and contentious thread started in our forums that is drawing a lot of input from users:

Windows Central Forum - 'MS says W10M is ready, I call that BS'

Obviously the original poster Rafael Yousuf has an ax to grind with Microsoft. He opens with:

"I believe that the current build or even the next one won't be RTM ready. I am not talking about performance, I am talking about the UI & UX of W10M. The UI is a mess (specially with all the gray color used everywhere). I mean how do they say it is ready if Cortana is still using the Bing mobile site to show search result. Users notice the UI first.if the Ui is a mess, don't expect the OS to be a success."

Others, however, disagree with is assertions and criticisms. One of our forum moderators, a5cent, chimed in with a valid point, in my opinion:

"We could turn that argument on its head by saying WP8.1 had the cleanest and most consistent UI of any mobile OS, yet it didn't manage to appeal to many potential users regardless. Doesn't that suggest that the UI is not the determining factor when it comes to consumer appeal?"

You can also make the argument that Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are never really finished, but that just kicks the can down the road.

So what do you think? To kick it off, let's use a hypothetical:

If there was no Insider program and for the last year we had no idea about Windows 10 Mobile would you be impressed with its release and what Microsoft has accomplished? Are we just fatigued from a year of testing or is the OS truly a disappointment?

I think it's an interesting question.

Windows Central Forum - 'MS says W10M is ready, I call that BS'

Jump into that thread linked above, read what others have said and share your thoughts (although please remain polite and respectful, we're all on the same team here).

Daniel Rubino

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  • Absolutely not.
  • Yea. Especially with that blatant action centre. It is very ugly. Doesn't fit in. MSFT will always be catching up with other OS if they don't think ahead. And so many other features missing.
  • People are never pleased with what they get. When android or ios releases an update people go nuts over it, but ms has destroyed the element of surprise with the insider program. I am sure if there was no insider builds people would love wm10 when they saw it first.
  • The Insider program is optional. If you want to be surprised then don't join. Isn't that obvious? I haven't joined and am not experiencing the fatigue the author mentions.
  • So you didnt read any news since March about Windows 10 Mobile ^^ 
  • Sure, but all I have gotten are basically progress reports. I still don't really know what to expect from the OS without ever having used it. I can say without a doubt I am not fatigued, but, rather, intrigued.
  • I'm in the same position. The only handle I've actually had with Windows Phone is with 8.1 on my girlfriends 640 and I'm seeing comparisons with Windows Mobile 10, but without having used it, I'm more intrigued by the UX than anything else. The improvements actually seem mostly like a step in the right direction and its why I'm excited to let the 950 be my first step into Microsoft's mobile operating system.
  • I've tried every release of Windows 10 Mobile to date, and all I can say for sure is that the UX changes are almost entirely for the worse. Things that were once easy are now tedious or difficult to find. The mail app is horrible. And really, when you get down to it, the 950 is pretty much the same phone (specs wise) as various Android makers were releasing in FEBRUARY. The 950 is too little, too late. I've been singing the praises of Windows Phone for 5 years. I'm done. I'm out. Microsoft doesn't have a clue how to succeed in mobile, and they never will.
  • bye
  • There were numerous videos from Dan outlining the new features of each W10 mobile build.
  • I didn't watch any of them. Hey, that's just me. I'm not interested in beta software, but don't begrudge anyone who is. All I'm saying is that if you want to be surprised then perhaps the Insider Program ain't for you.
  • I don't think anyone's arguing who should be in the insider program. The question is this, if the people who are so negative about the development of W10 were not in the insider program, would there be this negativity? If the insider program wasn't available, would so many people who've been using W10 for months prior to release be complaining that the features they want aren't included, or that it's taken too long, when there are so many features which have been added. Personally, I think that without the insider program, there would be much less negativity surrounding Windows 10 for phones. I've even seen some third-rate tech sites try to write "Reviews" of W10M based on pre-release builds in the last few months.
  • I trust MS is getting good feedback from this program or they would discontinue it. They have to weigh the pros and cons.
  • And besides, regular people don't even know what Windows 10 mobile inside program means. When they buy the phones and use it they'll fall in love right away
  • Its not betasoftware. The phones releasing , have in fact, a far more earlier version of windows 10 mobile installed then the insiders running the latest insider build. Why that ? Because ms had no time to use newer builds to they sticked with an old build and simply optimized it till a degree where ppl won't complain that much
  • Yes, it's beta, and no, the 950's won't ship with an earlier version of 10 Mobile than we currently have on insider. That's just silly.
  • @liddidp same here - I might skim over an article or two, but I'm largely unaware of the features of W10M. I'm not really interested in learning all about a feature if it's broken, ugly, or ends up getting changed anyway. I'll wait until everything is finalised for release and read all the info then... or perhaps I'll just wait until I buy my new device and discover it there for the first time
  • Well you know enough just by being on windows central. U still won't surprised
  • Same here. I didn't enroll in it. And I sure would be surprised when I'll get the public release.
  • Same here I didn't even look at the insider program.....i am way too excited..... Any way don't compare android with Windows.... They both are entirely for different mindset...
  • I agree Pallav.  I think there are a lot of improvements, and things that make me excited about the future.  I haven't used iOS for more than a few minutes since the release of iOS 7, but most of what I see and have experienced in W10 is still an improvment over iOS.  Being able to scale your display up or down is a great feature.  Having my list of contacts on the left and messages on the right while in the messaging app makes navigating back and forth between multiple contacts very fast and convenient.  I have not seen that on iOS.  Edge is fast and nearly on par with the other mobile browsers.  They just need to add swipe navigation and it will be on par.  The new mail and calendar apps are great.  I can't wait for Continuum, and the new camera app is pretty solid too.  I am sure some of the Android Camera apps may have more features, but I feel it's better than the current iOS app based on the times I have used my wife's phone to take pictures.  Overall, very solid and a good foundation for them to build on.
  • Yes. Wm10 is a massive improvement than wp8 and is better than iOS and android in many respects.
  • Massive improvement?? The people app alone was turned into a complete pile of garbage. It did far more in WP8.1. There are plenty of things WP8.1 did much better. WP10 has some improvements but they destroyed what was good and turned it into an android clone without any of the android benefits.
  • Thank you! MS should stop copying android in UI. THE OLD UI WAS THEIR MAIN DIFFERENTIATOR, why don't they get it?
  • Agreed! MS needs to stop 2nd guessing EVERYTHING and do their own thing. They are so concerned with making it all "familiar" with IOS and Android so to think it will be an easier transition for people to leave their platform for another. I leave a platform when I get frustrated and want something new. Build the best experience and they will come.
  • Completely agree
  • they arent trying to make it familliar with iOS and android, they are making way for project astoria and the iOS counterpart. They want to make sure that when devs start making crappy cut/paste ports from android and iOS to windows phone (because lets face it, it happened with BB, its going to happen on WP), that the design lenguage has some sort of consistency.  Also, windows phone needs to be as easy as possible for devs to port their apps to. If they have to redesign the UI completely for a WP app, it will significantly reduce the chances that they will want to put in the effort.
  • The WP UI with respect to navigation/menus was different in one significant respect: the pivots. It was an excellent idea, the only flaw was that Microsoft kept pushing this ridiculously large font size for the "main heading". Everything else about it was perfect for mobile. It was the easiest way ever to navigate, since you never had to reach for anything - it was swipe left/right, and up/down. Brilliant. The less significant stuff was in the "..." menu. Simple, and effective. However, users didn't care. We who had it loved it, but it's not a selling point until you've used it. Moreover, developers didn't want to use that model for their apps. The larger ones want control and a unified UI, and they were already going for the hamburger/dropdown navigation style. They don't want to redo everything for WP. Add those two things up: user indifference + developer resistance = Microsoft: "we gotta give it up" So now we have what people are OK with, and what developers are OK with: the inferior hamburger/generic-menu navigation. The advantage is that apps can, hopefully, be ported easier. THAT would be a win. At some point, MS had to conclude that different didn't sell and try something new.  
  • Spot on, MikeSo. Couldn't have said it any better.
  • I am totally with you on this, the ham burgers suck, pain to navigate
  • Remember the photos app from wp8.0, truly beautyful...
  • Genius
  • I agree with most of that. Adopting the hamburger menu is pretty much the nail in the coffin for me when it comes to W10M. The large font size in WP7/8/8.1 was part of the style though. The People, Pictures and Music apps in WP7 were gorgeous.
  • Wow. Well put. It stinks but it's the truth. Surprisingly it can still work if Microsoft brings back the ability to swipe left/right to move between these menus and open the hamburger. Having to reach up is annoying since I have to reposition the device. I'm not used to the one handed workaround feature. For lack of a better term "reachability".
  • Yes. Infact they say same in dev docs. But aren't following same. :/
  • VHS (inferior) beat Betamax and V2000 in the same way. We can be happy that now it's only one UI element that falters and not the system, we win too!
  • You are absolutly correct. No matter how unique and awesome the pivots are they do not make the masses switch and are much less flexible. I cannot figure out why people dont get WP WAS NOT SELLING AS IT WAS!
      Except that, in my opinion, they haven't fixed the most glaring feature of Windows Mobile.  The start screen is ugly. They are trying to fix everything except the most glaring problem with Windows.  
  • Unfortunate but true. I have recently started WP development.. I find it more interesting n better.
  • pushing this ridiculously large font size for the "main heading"
    Funny, that's the part I like the best.  I love what Microsoft is doing with typography and whitespace. 
  • The old UI was and still is very childish and unprofessional. Windows 10 mobile grew up and looks like adults use the phone as opposed to 10 year olds.
  • After going back to 8.1 I was shocked at how hard I complained about the rumored changes. It does seem a little childish looking back. I think the thinner, sharper text is a much better look. I still miss the pivots, but they've been redone in a way that I'm okay with.
  • Yeah, And you know what else? People get used to stuff. Like I got used to WP 8.0 and learned to appreciate and enjoy it. Same happened with 8.1 and would've with W10M if i could get a Lumia 950 to work on Verizon. It's now sad farewell and on to iPhone world. Oh well it reminds me of Win XP and I enjoyed that too.  
  • The old UI was and still is very childish and unprofessional. Windows 10 mobile grew up and looks like adults use the phone as opposed to 10 year olds.
    I personally don't see enough change to make a difference.  At least for the start screen.  It's still got a Fisher-Price feel to it. 
  • yeah agreed BUT it was also a major drawback for getting apps. With an app design that is somewhat simlar accross all 3 OSs as devs we can develop an app that can be coimpiled to run on all three (Cordova). This will bring a big boost in apps. As a dev i am waiting on W10M before making a couple of custom apps for my clients. Ima  solo dev but i will be just one of many that are waiting on the tools to calm down before diving in. I have been with WP since WP6.5 and i keep having to postpone projkects because its really clear that i would waste my time and have to rewrite it next year. I am happy to report that this no long the case and i cant wait to get started
  • Yes i feel the same way.. Only for the sake of market share they have taken lot from android and i don't know why am loosing interest in WP10. I bought the WP only for the design and the appealing of OS it had in WP8.1 but in WP10 most of the things are borrowed from android.
  • Oh they get it, oh too well. They realised that people don't want anything too different - they want the same. The disaster of W8 showed that, and it took until 8.1 to fix a lot of their mistakes. W10M will be like that - give people enough of the 'same' so they're not confused coming from other platforms, but still enough of the 'different' to keep it interesting.
  • @michail71 People app alone doesn't represent the OS. It's an app. If you need "Android benefits", you should really go Android. Trust me, from the years of experience of using Android and then WP, you won't ever get so called "android benefits" on the Windows phone because it's not Android. By "android clone", if you're refering to the UI (which I assume you are), then you should thank the whole bunch of people who thought Windows Phone 8/8.1 had a "confusing UI" that left Microsoft with no choice but to redo the UI for public's appeal and familiarity. Uniqueness and Familiarity can't go well along.
  • Agreed Gautam. Someone please help me understand what is so Android about this OS.  There are a few hamburger buttons scattered about, but that's really become a universal icon more so than something specific to Android.  I admit I haver never personally owned an Android phone, but I have used them and really don't see much of a connection.
  • Hey - credit where credit is due: Windows 1.01 first introduced the Hamburger Menu! Try it out here: (Open this link in Chrome): 
  • @Snapperlicious Exactly. While initially, I was among those who criticised the idea of hamburger menus on Windows phones (more because of its awkward position than the hamburger icon) but the menu really had nothing to do with Android. It is, in fact, a universally accepted menu recognition element. Be it on a website, android app or iOS app, it serves the purpose. And thus, now on Windows phone.
  • Hamburger menu is been around for a very long time, even before it became popular in mobile OS. Its heavily used in websites especially for mobile sites. Only these days became so popular because its easier to make responsive sites these days and mobile apps also benefit alot from this UI control. Many Android app use this but not all. The most latest Google apps is actually use less Hamburger these days and use Pivot controls instead, they understand better how to use Hamburger menu properly and should not put anything on it. Also their Hamburger menu is accessible by swiping from left edge which is more ergonomic, in W10M you are forced to reach the tiny Hamburger button at the top.
  • I didn't down vote that but the people app is a crucial part of the phone.  Next to the dialer it's probably the central most important app on the phone.  And it simply sucks in comparison to WP 8.1.  It is 100% downgrade with not one singe functional improvement. I suspect I know why they downgraded it.  My guess is that it required use of special APIs that don't map to iOS and android.  So they gutted it for consistency sake to support universal apps and easier ports. 
  • The people hub/app has been pointless in both windows 8, 8.1, and 10. They really should just get rid of it all together. It's not even usefull on my surface or pc.
  • The people hub is your contact list.... You can't delete that.
  • People app is a contact manager on steroids, so its meant you to organize and access contacts their but with seamless integration to any social media service compatible. People app in Windows 10 desktop is indeed pointless because they left it with alpha state and looks absolutely ugly and no features that People apps do.
  • Android benefits such as highlighting a word and capitalizing the first, all or none of the letters with the press of a button?
    Oh wait, that's just Windows.
    Malware? I guess we are lacking something after all... I kid, obviously there is more to be done, but it's got done things Android still doesn't or just got... Like offline maps.
  • Thank you! Somebody mentioned People app, especially on Windows 10 desktop which hasn't changed much since the Pre-RTM.
  • I agree. The outlook calender is horrible, the office apps have a desktop ui , or at least ms tried to get all the shit of a desktop version in there and forgetting the " mobile " part. Peoples hub is ugly, the new photo app sucks, the fact that we can't use lumia cam anymore because ms is now forcing us again to use their stupid windows cam >.< the groove music app and so on... Ms improved so good things to the worse. That basically what I can say about win 10 mobile
  • After using Windows Mobile OS since Win 7.5, I must say that its better than other OSes especially W10M. Its now hard to imagine using an OS without live tiles. But the sad thing is most of the accessories I own dont have an app for WM
  • Widgets are Live Tiles without restrictions. Widgets also show you information at a glance and are also interactive. Live Tiles are almost useless. Even if you do see something you are interested in, you cannot access it directly. You have to then open the app and try to find whatever it was you had seen before. It can be very frustrating if you cannot find the article or post you saw in the Tile. With Widgets, if you see something interesting you can direct access the content in the app or sometimes right in the widget. Widgets can be anything, even Live Tiles, but they aren't because Live Tiles don't really make sense. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't know how you can make that argument. The best that can be said is that it is, in many ways, better. But out of also, on many ways, worse. Like Windows 10 desktop, if really isn't fair to call it an upgrade over Windows 8.1. It's just newer, and on some ways better and in some ways worse. Your experience will depend on what features you value more.
  • Yeah, the problem with Windows 10 release at the moment is that, yes its got new features and we know that but it also missing several ones and that what frustrates the users who uses it. Overall Windows 10 in metric feels just little bit better than Windows 8.1, not that significant because of those missing things. Imaging if Windows 10 didn't omit features that we got from 8.1 and everything is solid and polished. There wont be much complain at and Windows 10 will be truly epic in that case but in reality, Windows 10 despite of some new things, its riddled with missing things and even now its not that well polished OS overall.
  • Yes, they all lack some polish, and I would bet they wouldn't release the OS so early if it weren't for one thing.  They need apps!  The best way for them to do that is with Universal apps, and that required Windows 10 on all devices.  I will accept losing some polish to get Universal apps sooner rather than later.  Get the SDKs out, Get the bridge Dev tools out, and polish as you go.  With that said, it's not as bad as some people make it out to be.  I admit, some people have it worse than others.  There are some features that some people use that are now gone.  There are some phones that perform worse than others.  Overall, I honestly think it's a step in the right direction and an improvement for most people even if it does appear a little rushed.
  • They need apps!  The best way for them to do that is with Universal apps, and that required Windows 10 on all devices.
    So where are the universal apps?  Will any appear in the near future?  I'm thinking not.  There's only a handful of universal apps today.  They probably only exist because Microsoft begged them to create them (and perhaps paid a little bit of incentive money.  Most existing apps are probably Win32 apps.  Nobody's going to completely rewrite their Win32 apps into Universal apps.  It's just too big an investment.  So you can probably forget about existing apps ever coming to Windows Mobile.  What about new apps?  Do you think that all the developers that have learned how to write Win32 apps are going to start all over and learn how to use the Universal SDK?  I can't imagine them throwing away their own skillset to start over again.   So to me, the future of Universal apps is going to be a slow one.  Too slow to save Windows Mobile?  
  • But if windows 10, , looks and still beta have found very bad translation errors on Spanish version of Windows looks like the UX UI translation was done with hurry but is a disaster so far windows 10 is beta forever and Microsoft is playing with everyone, if a very insult the status and glitches of Windows 10 and the worst some apps are so glitching and bad done or simply looks like was done in two days without any sense of ergonomics why action center is in the right side of will support interactive replies should be at top of the display in such way when get an message can reply and be easy to your eyes track what notifications get even if had to do changes or thin the menu bar or make to the style of OS X Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ROFL did you ever even USE 8.1? I'm sorry, but for every 1 step forward in 10 mobile, they take 5 steps backwards. It's an AWFUL operating system.
  • Not really. They just released iOS 9.1. Personally, I have no idea what it brings to the table besides squashing bugs. They have 9.2 beta and still, I've no idea what the big deal is.
  • Yeh I agree with your argument
  • Yes, u are right
  • I'm not really sure if you're paying attention to what has been going on between the 3 operating systems the past few years. People are upset because MS is flat out starting over with WP/WM over and over and they are consistently making us wait to get basic feature that have been on Android and iOS for years. 8.1.1 finally brought a decent OS starting to compile many good features of both OS's and a few unique ones. Now here we are starting completely over again. Posted via Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/ Lumia 2520
  • Yeah I think the same why on the hell didn't Microsoft done the action center at first even symbian belle had it the failures of Windows phone market share is the same Microsoft the responsible because haven't done at first a good and robust OS in terms of look and feel even android 2..1 , had action center and notification drawer. Also will add the marketing strategy of msft by example many countries are ignored by their sales then how hell expect sell phones or even sell more phones or grew up the phone marketshare if in certain markets don't sell flagships and abandoned the market in my country by msft but the same company yells about piracy of software but here doesn't have any store to get their products directly with better prices or even get phones directly from Microsoft stores, a thing that Apple,android manufacturers knows do well is the marketing strategy and the sells on multiples sales channels Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The short explanation for why WP didn't have an action center is that the entire start screen was meant to be an action center. Problem is, people don't use phones like MS bet/hoped they would, and developers had little interest in taking advantage of the live tile features, and also the features were too limited.
  • It was also a spectacularly bad time to shatter faith with Windows Phone's current users by killing off OneDrive, and lying to is about why they did it. Who has faith in Microsoft's commitment to its Customers now? Their commitment to Windows Phone? To carrying about the Windows Phone UX? Cue sound of no one raising their hand. Nadella has firmly given consumers the finger while continuing to give Enterprise what they want. Anyone concerned about the UX of MS Consumers is going to be very lonely. What do you think about that Bellefiore? Oh right, he was swept offstage last summer. Not looking like that was a coincidence is it?
  • They have made the biggest OS release in the history of the company with Windows 10. They are making it available for free to current users. They are also making it run on everything from refridgerators (IoT) to gaming consoles to PC's and consoles... They are making sure the new OS is available for as many devices as possible, even some that was released almost three years ago. They are also making new apps for exactly every part of the OS that before was baked into the OS itself which made it impossible for them to add new features without pushing updates through carriers. They have also refined and released all new hardware across the board (except the Console), they have made an entirely new device available, they have made all their services compatible for every thinkable device out there so you can work and play on whatever device you love. They've made us able to stream our console games to our computers, they are running PUBLIC preview programs on all their new platforms to make sure they get it right this time... Again, for absolutely no money exchanged at all. Meanwhile... Apple has made the ipad and iphone bigger... Google has added offline maps. You are just a tad spoiled... Aren't you?
  • And Win10 made the Dell laptop slower, buggy & unusale when it was working brilliantly with Win8.1... Win10 is not so rosey for everyone, I had to go back to Win8.1 to make it usable.
  • It made my Dell laptop faster, running very smoothly. No bugs that I know of or care about with the latest build.
  • Love it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • don't think be polished windows 10 for the masses Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do realize Android and iOS have their own Insider program? They might not put all the features into it though. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • im happy with windows 10 but the truth is 2 things i love are missing features from 8.1.  its not moaning its just trugth.  No linked email option is a bigy for other android and iphone changers and gestures which is a awsome set of features that changed the way i used my phone yet again is missing from windows mobile 10 too.  Also when your about to release your next mobile phones and your playing catcvh up(personally i though windows 8.1 was beter than my 6 years on the iphones.) Why would you remove every customers free 30gig storage and limit them to 5gig especially as they are suporting you by buying windows 8,8.1 and 10 and a windows mobile.  Surely  thatll just kill your chances of success?
  • I agree! Stop copying MS! Go farther! People want extra not just basic. But please at least get the basics right
  • Basic is BETA and the rest is only in US. That's Windows and W10M for MS. PS: They anyway deliver the above late
  • Those who criticize, we should look at their valid criticism and not focus on their emotional input as they are very enthusiastic. We should focus on his point on ux rather than whether it's a factor of success. (if we really wants the wm10 to improve) I do agree that there's many grey spaces, but I'm sure ms will polish it later. (they took only a year to build wm10, so I'll be patient for this) For the notification center i personally find it very dull would prefer aero glass design, but it's down to preference. For the animation, i hope they could add some animation effect making the os looks smoother.
  • I agree Nick. I've heard in the past that this is the most secure mobile platform and have heard it again recently. If they are building a solid base that is secure and stable I can do with a boring look for awhile. I actually like the accent colors and play with the background to complement them (or vice versa). Things like 3D tiles and a aero effects can wait if they are coming at all, until the OS itself is right.
  • Its not just about the boring looks.... but the whole Reboots and alienating of their fanbase... MS is not really interested in Mobile side of things unless its iOS/Android
  • its not that they took just over a year, its that they kept promising things and then kept being late with them or doing u-turns.  Example it took over a year to see skype intergration ans still its not quite there yet.  anotyher example is the constant promise of insider relese dates or phone suports that keep changeing.  Put that with onedrive issues and removing every users free storage then id say microsoft have some very big isssues to over come, unfortunatly just as ythey look to be wining people over they go and destroy that in 1 day.  These are just factual things, and as a huge windows yeh windows fanboy that i am(mot microsoft cause they are taking my 30gig and leaving me 5and they lie) i cant help but feel uterly disapointed how microsoft is still handling itself in business.  Hell they even doubled the price of storage and removeed mopre resonable data storage threaholds lol, but then again they want your 5.99 or 9.99 for onedrive monthly. Polish wise in the ove 1 year they have had, they could have given use a linked email option and windows gestures which only came out in december and already with windows 10 is missing.  No offence if a company like microsoft cant employ enough people to make a mobile os and all the features it had in 1 year then there is some serious issues there too.  Hell mac dont delay things to this extent and as much as i dont like apple,s ios at least they double their customers  cloud space and for free unlike microsofts methods of penalising all their windows users.
  • People always assume that their subjective preferences are universal. Just because you think something is "ugly" doesn't make that opinion a universal truth. Posted from this here device.
  • I agree. That's what bothers me most about the complaints. I rather like the plainness of the ui. I mean, it's been like that since 7, right? Black and plain doesn't equal ugly.
  • i tri4ed going back to windows 7 on the desktop and it was horrible windows desktop 10 is great. Mobile 10 is very good but its not the great of 8.1 yet, mainly cause its missing some features i consider key, a linked email option(yeh i know i can use seperate tiles) and no gestures beta app for windows 10, i also miss pivoting 9in music app but pretyy much everything else is great.  My main complaint isnt with windows 10 or the windows phone its with how microsoft just decided to screw users from their free onedrive storage allotment.  When i say free i payed 500 pounds uk for my phone and windows 8 to get the 30gig storage so i dont really consider it free storage, i consider it payed for by buying windows products, but still to take it away is the single biggest action of scumishery i have seen from any company in years and 1 month before the 950 comes out lol.  That has got to hurt their onedrive and phone sales this year.   Its anoying that i have been singing microsofts praises for the last year only to be let down in just a big way and to think i wqas 2-4weeks awayu from buying a onedrive account anyway cause its awsome value.  Im still mixed if i should cause i know i dont trust microsoft at all at this time even if they have in my opinion is the vastly superior product line up.
  • Thank you, Mr. Obvious.
  • It's not "obvious" to some who keep crying that what they think is ugly is objectively ugly, Mr. Immature. 
  • He needed that.
  • i have iphone friends always complaining it looks bad, they all forgot they useed to say that and then somehow within mthe last 6 moths they seem to have changed their minds and well they all have selective memory and claim never to have said it lol.  Just like my lumia 930 was too heavey for a phone to them now they all own iphone plus s and they weight alot more lol.
  • People always assume that their subjective preferences are universal. Just because you think something is "ugly" doesn't make that opinion a universal truth.
      Perhaps the lack of sales might suggest that "ugly" is a very valid opinion.  It's certainly my opinion.
  • Interesting theory unless you consider that WP7 won design awards and still didn't sell well. Is it just your specific preferences that determine sales? You must think the sea of Android icons is beautiful. It must be, according to your sales/aesthetics theory. Posted from this here device.
  • the lack of sales is largely down to 2 issues 1)apps, i know its not a issue for me but it is a big one for alot of people 2)marketing.  Thats right microsoft shoot itself in the foot over and over again with windows phone 8 from what i saw retailers steared people away mainly cause they got biger bonuses from offering android or iphones,, restricting phone sales in a country like having icon with only verison or you have to wait for the 930 is a prime example why microsoft marketing was terrible.  And now future prediction.  Comeing out less than 1 month before 950 release they take away not 1 not 2 but every single windows users free onedrive  storage, in miost cases thatll be 25gig of 30, i mean its not actually too hard to see where microsaofts big floors are.  It really isnt.
  • turn the action centre to light mode. This is how it generally looks and feels to non-windows phone users (or visa versa if you use light mode regulatly)
  • & edge is barely useable
  • i have to agree edge on the phone is not great i wishm theyd left ie on, at east that got good at the end.
  • Redstone is "coming soon(tm)"
  • 4 years of hoping it gets better and still so much work to be done. Some things gained, some things lost, and then the wait continues.
  • This will forever be the circle of development with MS. Two steps forward, one step backwards. Been the case since WM6.5. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Android and iOS users have features they have been waiting/wishing for for years. Every year I see the rumors and wishes for new features for iOS, and every year some of them are not included. Even basics like group texting are often left out of Android. However, Android and iOS users choose their platform, and seem to not gripe so much. They talk about what they want, but there's no "Google just doesn't care or they'd included X by now." There is excitement for new features, and hope that other features will come eventually. The same is mostly true of the WP community. Except that when someone wants a feature, it's not a wish or a hope. It's a mandate. They MUST have this feature. It's necessary, if MS even cares, they'll include that feature. WP has a lot of features today that weren't in WP7 or WP8. Yes, there are some things that have been changed, and we miss the old way. But overall, we've seen improvement. I don't see why WP people can only focus on the next thing they want, and can never acknowledge the progress that exists.
  • Regardless if its ready or not, they have to release it NOW!!! Win 8.1 is tooo much behind android and IOS. They have to focus on stability and release it. Microsoft should do 3 levels of rings, fast, slow and RTM. Win mobile phones are disappearing here in europe
  • Release when it isn't ready? People will leave if it is released too soon and has issues. So it's best they get it right, advertise out, and let it slowly bring users back or gain momentum. You don't want to go up to that guy or girl when you weren't on your best and have them get the wrong impression of you, right? You need to prepare and introduce yourself when you are well dressed and feeling confident.
  • Yeah, we know that WP8.1 isn't enough for todays market but still its a solid OS and very stable while W10M still have some work to do before it will 'truly' ready. People are already reporting the issues and complaining W10M quality, we don't want that to magnify in macro scale to the consumers. That would be a fatal injury to the already struggling platform.
  • i disagree i dont think windows 8.1 is behind androdi or iphone.  For me the aspps in windows 10 are behind but my windows phone in 8.1 mode can do stuff i know iphones cant do.  Yweh we need a imessage wheich is comeing but niether 8 or 10 has a pay option or a working pay option so that will make no difference to 8.1 as they both have wallet that just cant be used for payments lol.  But all the other features and stuff are there.  Yeh netflix cant be streamed to my miricast samsung tv, but thats either samsung or netflix issue not microsoft again its a app issue.  Yourd be surprised how good windows 8.1 is and still is.  Hell id recomane d it over androdi any day.  Iphone is very simular in terms of eco system you are under but again i think 8.1 on my 930 was and is still the best os experience i have had on a mobile phone.   do people not realise that gestures alows you to place phone on table and speaker comes on or to head and it goes off, again iphone cant do that, or my nfc that conects to wireless bluetooth speakers, iphones is restricted to watch and apple pay.  Hell we have live tiles and soz but i thinglk thats the single bigest thing that both androdi and iphone dont have, its somethign i find useful and use all the time, just like glance mode on some lumias  Hell the pivoting is unique and fun unlike the tap and click androidd/iphone method  I loved my 6 years on iphones but the windows 8.1 phone is more fun , refreshing, natural feeling and well intuative phone i have ever used, if anything id say androdi and iphone were behind windows phone buy a prety big margin, unfortunaty thats where the good news stops, microsoft and they policy changes on ondrive prove that microsof tis not a company you can and should trust especially with cloud storage.  Hell even the expencive iphones appl still doubles their storage and doesnt even charge thenm anything for it.  Thats way better customer service. Not sure what androdi is like cause its many different companies but as far as customer service goes i do think apple is one if not the best i have ever used.
  • I agree, it is absolutely not ready.
  • Windows 10 mobile is a disaster. I've tried every build since the program started, and every time I've gone back to 8.1. It's clear that Windows 10 mobile is not a major priority for Microsoft. Given sales of 8x, and their random, confused spate of hardware releases, it's not hard to see why. IMHO, it's time to move on. Windows phone is dead.
  • Well the way htc spec'd 8s,x wasn't ideal to satisfy a hardcore user eg. Hspa in a lte world,
  • "'s time to move on". For the life of me, I don't understand why people jump on these topics and proclaim they are leaving. Just leave. The rest of us are here because we like what MS is doing with a unified OS. Yes, some things have changed. But the way things were wasn't exactly lighting up the world. If you think Android or iOS is better, fine. Thats your choice. But just go. And it's not even close to a disaster. I too have used every build of W10M, and each one has been better than the last, just as I would expect. For me, it will be a sad day if Windows Mobile dies. I have a hard time thinking about using anything else.
  • As a HTC fan I skipped the 8X because it only had 16 GB storage and no microSD. A lot of people skipped the 8X because of HTC's lackluster support, or opted for the far superior Lumia's.
  • yeh lol ONEDRIVE ANYONE, i dont think they care about that either.
  • It's working great on my 1020 especially after the latest batch of app updates. I'd say it's ready for sure. WP 8.1 seems archaic after using 10 for a month.
  • I have just the opposite opinion. Every time I've used W10M, I've ended up going back to WP8.1 due to various problems. And every time I've gone back to WP8.1, my first thought is always, "now this is how it's supposed to work". I've never gotten a sense of fluidity, consistency, and polish like I get with WP8.1. I feel W10M is still very much a beta program, where they are testing things rather than making a decision, and will very much be this way for a long time to come.
  • what phone you useing caus eon a lumia 930 my lumia 930 i used the update only and its runing nerwly flawlessly, i think my metrotube and wireless failed 2 times and i hade to restart but everyhting just works and very fast too.
  • Lol.
  • Seriously, where the hell is OTG?
  • Good question. I'm afraid we won't see that for the release build, unfortunately.
  • Redstone update. Just you see..
  • Redstone Coming Soon(tm)
  • New redstone news just in.  Onedrive free storage is gona be lowered even more to 1gig and 50gig of onedrive space will cost 3.99  Thats what i expect from microsoft now, it really is.\ Microsoft say 1 gig is more than enough for everyones storage needs.
  • Otg?
  • USB On the Go. Attach a USB flash drive to the micro USB port on a phone to transfer data.
  • Not as flexible as Android.  W10M has support for HID (Mouse, Keyobard) and flash drives.  Android supports so many devices (Linux kernel).  Using a USB headphone amplifier with my Shield Portable ;)
  • Android supports all the best glitches, bugs, and viruses too. When will MS achieve feature parity there? ;/ I'm kidding of course, I do get your point that Android is more flexible in some ways. But I'd never trade my stability and day-to-day use benefits of WP for OTG of Android.
  • i dont see windows phones catching android ever at this stage.  I love windows phones i think they are by far the best but after the whole onedrive issue and the lame excuse microsoft used i think theyve pretty much destryed their reputation for another 4 years.  I really believe that and if they havent they dam well deserve too, you dont take storage away from the free users who payed 500 pounds for your phones and themn blame customers abusing your service a service you yourselfs advertise as unlimited and uncaped lol, I cant get over any rational person working in any company would come up with that one, i think microsoft has either got some serious issues overall or in their board members, the people that alowed this onedrive situation and its excuse to happen must have a boss that is losing all sence of reality hell saying 5gig of data is enough is a kjoke for alot of phone users too.  MNicrosoft need to sell up to someone whos more trustworvy or at least not be run by a board that seems to going senile.
  • i used linux and driver suport was terrible when i used it and that was a linux kernal lol.  Hell i had to use wine for games.  Is it diferent on the androdi phone platform?
  • Apparently they seem to think that the continuum dock replaces the need for that basic feature?
  • It's already there.
  • I question the accuracy of that page.  Title says Windows 10 Mobile, but the instructions and a lot of the wording in the text appear to be for Windows 10 PCs.
  • Surely the part where it says "To see if your Windows 10 MOBILE device supports USB device connections, select Start, enter Settings, select Settingsfrom the list, select Systems > Devices > USB."  is a give away?
  • 950 has support.  You can plug a USB drive into the USB-C port.
  • Well in 950 n 950xl dere is OTG but for old lumias can say anything
  • For me, yes. L930.
  • I think so as well. I can't go back to 8.1. Too many improvments in 10.
  • 8.1 is just unbearable now.
  • The thing I find most frustrating with 8.1 (my wife has a 640) is not being able to swipe the Action Center back up from anywhere on the screen. It's a small thing, but once you get used to being able to it's hard to not despise the lack thereof.
  • Try the bottom
  • This is one of the few things good in W10M and I agree with the new Action Center which is a legitimate upgrade from old Action Center. Though one weird thing again from MS. To expand Action Center shortcuts you have to swipe down from the top edge and its okay but to close it, you have to swipe same gesture again, wth. Its so unnatural and weird gesture. Honestly they should have similar swipe gesture on how we close the Action Center but on the shortcut buttons instead.
  • It feels oddly sluggish now, too. Compare swiping up the lock screen on 8.1 to 10, for example.
  • Oh so true...
  • For me, i cant leave the Universal Apps :)
  • I think this is the difficulty in developing operating systems. How you use it, you feel there are lots of improvements. How I use it, I feel there are lots of design decisions that make things worse than in 8.1.
  • Running 10581 on 920. Waiting for 10586. It has been smooth, stable, but missing some basic stuff. I do not know if MS will ever be able to catch up on those missing items: 1. Battery Saver: not telling time since last charge. Not showing % of battery on live tile 2. Camera burst mode - gone! Panorama? New Camera app is just not as good as Lumia Camera 3. Barcode scanner - gone! 4. All those cool Lumia Apps - axed! 5. Old/Outdated major apps - people just don't seem to develop or update their apps in Windows Mobile Platform. I know Univeral App is coming, and ability to plot Android/iOS apps over - but how many of the developers are investing their time? (This part is not the OS, but Apps define how much you can do with an OS) And I think MSFT do not invest a lot of developers in mobile OS or they are just not putting the brightest of talents there. Development has been painfully slow, at times repeated issues reoccur build after build (I know it is Preview, but this is MS, they should know how to develop software properly). Many accessories just don't come with WP8.1/WP10 mobile apps. Olympus camera app, MI Band, Pebble Watches, name a few. Am I staying with WP10 platform? Yes! Why? I simply still loving it.
  • Barcode scanner was US only (or extremely limited worldwide)
  • No. Not at all. It's still WP8.1 disguised under a theme called Windows 10 Mobile which can't be downloaded even from deviantart.
  • It's far from a disguise. W10M has way more functionality than WP 8.1. It's not apparent until you begin to live in W10M for a while then roll back to WP8.1 and realize how primitive it is.
  • I feel the same. Even more when I used Windows 8.1 the other day (shudder).
  • What about the loss of history in the people app?  Or ability to get multiple app notifications to the contact level. WP10 just feels so stripped down with these things gone.
  • Honestly, I never noticed it was gone, since I never really used the history app.  I see the notifications, so I really have no need to go back and look at the history.  Not saying it's not useful, but I do question how many people use it.
  • Well not all but I bet people do use it often. Personally I use it, not always but its really handy. Its considered a basic feature and should not be omitted. These features makes the overall UX great despite the user use it often or not.
  • Please tell me that the history isn't loss?! I'm using an iPhone 6 Plus and it's one of several things that I miss from my Lumia 1520. Bummer. :(
  • History is no more.  It was such a brilliant and elegant feature.
  • if you long click on a contact in your history and click details, it gives something *very* similar to the feature you're describing, though clearly not as easy to access nor as robust, but maybe it will fulfill what you need.
  • I was thinking they will give more camera lenses.but they pulled one can they succeed????.I think never and my major issue is background downloading.
  • Completely agreed. Whenever I revert, I just skip all the app updates and rush to upgrade to Windows 10. Only when I have done that do I update my apps and download all the previous ones.
  • I agree completely.  I rolled back for a bit and needed my 10 back bad. :) It's damn close now and every build that came out made major improvements over the last.  I imagine the final will as well.
  • Agreed, 8.1 really feels weird when you go back to it. Really, the only thing I miss from 8.1 is the Cortana feature to enable Quiet Hours when the current calendar event marks you as busy (loved that one). Then there is some minor stuff like the Contacts app, which was much nicer looking in 8.1 but I can live with that. Even more so considering many pre-installed apps on 8.1 were rather pathetic compared to those on 10. Then there are great features on 10 like the manual scaling setting, which wasn't even a thing until three builds ago and I don't want to miss it anymore. Plus all the universal apps of course. Sure, W10M is missing some stuff I had hoped for, for example transparent Action Center and volume controls and some stuff from 8.1 that I really liked but overall I consider it superior.
  • Umm, QR scanning. Much needed, don't understand why it was removed. It should be put into Cortana. I don't want a separate app and have to give up permissions to unknown developers just to have that feature back. It also needs to be in the desktop OS. I don't want a separate app to scan a random QR code at a conference with my Surface, It should just work. Speaking of parity, Desktop os should have WordFlow too.
  • Well, since there are plenty of apps for that I can live fine with it, though I agree it'd be nice to leave it integrated. I also agree about Swype on the desktop version.
  • That and also 8.1s Energy saver app was better. The only app, that had a live tile with real-time battery readings and also it showed time since the last recharge. Out of maybe 10 different battery apps non of them update the battery reading in real-time and also can't seem to find an app, that shows time since the last recharge, they're all just predicting discharge time
  • Wordflow doesn't work worth a darn in W10M.  I have to repeat almost every word because it doesn't register anything.  I run into this on both the Lumia 635 and 640.  W10M is garbage and there's no fixing it.
  • According to Gabriel Aul, there are many more UI changes to come, you may be knowing that. That's what I am waiting for. At least Redstone. Trivial things like volume controls, all apps list, the lock screen, etc. make me feel discontented.
  • Yes, I'm sure once that fool Aul has his way, Microsoft will have a very nice Android clone.  Great, just great.
  • Featurewise 10 is superior to 8.1, but as far as stability 8.1 still reigns supreme.
  • I would say that with 10581 they are about on par on my 930. Hard reset and it's smooth and pretty fast. I've had very little stability issues so far. I believe the next release will improve things to beyond 8.1
  • I agree for the most part, but 10 also has a frustrating amount of missing or downgraded features. I can no longer pin Cortana's reminders or Weather favorites to Start, different ring/text tones for different contacts seems to no longer work, the Battery Usage list is a lot less functional, internet search with Cortana has been downgraded a lot, etc. When you add those on top of the instability and frequent lags, I can't say it's ready for release.
  • Well sure. 8.1 was several updates after 8. What we have now is a beta version of 10. I would expect more stability in 8.1.  What matters is how stable the final release version is. If they still have major bugs by then, we have trouble. I'm fairly confident it will be stable after seeing the progress in the last build.
  • In terms of cohesiveness and overall UX consistency, WP8.1 is clear winner here at the moment. W10M is a mess both UX and aesthetic standpoint. Features well there is no doubt alot in W10M than WP8.1, unfortunately there is also some features missing, typical MS.
  • Yeah I agree but it still miss features like being able to record short video right from messages then send it. I had to record video then goto messages attachment and realized the File was to big. Small things like the is why I go back to android because of flexibility. Idc to much for customizations I'll take w10m fluidness any day. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • yeah, we've gained features like being able to call someone from a text conversation. I never once did the video thing.
  • How about S/MIME? Is it there, yet? Does it work? It's there AND works on 8.1. If you kick THAT can down the road would-be enterprise customers aren't going to adopt...
  • It was there temporarily (and non-functional) in the mail app but it was removed in the next update. I'd say that shows they're working on it, though, and are possibly/hopefully going to have it back and functional by the time the 950 hits stores.
  • Yeah because hamburger menus and iOS toggles and icons are innovative and fresh.. Please put down the crack pipe.
  • I completely disagree.  I've been putting up with the disgusting mess that is W10M on both a Lumia 635 and 640, FORCING myself to use this junk.  I get frustrated just LOOKING at how HORRIBLE it's designed, much less how PAINFUL it is to do ANYTHING on it.  When I flip back to my 1020, it's like a breath of fresh air.  It looks awesome, performs awesome and is just 100% better. 
  • I often don't agree with you, but on this I agree with you completely.
  • Windows 10 Mobile makes WP8.1 feel like WP1.1
  • No, it's the other way around.  Windows 10 Mobile is eight levels of garbage. PERIOD.
  • You would love iOS, it's been the same since 2010. I understand you like to keep things as they are.
  • hahahha i used iphone for 6 years and yeh the main reason i left was after ios6 it just got very boring lol.
  • you really havent used it then.  8.1 was awsome, in my opinion the best phone os I have ever used, windows 10 isnt, its alot better  that ios9 for me and its better than lollypop to me but its certianly very different in alot of places to windows 8.1 and yeh theres alot to like there too.   Shame microsoft isnt one of them.  @25gig misising soon anyone?
  • Ready or not I'm still getting a 950 the day it becomes available.
  • I don't know why, but I think the same way, although worried about the future : /
  • Can't wait for the Lumia 950 AT&T mass returns.  Going to snag one cheap ;)
  • ^.......^ L1520
  • I guess I'll be forced to get one of those being that I'm on AT&T and can only get the 950 not the 950XL, which is what I really want. Smh at AT&T. I may just wait then, I don't know lol.
  • The 950XL is what I really want too.  My work pays for my plan, but I pay for the phone.  I used my 2 year upgrade on a iPhone 6s for my daughter.  I will unlock it, and put her on pre-paid.  Then I will just buy a 950XL outright once retailers start dropping the price a bit.  Even at full price a 950XL is cheaper than a iPhone 6s, so I still win if the price doesn't drop.
  • matey im prety confident the 950xl and 950 will drop in price in the first 6 months and heavily, onedrive changes and the rep it has hurt will prevent the 950 or 950xl selling in high numbers, it really will, i hear stories every day how someone wont buy the new lumias just cause of the ondrive free storage nerfing, its a prety big issue one that microsoft feels like is ok to ignore, well untile they see theior lumia sales. 5gigs dude 5 gigs.  i hopwe they dont trey and cheat by opffering free onedrive storage to 950 users casue that still doesnt help the rest of the loyal users its screwed over.
  • You can buy the 950XL and use it with AT&T. The only differenece is that through AT&T you pay for the phone over 2 years but a purchase requires that you pay for it now. The total money spent is the same. Microsoft really should provide some financing options for its store. Even spreading payments over 6 months would help people.
  • Or why not save the money in advance before you buy? How is it people today have no concept of saving? It's like we have an entire generation (multiple generations actually) of people that have never saved a penny in their life and live completely on credit and then don't understand why they have no money.
  • I'm hoping for a penny sale on black Friday.
  • I'm hoping for bundles at least. 950/band or XL/continuum block
  • The Continuum dock is pretty solid. Got to see one at a Microsoft event last week and I was impressed.
  • After trying the preview a month ago, within 15 minutes I rolled back.
    Granted it was a month ago and many releases have since happened, I do not think that it is ready either. Lumia 830 here.
  • Given that you used it a MONTH ago, you can't judge it. Sorry.
  • the last build is far better than any previous build.
  • Do all of your apps work flawlessly?
  • Most everything does work flawlessly yes.  I have a occasional resume issue with messaging when clicking on the txt notification.   Cortana works great now with BT in the car which is huge for me.   I can only imagine how much better the next build is going to be based on how far each build has progressed over the previuos.  I was concerned by the previous couple of builds, but not anymore.
  • That's great feedback. I won't try the latest build though. I'll wait for the official release so that all of the kinks are ironed out. Hope that when it does come out it'll be a rock solid OS on all the devices that can run it.
  • I don't use alot of apps but all the ones I rely on work as usual.
  • Your comment is baseless because you tried old n laggy build.. This question is only for those who tried latest build
  • I wouldn't go as far as saying baseless, just that if it was so bad for me to do a roll back after Dan said "yes, it is 'safe' to take the plunge" I was shocked how unreliable it was. I have no doubt that with the new updates it is leaps and bounds better but I honestly do not think it is ready. They'll need to do some serious overtime to get it right and I don't see it getting it done in a months time.
  • I share your opinion. I'm installing the latest build now on my 928 to see if what everyone says is true. I've had your same experience where people say the latest build is awesome, so I install it, and then within an hour I reinstall WP8.1 because W10M was still a mess.
  • im shocked how good windows 10 now runs on my lumia 930 its faster than 8.1 was and i didnt think it was posible as 8.1 was super buttery smopoth.  I do have a odd wifi crash and a odd metrotube crash but all pauyed apps are recognised and tubecast has no issues.  Netflix workes grerat but i cant caST WITH IT PLEX IS GREAT BUT I CANT CAST WITH IT, GESTURES BETA IS MISSING AND THERE IS NO LINKED EMAIL ACCOUNT OPTIONS SO YOU CAN HAVE ALL YOUR EMAIL IN 1 INBOX, IVE GIVEN UP ASKING FOR THE LINKED INBOX AND JUST USE 3 TILES  now lol.
  • A month ago we only had build 10536, which was a nightmare. 10581 is leaps and bounds ahead.
  • I would love to get the latest build if it didn't have that Storage problem ^_^
  • .****166 was stable but one after that was not so most probably you used that one.... since than it improved a lot. .. current of really good, stable and could work as daily use..
  • Do you use Swarm App? That one didn't work a month ago.
  • yeh even on my 930 a month ago was close to where it got good, you should try again. 
  • The one who started that on the forum is a BS.
  • " a BS" - you mean like a lump/pebble of shite? ;-P
  • No a big lump of shit. :-P
  • Maybe a little bit of BiaS? :)
  • Yes. A Bovine Scatologist.
  • BS means Bull Shit... we usually use it to mean "nonsense" or "lies" as in "talking bullshit". I wouldn't actually call someone that... maybe "a piece of shit" :P
  • Not at all
  • The answer is no, it's not. It may be much better with the next build, but as of right now it's not ready for prime time. I don;t feel the original forum poster has an ax to grind. I think he's being honest. It's not ready...yet. And the Cortana search to Bing's mobile site is a valid complaint. Having a custom search result UI in previous versions of WP was nice, returning results with Bing mobile seems clunky and patched together.
  • "To have an axe to grind" - to have a strong opinion about something that influences your actions or to have something to complain about. (from  I'd say the poster has a strong opinion and is complaining about the UI ("The UI is a mess.") . And since these are all opinions, anyone's comments are valid as long as they're on topic. (Complaining the OS doesn't smell like ripe strawberries would not be a valid comment). With your "How pathetic is it ...", you sound like you have an axe to grind with Daniel, although I don't know how valid it is. Just sayin'.
  • Darn, you put it just right.
  • I agree w10m is sstill missing small features thaat android and ios had forr years now. to see that on w10m Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Missing small features that Palm OS and Symbian had lol.  Was excited when we recieved offline backups to SD card.
  • Lol! Now I'm missing Symbian. Today its considered primitive but its still surprisingly flexible and there are tons of features in its time.
  • Let me try it first, then I'll tell you the results.
  • I agree. I don't know what the new build brings. The current build is really nice. :)
  • And the current build was a HUGE leap in stability and performance compared to the prvious. If they cover that much ground again in the next build, it should be amazing. As for features, I bet if you surveyed Android and iOS users about these "missing" features that they have, the vast majority couldnt tell you what they are, much less actually use them. I think MS is right to be the base experience right and add the less significant details later. If they waited until everyone here was happy with the OS, it would be coming out this time next year and WP would have no more users.
  • This.
  • Why do people say this to things?
  • This
  • It basically means "I agree" or "you have summed it up perfectly, my good sir"
  • Don't despair! There is still hope for you! :)
  • I think 581 is RTM ready, yes. There are some questionable UI/UX choices, like Cortana. However, the majority of the UI looks just as finished/good as 8.1, if not better in some places. And even if you disagree with that assertion, the assertion that W10M is going to rise or fall on that alone is absurd.
  • 581? With the SD Card BUG?
  • On a PREVIEW build which, if was going to be released as RTM, would not have had that bug? Sure.
  • So it won't be 581 it will be a new build ;)
  • It will be a new build, but it wouldn't matter. Microsoft couldn't care less if upgrades from a preview build would cause issues. If the upgrade from a stable build is fine, than it's a go. After all, that's what Insiders signed up for.
  • Sounds like it could be 586....
    We shall find out soon!
  • Correct. 581 is not the release candidate. There will be at least one more build.
  • I don't know much about W10M, Basically not a developer. But some saying that Windows 10 on PC and Laptops is buggy, I do not agree. Reason, Windows 10 Is in testing phase in my office. Basically Everyone in the IT dept who has used it has liked it and has agreed that the windows 10 is much better
  • There are still issues with W10. For example, Edge. I had to install Firefox because sometimes Edge won't load a site at all or links don't work on a loaded site, even Microsoft's own sites, etc. But then I open Firefox and everything works fine. Hell, Edge wouldn't play a video on a Microsoft training site. I got audio, but no video would play. Firefox worked flawlessly. It's things like this that show W10 is still a work in process.
  • Cortana needs night mode. The white background is jarring and looks awful.
  • I agree. Most complaints I see here are personal preference issues. The rest are minor. They've come a very long way in a short time. I was very pessimistic this summer, but I'm really liking it now.
  • I like how it looks and feels on my 920 but I haven't used it as a daily driver....  conversations having some weird things with it on the skype side...
  • Still no new icons for mail n calendar apps implemented, no transparent action centre, photos app still takes time to load photos, loading occurs while opening sys apps, phone freezes(in 10581), camera still buggy, no quick selection by clicking at the edge on phone & messaging apps(8.1 denim feature).. They need to remove those grey shitty UI and use aero glass or something better at some places.. :/
  • What device are you using?
  • Lumia 720.. Phones with 512mb ram are having these probs..
  • Obviously you need to upgrade to new devices... N don't forget to say thanks to MS for continues updates.. Old Android users doesn't get updates n not even alive more than year because of heavy lagdroid
  • Yep.. I know.. Im only saying that these are the problems which are not yet fixed and need to be fixed.. 8.1 was a lot fast.. W10 has downgraded a lot in terms of performance on low end devices
  • HP Touchpad is running Marshmallow.  Is Lumia 900 getting WP8? Is Lumia 810 getting Denim? Is Lumia 2520 getting W10M?   XD
  • Well that was some massive cherry-picking you did. Lol. There are plenty of Android devices left behind. Posted via Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/ Lumia 2520
  • How can you say that when older phones like that are getting the update officially? If MS is going to officially release the OS to older phones, they need to get it running more efficiently. It's not even as running as good as 8.1 on my 1020 with 2GB RAM. 512MB of RAM is def a limiting factor, but the issue is the OS itself. Posted via Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/ Lumia 2520
  • There was a thing about the limiting 512mb ram vs the android but Windows was always designed to use less obviosly it''s good to have something such as a 635 rather than a 520 but it's really hard to tell at the minute!  it's only going to be like 8.1 just with a few things added more customizations is the big jump! i don't know about the universal apps apparentally they are supposed to be eventually faster it will take longer than a release. IE is replaced with Edge all of the basic apps are on their and overwrite the existing ones, being Microsoft who have had enough experience with computers, with focus it'll be good, it has to be!
  • hard to tell newer versions of windows phone with 512 ram, the processors have more power so they will perform well but even then i would wait 6 months after release and then update everything needs to be ironed out .
  • Just a question. Why does the action center need to be transparent? I truly see no benefit in that.
  • MS says the pc and mobile OS are same with windows 10.. Pc has a transparent action centre why does phone not have.. Plus the action centre looks a lot simple compared to startscreen and app drawer which now have background image.. And dont forget this is the most requested feature..
  • PC and Mobile OS are different.  Windows Runtime (WinRT) is an abstraction that allows apps to work across both OSes. 
  • I think it would look better than a plain black/white wall and it would be consistent with the desktop experience.
  • And thats the problem.. People dont want to change. have a modern UI.. They want the same old metro UI.. An android or iphone user will not switch to WP for such a simple lookin OS.. Look at the other OS they look so modern.. You make a UI more appealing,give features then people will buy the phones, then apps will come.. W10 will be the same as 8.1.. Theres not going to be a big change in market shre with this kind of OS.. :/
  • That's y its better to build smartphones for the fans who love good UI and UX. I know its a business Microsoft wants more market share from their smartphone customers. Microsoft with respect to,its UI should improve a lot and by not convincing avg users to switch from android to windows 10 mobile. That's not,gonna change. Avg users won't have a reason to switch.
  • I agree. I don't want the Action Center looking like iOS. I hate that transparent notification center on iOS. Posted via Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/ Lumia 2520
  • Yes. L1020.
  • No it is not ready, you cannot put this OS on a phone and release it to grandma knowing that it will never get updated. It is fine for the enthusiasts, like ourselves, but should not be put on production hardware.
  • Grandma won't care. She wouldn't be able to use it even if it read her mind.
  • Isn't the OS at this stage meant for enthusiasts, seeing as we make a big majority in the current market share ? I know there was an article around here explaining (and I think it's pretty accurate) a theory that at this stage it's up to us to help Microsoft smoothen out the OS and make it more and more popular. Next year by this time the marketing will have kicked in and (hopefully) sales will rise.
  • F****g no.......
  • So cool you are when you swear. Gosh. /s
  • He was stressing his opinion. That you are overly sensitive to certain words isn't his concern.
  • I would think so but then again the last build we have is 10581. Build 10586 seems great but we can't really judge yet.
  • Its not ready. I am not sure if the problem is that apps need to be updated or what, but things just dont work right, and in many cases, dont look right.
  • His defense that the OS is bad and not ready is that the background in the settings is grey. That's the ONLY UI example he gives. What about the color gray makes things a mess? You'd actually think Microsoft would let you pick the background color, but I don't care if it's black or gray myself. The OS is in a crappy state, IMO, but it's for things that I'll ACTUALLY name here. The fact they don't have any of those secondary compilers running is going to severely hurt the app stuff. Since the OS will launch with an app problem, the mainstream will just assume that problem to always be there, even if Islandwood and Astoria launch and do some good. Microsoft is deliberately launching the OS with those giant features missing, and it's going to probably do a lot of damage within the realm of public perception. This is the OS that's uppose to unify things and get apps on-board, and it's going to launch saying, "we'll get the apps somday, we just have to put out the tools at an unknown date, so spend hundreds of dollars and hope it's not a year from now." Beyond that, I think they made an ugly mistake just ripping the clunky UI of Android off and throwing it in. I still abhor Groove Music and its pop-out window, same for the mail client. I miss the swipe-based UI in these apps. I guess it helps the porting of apps already using that design if the OS supports it, but I don't know that the benefit of consistency within the OS (not using the menu-based UI for third-party stuff and the gesture-based stuff for official apps) outweighs the negative of making the OS somewhat inconvenient for the core users to navigate. AT LEAST don't put the menu button as far from the user's thumb as possible. It makes one-handed use tougher. Still, my aesthetic complaints aside, the functioning portions of the OS aren't too problematic. The messaging app needs smoe help (too many times I open it to an endless "Resuming" screen), but I think one decent push forward on the next (RTM) build is going to give us a quality experience.
  • What about this topic?
  • Some of those have already been addressed, like the outlook search with the white keyboard. Most of these are individual apps doing their own variations, which is what you get on every OS, especially with 3rd party stuff. Yeah, it would be nice for all the 1st party stuff to be consistent, and it will probably get there eventually, but honestly, most people arent going to even notice or care. The iOS7 redesign had WAY more inconsistency at launch. I havent looked closely at Android's material redesign, but I doubt it was much better at launch.
  • I don't get the iOS 7 inconsistencies you stated. Its totally consistent at launch and every level on the OS is polished and they really have an eye for detail, no missing pixel or misalignment. I used to upgrade my old iPhone 4 from iOS 6 and iOS 7 and I can say they did a great job updating the looks everywhere but still given some nice UX improvements. Material Design was great at launch. Yes as usual on Android not all apps updated with new Design Language. The design is well thought-out and its heavily documented, so the design is ready and its 'perfect' as intended. Every detail is changed and polished which really feels there is really a designer in the team. Honestly I didn't expect this on Google and Android to be well designed one but it is, which reminds me of Metro which is equally well thought and well documented Design Language. Design standpoint W10M is not there yet. It needs further polishing and UX consistency.
  • Astoria and Islandwood might as well be towns to the general public, only people closely following MS have any idea what they are, or that they exist. If they delayed Windows 10 Mobile until those tools were ready, no amount of apps would save them because it would be too late. The marketshare would shrink even more as people switched due to lack of perceived support from MS, and a derth of high end phones.
  • No, that's exactly the opposite. They could lose marketshare now, but it wouldn't matter because the marketshare basically drops back to 0 when they cut the legs out from WP8 entirely in the next few weeks. People don't need to know the names, they know apps. What they'll know is that, regardless of cause (in this case, it's the delays of Astoria and Islandwood), apps will still be few and far between on the Microsoft platform. Instead of letting WP8 die a slow death and making W10M a feature-complete OS that competes with Android and iOS, they're coming out early to give off the perception that nothing ever changes and Microsoft will never have apps on its platforms. How you think skipping apps now to show the public the continued lack of software support by third parties is good confuses me.
  • I agree. Having the tools ready at launch or a month after is not going to make or break the platform. They do need them very soon, but there will be a lag between the tools being available and apps showing up anyway. Devs are going to want to see some conversion from 8/8.1 to 10 before jumping in with a W10 app.
  • The problem is that we're not talking launch vs. a month. We're talking DAYS from the official launch with nothing of even an official VAGUE date for these things to launch. It might be a month. It might be 3 months. Maybe they launch in the summer with the Surface Phone. The problem is having no apps and no idea of when there will be the potential to get them, let alone whether or not devs will bother to leverage the platform's features like we hope. And, as always, devs will want to see marketshare to push apps, and customers will want to see apps to join the platform. There is some niceness to the existence of the universal platform, which pads the number of POTENTIAL customers (even if a huge percentage of those 120+ million W10 users are on PCs that don't bother with the Windows Store).
  • Yeah, we haven't heard enough about Islandwood and Astoria lately. What are MS's plans on the App Gap problem? That is a FAR bigger problem than any UX or feature problem.
  • Other than features we are looking for performance improvements for the same device slower isnt going to make anyone update but not as bad as it was in the first few builds
  • They decided to program to Android instead of programming on top of it.  Of course the entire OS will be inconsistent.  Even at developer level the OS is inconsistent.
  • Hmmm I believe the build is more ready than ever.
  • "Windows 10 Mobile is never really finished"
    Every year the other OSs have updates so: Android is never really finished
    iOS is never really finished
      It's just another way to say: "SOON you will have more features"
  • Right, but let's be clear here about the philosophy of 'Windows as a Service" (Waas) is very different from past "RTM" builds. Windows 10 Mobile like the desktop is expected to get banner feature updates every few months instead of half or yearly updates.
  • Windows as a Service (Waas) - Seems Faster? hehehe I get that part but, When we were at WP8.0 or WP8.1 we "couldn't complain" cause it was a "new" OS. Now we are at Preview of Windows 10 and we "can't complain" cause it's a Preview. When it became RTM we will not complain cause it's a Service that will get updates...
    I know that actually we can complain, but this excuses are so bad :( And I know that MS had to do it in that way because of the "One OS" goal...
  • anything new is critisised e.g Android and ios were critisized,  because human nature didn't like change.
  • You cannot release a buggy OS to public and then say it will be updated later with fixes. When time comes to update or fix things just say "Hey! your hardware does not support it, so can't be updated." Although this hasn't happened, but can happen. I think Microsoft has to work hard to get the mobile OS ready. The Windows 10 PC OS was incomplete at the time of release (Edge crashes way too much and many other issues) and the current Insider build proves it. The current insider build is much reliable. It would have been better if they released the current Insider version as the first public version of Windows 10 PC. I feel Microsoft should take a couple of months add no new feature but make the OS super stable and then release it to the general public.
  • And yet, every manufacturer releases buggy OSes to the public.
  • WP7.0, WP8.0, WP8.1, all were supposed to have an "banner feature update" each three/four months. And everyone here knows how this ended...
  • Well, considering we're getting the first feature update to Windows 10 little more than three months after the first release, I'd say they're up to a good start.
  • This is why WP8.1 is so good. It's finished. W10M will also be great right before the next version releases. I'm in no hurry to get the 950 and will patiently wait until I can get it for a penny or less.
  • You won't have to wait long. Historically flagship Windows Phones have gone free on contract within a few months of launching. $199 to start, $99 within a month or two, and free a month or two after that.
  • That's not free. You do realize that right? When you pay 1200$ per year on a contract that is anything but free.
  • Yeah, iOS and Android are.....well see this link: Seems all OS's suffer with updates, either things don't work fully or changes take away functions people loved. W10 is on par with mobile in that improvement is required but it's going in the right direction. Imo.
  • Each update I've had to my xperia phones have introduced bugs and slowed the phones down. My current phone a xperia z1c was really good and fast, but then it got updated to the latest android, and now it lags at every corner, sometimes so much that it doesn't respond for 10 seconds...
  • they have a history of  make a good os then bad, good, then bad. WP wasn't bad  its what you get when a company is obsessed with pcs being the future even in a up to date world where we move to mobiles.    
  • No, nada, nein, non, nyet, nix, not. My wife, who loves her 920 and loved her Samsung Focus since the platform started, got her first taste of the lastest build when it came out. It did not go well. She is now the new owner of an iPhone 6s. With me as a developer, my wife is no stranger to beta operating systems and usually hangs in there pretty well. Something about 10 Mobile did not resonate with her, though she likes it on her laptop.    
  • Troll detected. Also use a diferent name next time ;)
  • How am I a troll exactly? I'm a Windows Phone developer, Windows Desktop developer and general Microsoft enthusiast. Been on this site forever. If someone has a similar post to me its purely coincidental. I think a story of my wife who has loved the platform since WP7 that did not get along with 10 at all is pertinent to the conversation and indicative of its general readiness.
  • Yeah, but " something about w10m didn't resonate with her" it's nothing.
    Why don't you ask her what's exactly? I mean, it's an OS not a blurred ghost in the forest. "I don't like this because....i don't like that because..."
    Simple as that..
  • It doesn't matter what it was (I think it was the slowness and clunkiness while she was even trying to just do a Cortana search, and I had done a hard reset, so it shouldn't have been that bad). She had a bad first experience with it and didn't want to use it any longer. That's the only thing that matters, the first experience. I think especially for it to turn off someone who previously loved the platform is a bad sign. ​For the record, she's not in love with the iPhone either.  
  • it has not yet been released! why would you provide her with a pre-release as her daily driver? What is the rationale?  
  • She used it on my phone. Not her 920. Like I said, she's no stranger to beta software or operating systems. She ran the Insider Preview on her laptop for several months before final build was out. She knows how that stuff goes. This was not a reaction to beta software, this was a reaction to a damn near final user experience.
  • But the iOS has even worse problems... Rather stick with W10 and Groove personally!
  • She's still in the Microsoft ecosystem :) Groove music pass, OneDrive, OneNote, etc....
  • You have a clever lady there, she is a keeper :)
  • So you have made the determination that it's not ready when you have just admitted that your wife had only tried Win10 Mobile when it just came out?
  • She tried the latest build when it came out. I have been in the preview since it started.
  • I had to roll my L920 back to wp8.1 because W10M was abysmal. I presume on a newer device performance is better, but the UI is still beta (or rather alpha). This is the most inconsistent UI on mobile I'we seen in years. It is OK on desktop (we are used to mixed/shitty GUI) but on mobile UI and UX is king (right after apps). W10 don't yet (still don't) has the apps, and as it is right now the UI is also inferior. :(
  • Nope!
  • No please not yet
  • Does anyone know if notification led support is implemented in builds released up to now?
  • No
  • Yes, but the manufacturer has to put them in. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • On high end phones I think it is yes, I use a 930 as my daily driver and have tested every w10 mobile build and this one runs great on my 930 but my wife has my old 925 and my son has a 535 and on both these phones the latest build does not run smooth after factory resets and has quite a few issues.
  • I am running the latest build on a Lumia 925 without resetting after installing it, and it works very well, smoothly and with no show stopping issues.
  • Other people are not having issues either the only problem I see is the os being consistent with every phone.
  • Same for my 920 and 640
  • No.... Its no where near ready. Its an update, I will gladly skip and stay with win8.1.
  • You haven't used it, so you don't know. You are opining.
  • No Cortana is a blessing then.
  • I tried insider preview on my Lumia720 a month ago and rolled back to WP8.1 after couple of days. I don't think it is ready. Needs lots and lots of minor improvements.
  • My opinion is: The OS is ready, but the overall experience is unjudgeable until more universal apps arrive. I have a great experience with Microsoft first party apps, but all the apps I use everyday (WhatsApp, Facebook in primis) are all WP8.1 apps, which not only aren't that great to begin with,  but they works even worse on W10 than on WP8.1. If those apps were already updated, my experience would be much better for sure.
  • If the current Facebook app sucks (and we know that a universal app is coming) why should I say that is the OS that sucks? That's what ineducate people do. The OS is good in my experience, much better than WP8.1.
  • Cant judge the quality of amount of apps on the Universal front for 6 months after release.... It takes times to build apps
  • upgraded to 10.10581 from 8.1 today on my lumia feels ready
  • I'm waiting for the next build this week and will put it on my primary device.
  • Cortana is their bread abd butter and that is absolutely broken when using Bing search in WM10. That is an emabrrasment. Beta or not, W10 will never catch on anyways.
  • Cortana is their bread aand butter and that is absolutely broken when using Bing search in WM10. Bing Mobile site? On a smartphone in 2015?? smh
  • I think Ui & UX features does play a role, especially for potential new users. Opacity for action centre,notifications (like windows 10 desktop). It's about consistency - One Windows
  • It is ready. Go back to 8.1 for a while and then forward to Win 10. I think the improvements and unification with all MS products is very impressive. It will continue to improve as promised. I think MS is on track. I also have a feeling a lot of the criticism within the insider program is possibly due to incorrect updating procedures. Just my opinion.
  • Yea I think it's ready. It's grown so much over the past few builds. It's not perfect for sure but hey, Microsoft rebuilt everything from the ground up. Can't be too mad at a major company that lets its users chime in on the future.
  • 10581 sucks on 929. It sucks a lot less than previous builds. But it still sucks.
  • True that.....
  • No purely based on Cortana. Keep what works. I hate the new look and design! It's complicated and not unified. She looks to have gone back to WP7 or something of that nature.
  • Disappointment is the word. Compared to 8.1 we are only getting Edge and some start screen customization. They had to start from scratch with W10M to have a better foundation for the future, and that's not free.  
  • Compared to 8.1 we're getting universal apps, which is pretty huge. They are the single biggest chance for Windows in the mobile space. Without them, there is no question of whether WP dies in the mid to long term because it's a certainty.
  • 8.1 still on 920.
  • There's only 2 things that make me say no. First Cortana is worse on 10 then 8. Secondly Edge is worse then Explorer. For those that might say no. I know I could go to just fine on internet explorer and can't on edge.
  • Interesting comment about loading on the Edge browser. I typed myself (following your lead) and it didn't come up. On IE and Firefox it came up almost immediately. I had to copy the full URL ( from Firefox back into an Edge tab, and then it brought up the webpage. Odd.
  • It just makes me wonder why the hell their own browser doesn't even work well with their own websites.
  • "wp 8.1 had the cleanest and most consistent ui in mobile os" - No one objected that. The one place where android and ios users praise wp is its design. Wp didn'd do well because of the APPS APPS APPS!!
    People care of UI nowadays which forced to bring google "Material design". You people has to accept that W10m is a ui mess, especially different fonts used in different apps.
    The grey colour think he said is the most annoying thing considering myself having oled display.
  • Actually, a lot of people found WP7/8 off-putting for looks and being too different from the rest. It was a jarring experience
  • It's readier than some feel it is, but not as ready as we'd like it to be. In all seriousness, it's missing some things I was hoping for like transparent Action Center and volume controls but after using it for quite some time I couldn't imagine going back to 8.1. 10 feels more mature in the way it operats and even in the way it looks (though not universally). 8.1 feels and looks odd to me now and I think most of the new in-built apps are superior to 8.1 as well (Contacts is kind of the oddball, which simply looked much nicer in 8.1, while it hasn't gained any functions at all in 10). This said, more work needs to be done and the UI needs to become more attractive. As far as stability etc. goes, it's as good as 8.1 on my phone now.
  • Ask Cortana :)
  • I think yes! W10M has more customization and thats very important. Many people find WP 8.1 "ugly" and I think reason is "no full backround wallpaper option". And some other stuff. I loved WP and I love W10M even more. :)
  • If 586 will be RTM (and it actually will be ready for masses) it will be biggest single update in the short history of WM. At the moment there is a ton of stuff that are plain buggy or not visually coherent. I remain sceptical. There is sooooooooo much stuff that is merely half-way there. I hate Android and I diss iOS. I use Msc OS X as my computer platform, Windows 10 is I like to pick the best from the bunch, hope W10 will pull it off but I really don't care anymore.
  • I actually find that Windows 10 Mobile is less buggy than any version of Android I've used, even my Google Nexus tablet has some horrible issues which are much more of an issue than the minor irritations on W10M... In saying that, I've just discovered that I'm only getting data over WiFi (and not over 3G/4G) on my L930, but I've yet to investiagte the cause so won't lay the blame on one thing or another just yet.
  • +640. Earlier versions of W10M produced Android-like expirience, but not 10536+ builds.
  • I'd say 10572+ or 10549+ (though that had a rather nasty bug with the fonts but at least it was fast), 10536 was horrible for me.
  • "Out of sight, out of mind".
    I believe, if there wasn't an insider program lasting so many months, there wouldn't be anything for users to comment (complain) about. We wouldn't have anything by which to gauge the progress of the development. We wouldn't be waiting anxiously for the final product. In my opinion, the insider program was a good thing. However, it also served to create a lot of cynics.
  • I agree. The Insider Program has its pros and cons. On one hand, it is a great way to gauge feedback from the general public. On the other hand, it has become a cannon fodder for some minority vocal testers when they don't get their way. Some of these testers don't like the UI changes. Some others seems to confuse beta software with release software. IMHO, the forum title "MS says W10M is ready, I call that BS" is just hyperbole. First, these insder versions are pre-release software. Just witness how W10 went from not ready to ready in a couple of versions. The poster seems to confuse ready with "I don't like the UI". To me, an OS is ready when the OS can be used as a daily driver with no percetible performance issue and crash. We would not know it until the release version is out. Otherwise, I can call any OS not ready because I don't like the UI.
  • Then we'd be complaining about no progress / updates being made. :)
  • Actually, if the insider program didn't exist.  People will be complaining that Microsoft isn't releasing W10M quick enough.
  • Yeah. Sometimes I wonder how MS can gather like-minded cynics. There're quite a number and pretty much annoying.
  • For me it would be if only my camera will record sound when filming... L930. (yes I did resets)
  • I'm facing the same problem with my 930 since a couple of builds. Hope it's a software bug and gets fixed in the coming builds.
  • Thanks for confirming the same problem. I also hope it gets fixed... not all of us 930 users have this :/
  • I show windows 10 mobile to a friend and she say it looks great and even ask me when she its gonna be able to install it on her windows 8.1 mobile. I have been using windows 10 since firts build and I think thats a factor on how I see today the OS. I think I just get used to and thats why I am not as amazed as my friend was when she saw it for the first time. I think the OS need more work but as you say, the OS is no final and it will get some great updates in the future. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No.. not even close (I'm running the latest 10581 on Tmobile Lumia 925). Microsoft Edge forsome reason crashes everytime I open it. Here Drive is gone and my defauly Maps doesnt work either.. Crashes as soon as I open it. Everything is just so slow.. I hit the power button and it takes a second for the date and time to appear (sometimes way more than a second). Takes a second more to load my tiles.. takes few more seconds to open any app (it hangs or loads_used to be better with 8.1).. I dont like the action center at all.. Windows store is very laggy for me too.. even when connected to Wi-Fi.. everything takes so long to load.. I installed few more browsers to replace Edge since it doesnt work at all and there is no way to change the default browser so everytime I do a bing seach, it tries to open the link in EDGE and it crashes.. anytime someone sends me a link (text msg or email) I cant freaking open it cuz it opens up in EDGE!.. its crazy why we cant change default program (if there is a way.. please let me know) looking forward to next build.. hopefully that will slove all these issues but right now on 10581.. not ready!
  • That is odd, as I have been using build 10581 on a L925, without resetting, and works very well, without noticeable performance issues. You might be suffering from a bad install.
  • I had a similar experience upgrading my 920 on 10581 (especially the Edge issue) but a hard reset fixed those issues.
  • I had a similar experience upgrading my 920 on 10581 (especially the Edge issue) but a hard reset fixed those issues.
  • Work well on my daily driver Lumia 920, so I have to say 'YES' ...
  • When I first installed 10581 it was awful but after a few days it smoothed out. It's actually fun to use and I won't upgrade my 920 right away as I planned. Windows 10 Mobile is like getting a new phone.
  • On the Lumia Icon, no, but it's close.  There is still at least one showstopper bug (touchscreen is unresponsive on boot sometimes), and the interface as a whole is usable, but not smooth.  Randomly I'll get lag spikes where the OS hesitates and skips frames or misses touch input.  I have no problems with the UI except that there is only a small subset of apps using the W10 look, and the platform guidelines as a whole are still not entirely clear (though to be fair, Android suffered from this problem for years and W10 is in its infancy).  I think there's a lot of promising things yet to come out of W10M.
  • Pretty sure the platform guidelines now are pretty much "do whatever you want as long as you even build an app in the first place".
  • I like W10M. I really like some of the new stuff in it. When I first put an insider build on my phone a month or so ago I was very excited to use it and it didn't disapoint. Is it a huge jump from WP 8.1? No, but how could it be? I really like it and even if the current build was RTM, I would be more than happy to use it and I really look forward to snagging a 950/950XL.
  • L920: No. But Microsoft never said it was ready for L920... So i just have a little wait:)
  • The latest version 586 works very good on my and my wifes 930. Low spec phones have performance problems but what do you expect from 100$ or less.
  • How did you get 586?
  • I for one, like the dark theme with the black background. That and the clear black display were a match made in heaven. It was like everything was atop nothing...and that just blew me off my feet. I still look at my phone sometimes and wonder how amazing it is. Love the glance feature too. In conclusion, not a big fan of the grey stuff. I haven't signed up for the insider program just yet. My 820 is the only smartphone I've got.
  • I know, it's like they took the Office theme designers and put them on the Windows 10.  WP8.1 did a beautiful job with the dark theme.  It's gone from sophisticated and intelligently designed for usability to depressing and disjointed.
  • Its as ready now as it ever will be. I'm on 10581 and using it without hiccups. If we were to go with some of the comments above W10m would never be released. It's windows as a service and if you can't grasp the idea nor like it there's always the bug free perfect UI Android or IOS.
  • Yes it's ready. It has less bugs than Lollipop did until 5.1 (it was an unusable mess on my Moto until that point), and that was an officially released OS. I have used 3 builds since the insider program started, and I moved back to 8.1 after using the first 2 because the experience was awful. However, after using 10581 for about a week, I don't feel any need to return to 8.1, even the round people icons have grown on me. The new universal apps are a massive improvement compared to the 8.1 versions (I'm talking about office, MSN News, MSN weather...etc). The old 8.1 apps are awful in comparison.
  • I definitely agree about the universal apps.
  • These insider builds seem to get worse and more unstable the longer you use them, so even if a build seems great initially, it can't be fully judged until it's used for a few weeks I think.
  • It is a logical fallacy to suggest that because WP8.1 has a great UI/UX and didn't appeal to the masses, then UI/UX doesn't matter that much.
    To succeed you need apps, desirable handsets, a good feature set and a decent UI.
    Screw ANY of those up, and you damage the chances of success.
    With W10M, MS has significantly improved the feature set and has laid the foundation for an improved app ecosystem. But the state of the UI has gone backwards, and will mean the improvements that have been made in other areas get less attention.
  • "It is a logical fallacy to suggest that because WP8.1 has a great UI/UX and didn't appeal to the masses, then UI/UX doesn't matter that much."
    Fine, just toss in how hideous Android was for a long time with a chaotic OS and it lends credence to the claim that UI doesn't matter. Heck, the iPhone is just a Treo 600 with slightly higher resolution. I think it's (a) hardware (b) apps (c) availability (d) zeitgeist (ed) pricing that matter the most.
  • Every one I asked so far about WP says is ugly as hell and confusing (they are used to Android/iPhone UXs). Professional UI/UX designer mostly agree WP is really bad (the slide to the right navigation), is weird. Windows 10 solve a lot of the problems of the UX but is brand new, needs to improve more and faster.
  • Not ready, fundamental things such as Bluetooth pairing with my car and motorcycle need manual intervention to work at all. 581 on a N925...
  • Bluetooth has been terrible on every Windows 10 device, especially the phones.  I can't get track info and remote playback controls to work on anything.
  • I like w10m better than 8.1. After using 10 for a while went to 8.1 but came back after 10 minutes. It says all. But it's just my personal preference. While it has good standby I still feel like 8.1 had better usage battery. But I have one big question :I don't see anything impressive compared to Android and iOS. I don't see why nonfans will switch to windows from other OS. Why someone should consider windows over OS?is there anything exciting here? Honestly, NO.
  • I believe it's a diamond in the rough! I love it on my 928 the latest build 10581 its great for us enthusiast but I think giving it to my wife would be a little confusing. But with that said going forward there is light at the end of the tunnel and Microsoft has what it takes to get the job done but not in a very organize way as far as marketing goes, Seems like they gain users then loose them just look at what they did with the OneDrive storage issues, the nice new 950s coming out but not release dates and then the Verizon problem's all not good for business when you compare it to apples way of marketing the fans line up with their wallet's open were Microsoft just kicks the bee hive.
  • its a lot better now when compared to earlier insider builds.. but, phone freezes a lot for no reason with the latest insider build.. not ready for masses though.. even feature ready windows 10 mobile will take some time for a newbie to get used to.. :-) with bugs.. it'll be frustrating..
  • Why only for 950 and no for every device?
  • Apps.....its the only issue preventing the success of the platform. The OS is (imho) far superior to iOS and Android, BUT....until I can go to a conference, a trade show, a museum, a restaurant, a news company (NYT VR), a bank, etc. and have the same app available on my phone that others can get on theirs, we are going to have the same problems that every version of WP had before it. Awesome UI, great tie in for cloud, and social, but lacking apps and developer support. Unfortunately, until it changes, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.......dont abandon ship, and keep showing people how awesome it is.
  • Absolutely, been switching back and forth between a Moto X and Lumia 640 the last few months and the Windows Phone OS is clearly superior. I am talking about 8.1, but it is faster, more stable, and much better looking than Lollipop. The problem has always been the app gap. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Haven't used it so far as I'm still on 8.1- but am very excited to upgrade and get all those features but am wary of all the negativity too. L640XL user.
  • Hey there. I think it's ready for RTM. After using windows phone 8.1 on my moms Lumia 640 I'm glad to have it on my Lumia 635. Expandable action center, settings that are laid out cleanly, updateable system apps, UWP, background picture that fills the screen instead of just on the tiles, and more. I don't miss windows phone 8.1 and this is coming from someone with a phone with 512 Mb ram only.
  • I could take the few bugs but the false battery issues , slow store, and Cortana still not working is too much. I've been with WP since the beginning ( Samsung Focus) but this is starting to make me look at different options. We've asked for the Surface phone for years and we get a laptop. They're trying to shove the leftovers from Lumia down our throats then give us what we want but it may be too late. Believe me I've been loyal , from iPhone to Focus, to L900 to L920 (2 different color's ) to1520 2nd yr on this one and it's discontinued, only alive because of the insider's looking bleak. I've heard the rumors about the Surface phone( for business minded coming early next year) getting the 950 Xl apparently not from my Carrier would put me another 2 years out from the Surface phone. I may be done
  • Same as any software. Stable software is finished. Unstable software with new features is unfinished. If it's stable enaugh, then is finished. For new features wait for next (stable) version.
  • If the success or failure of an operating system is judged solely by its UI/UX, Android won't be where it is today ... Quick show of hand, who used\remembers Android 2.0? (raises hand)
  • We are now in 2015.. Look at the androids/ios UI's.. MS needs to make their OS more appealing so that they can get more customers..
  • More appealing? You mean an icon grid?
  • No.. Using aero glass and other modern UI/UX everywhere than simple dark/grey UI
  • I describe Android UI as Windows 98 on a phone.
  • My only experience with Windows 10 mobile was trying out the 950xl at the Microsoft store. Even then, I avoided digging in to it too much, as not to ruin the surprise. My only criticism is that it's like a remake of wp8.1. There doesn't seem to be any significant new features to make us go, "wow". I was hoping for interactive live tiles or something innovative. I'll also miss alot of the wp8 design language, panoramic backgrounds, etc.
  • Think of it this way... W10M is not ready for the masses... But the 950 and 950xl aren't devices for the masses either. They're just devices with high-specs for windows phone users to give them something with current technology instead of having nothing new for them. Satya said they would make devices for fans, and this is what these new ones are. They're not there to attract masses, and they will not do so anyway.
    "Is W10M ready for windows phone fans?" is the question we should be asking.
    I think w10m will be more "ready for the masses" when Microsoft comes out with devices aimed at those masses. With MS's current situation in mobile, a device needs to be special to convert the masses to WM, the same way the surface was for PCs. The new devices are not at that level and don't have those high ambitions. Hopefully we'll see something special with the surface phone or whatever it'll be called.
  • 550 is for the masses...
  • I see what you're saying, and you've got a point. I didn't mean that definition of the masses. 550 is good for the masses as a device because it obviously target a big part of the market that can't afford highly-priced phones, and that's great. But what I meant is that I don't think Microsoft's is aiming Windows Mobile, as a whole, to the whole market of smartphone users yet. They're doing devices for some people, windows fans and budget minded ones, but it's not aimed at being that thing that will bring masses of people from other ecosystems to W10M yet.
  • I do like it better than 8.1. In the reguard of teh start screen background and tile transparency. This should have been in 8.1 but it is what it is. And with that being said... I still miss the ME tile and Rooms tile. Those were probly the most use tiles on my phone and there is to date not one app to bring this functionality back. I understand that the shared calenders, notebook and onedrive folders still work. But it was especcially appealing to see the live tile update when a family memeber, or someone from my band added or updated new content in those locations. And while I moved on to UniShare, the Me tile still was the easiest way to update your social profile icons in one location. 10 mobile has a lot of appeal. The settings menu is better, notification center is improved and universal apps should help fill the gap. (Jury is out on that one).
  • Definitely W10M is lot better than WP8.1 but I don't find it close to RTM. A lot of app crashes everytime, still so many features are not available.......
  • I used the insider for all the previous OS ie WP8 I decided to try W10M with the build that someone at WC reviewed and said it can be used as a daily runner. (how wrong he was) my first impressions were great loved the UI the improvements, definitely excited for final release I say final release to. I reverted back to WP8.1 as I found the build way to unstable slow and buggy but I knew it would be. That's why they are builds they build different versions to change things and test features. Im glad I saw what W10M could be like and not following the insider program all the way, I got to have a say and now excited to get my 950xl. Tbh if your a true windows you know the best OS was the windows phone 2003 se. That was the daddy like having XP on a phone. Personally W10M should be W10 desktop screen with start menu and full access's, no restrictions well of course from hacking ect. We get windows so we can do more with everything no like crapple were its idiot proof.
  • Go back to WP8.1, use it for a week or two... If your experience is anything like mine was, you will be longing for all that is Windows 10 inside of 24 hours after installing 8.1.
  • Just fix the damn bugs: Storage, movement data, voice recognition and release it. Soon, soon, soon... Tired of this, it's already much better than 8.1. Increase new features and make a final UI polish on monthly minor updates
  • so 5cent argument is that if consistent UI wasn't enough before, it means it wont matter today? that's a funny assumption, if you don't care for what you have today and keep trashing it and trying new things every day, well you get the point, what is there to like about this OS if there isn't anything solid we can rely on, they just keep throwing everything out the window because it doesn't work a miracle, so the little help it provided goes unnoticed to be honest, I'm itching for that "upgrade" and cant wait to try w10m once and for all, in its final RTM build as soon as it becomes available, but looking at this situation I'm now worried wondering if I should keep waiting since it is clearly going to give me an equal number of problems as it gives me "upgrades" and that's just pathetic, that we have to keep losing features to add things that we don't even know will work
  • I've been using W10M on the 1520 since 4 builds ago as a daily - and especially from the last two builds you can really feel things are coming together.  The base OS is more than ready for the masses - however as before that is not really the important point, it's that damn app gap.  Again and again the app support just isn't as good as Android and iOS when it comes to the big name apps and the latest games.  If this doesn't change even with the bridges, then no matter how good W10M gets it won't really be "ready" for the masses, ever.  
  • So, people here are comparing Windows 10 Mobile preview with Windows Phone 8.1 with Denim? Seriously? Compare it with Windows Phone 8.0, is a large reboot, the core of the OS is changing again, not just optimizations like MS did with 8.1.  Theses people... :/
  • Yes, we are comparing to Windows 8.1 since Win 10 should be an upgrade to it not a downgrade with missing features ... I`m not saying that Win 10 is bad but there are stuff that were done right in 8.1 and are messed up in 10 and it has no logic.
  • Then compare 8.1 with WIndows 10 Mobile Redstone, missing features are normal when you are changing a lot of the core of the OS again. Just like Android did from 2.3 to 4.0 or 4.4.4 to 5.0.1 and iOS 6 to 7. But they are not equal as MS is making a full desktop OS and a Mobile OS with the same core for different arquitectures (x86 and ARM) at the same time. But you can complain all you want, even go with Android or iOS, that's the easy way dude.
  • Comparing 8.1 to the latest preview build, windows 10 mobile is much better in a lot of ways. Is it ready for the masses?
    Pretty soon it will. Just not today.
  • Yes, better in some but also much worse in other ways.  Sometimes tragically worse.
  • So I'll respond to the actual hypothetical instead of the post title. I thought back to my impressions when I first loaded W10M on my Lumia Icon to answer the first part. I ignored the bugs and instability, because I knew the OS wasn't done, and focused more on the design, layout, and revised functionality. Overall I was impressed with the direction. There were some fairly obvious graphical issues, things that were flat out ugly, and obviously a ton of bugs, but the extra customization on the start screen was welcome, I liked being able to search for apps in the list, appreciated the tweaks to the action center, and making the toast notifications actionable was something I missed from my Android days. When I switched back to 8.1, it immediately felt "old", which says something. If we didn't have access to Windows 10 early, I think a lot of the impressions would probably be similar to mine. There would be some gripes about some changes from 8.1, like swiping up to dismiss notifications (took me a while to get used to that), or complaints about bugs/incomplete features, but I doubt the feelings would be overwhelmingly negative. Overall the OS feels like a step forward, and it's similarity to Windows 10 on a desktop is a welcome change. With the Preview, however, people may run into a bug, and then get frustrated as versions are released and the bug is not addressed, which will absolutely color their opinion of the OS... and I can't blame 'em. I ran into a very annoying bug with a product we use at my job, we informed the company, and they said a fix was incoming. The bug was something that seriously impacted our daily use of the product, yet the fix didn't show up for 6 months! The experience absolutely changed the way we thought about using the product: it went from "OMG this tool is so useful and amazing" to "we use it because we have been using it for so long."  The Insider Preview has been a blessing, and a curse. It allows us to see new stuff early, and gives MS useful feedback from users. But it also raises the curtain on the ugly, buggy, feature incomplete, "we have to prioritize issue A over issue B, which may not please customers encountering issue B", side of software development. Some people are ok with seeing behind the curtain, others perhaps are better off having never looked.
  • I really don't think it's ready. There are so many steps backwards from WP8.1 That was a smooth and consistent OS. It may not have done well, and it may be getting a little long in the tooth, but I'd rather see that built upon rather than the mess that is 10. I'm very disappointed right now.
  • SURFACE phone anyone?
  • I don't think it's ready. Yet. My concern is that msft push it out unfinished so as to meet some deadline.
  • If we never had the insider program the os would impress
  • True but then all the comparisons between OSes would come out and we would quickly realize we are missing so much. How bland the UI looks. How odd it is that you can change light theme in outlook and change the color of the status bar but cant in other apps. It's just not right...not saying that it won't be right but for now its just not right.
  • I've been running 10581 on my daily driver (L920) since it was released.  On the plus side, the UI is cleanerand aligns better with W10, and I'm looking forward to better integration with W10/Cortana.  As for concerns, live tiles for a number of MS apps don't update (People Groups, Weather, etc.), and there is also the issue of thrid party apps that haven't had a chance to be optimized ahead of release.  For the faint-hearted, these could be fatal perceptions.
  • Now just days before Win 10 PC was release, I thought MS was nuts to think about releasing it. The UI and the over all OS was flakey at best..then Friday afternoon..BOOM - update came out and everything I was worried about was resolved. Then Sat. they released two more updates. Those updates made it faster and more polished. I have faith they can do it again.
  • This.  I didn't think the desktop was feeling release worthy either but their internal builds are a little better than our insider builds.  Advanced by a few weeks at least and that can make a big difference.
  • For now its a massive improvement since wp7 cz it's not just a catching up but a feature to offer and improvements to make but there's still a lot to do starting with listening to insiders about landscape mode and otg and other features that have thousand of upvotes with no respond from MS and unless we start seeing more universal app people that like the OS won't use it without apps they think they are important
  • I think the new start screen options are spectacular and my start screen has never looked better. I also love the wire icons and I love the drop down menu of the action center. I love that it is less text based which was starting to look dated and are moving to menus and icons. I love that it has a cohesive feel between desktop and phone. I do, however agree about Cortana. What happened to her? On my 1520 the cards dont fill the screen and it looks cheap. I also agree about pulling up a bing page, it looks unfinished. Also, she can't understand me as well as when she was first released. For example, I used to say, "Im hungry" and she would pull up nearby restaurants, then I could say, "show my the highest rated", and she would show me that, then I could say, "Which one is the closest" and she would show me and away I went to a great restuarant. It was she can't do that. Why has she gotten dumber?  Marcus Ash, you got some splaining to do. 
  • I agree with your Cortana observations and have made similar comments. It's inexplicable how Cortana has actually gotten dumber/worse. What's most annoying is that she's become merely a voice-enabled Bing search. Hardly any smarts or native knowledge.
  • I think its unfair for Daniel to state that Rafael Yousuf " had an axe to grind...".  Rafael made an observational assessment about the OS.  The OS is on the cusp of release, and he pointed things he didn't like and aren't likely to be fixed by the time of release.   He has a right to an opinion, without it being labelled as jaded. The only opposing comments refer to W10M still being a work in progress, "Wait until it launches", or the UX of WP8.1 didn't make it a success, so.....  Its pretty obvious to me, everyone is in agreement with Rafael that W10M isn't ready for prime time.  
  • No one has the release build so they don't know how ready for prime time it is...
  • Unless one is expecting miracles, the difference between the current build and RTM wont be anything more than optimizations and bug fixes. Even if all the bugs were fixed, and it ran smooth as butter, it's still not ready for prime time. Reviewers would have a field day poo pooing all over the OS. Remember, MS still hasn't fixed the app gap. Hell, there's still no YouTube app.
  • No, everyone isn't in agreement. I could argue that all opinions are jaded, because they represent an indiviudals personal biases.
  • Except the guy who called out the OP for having an " Axe to grind", has a vested interest in the success of the Platform.
  • I still can`t believe that MS hasn`t implemented Default Apps ... it`s stupid to use the FB app and when an Youtube video shows up i don`t have the option to start it with MyTube or MetroTube .. it goes directly to Edge ....Does anybody at MS even work with such a phone as a daily driver ? Because i seriously doubt it. Also we have 5" displays and when we call a contact what do we get? A small circle in one of the corners with a little picture made for ants ! Also what i liked till now on Windows Phone was the dark theme .. but when i open a contact now i get full blue (it`s my accent color) screen... it was perfect as it was in Win 8.1 ... why change it ? LockScreen had the tiles right behind it when unlocking in Win 8.1 .. now only the text moves and it has to go trough a black screen fadeout .. why ? Still they make you connect to a PC to put a song in the Ringtones folder just to use it as ringtone .. seriously MS ?!?! Have you seen how easy is to do a simple task like this on Android ? I don`t need a damn PC to do a simple ringtone setup. The keyboard has special functions on long press .. but you have to click to see what you have on the key .. at least they should put the numbers beisde the letters (See SwiftKey) and give us  option for long press duration .. for now i find it a bit long 
  • For me WP10 would be great if the people app had not been so horribly wrecked.  I'm not even talking about the round profile photos.  I could live with that if it were not for the trashed functionality.  I primarily use my phone for communicating with people and the people app in WP8.1 was the best out of any phone platform.  My LTE radio died in my 1520 so I find Windows 10 makes it a good tablet OS now.  So I feel that loss less on that phone now. Another major use of my phone is Bluetooth streaming.  This is another area where WP 8.1 does a superior job.  So clean up Cortana's UI, add in Bing Vision, put the old people app back, make Bluetooth as fully functional as it once was and it would be a great OS.
  • I have no idea as to iOS and Android being whatever they are. I have never had a phone on iOS or Android and until MS stops offering a cell phone I never will. I already have the very best phone MS has every made, the 1520, and it runs great on build 10581 and expect it to run great on anything newer. It has all the apps I could ever need, takes great pictures and it even works great as a phone, imagine that!
  • ^ We have quite alot in common friend
  • Sure, why not
  • To be honest, I really expected Microsoft to do a massive overhaul of the UI. I know the app design is different, but there aren't many significant changes to the Start screen. It still looks like 8.1. Also, it still lacks features like USB OTG, Wi-Fi Direct and does multitasking still suck like 8.1?
    I really expected more, especially when you are building an OS from ground up.
  • I guess we'll be waiting for Threshold 2 in 3 months time for Seriously though, they've done well to get it ready for PC and TH2 fixes all the stuff I need fixing.
  • Did the introduced linked inbox yet ?
  • Inexplicably, no.
  • Although UI may not be the problem in WP8.1 but its in consistency in 10 is a major problem. UI inconsistency can be a drastic setback as we have seen in the various context menus in Windows 10 l(they are all different) So UI should be made uniform first so that those who are using it should not critise it and rather praise it.
  • I feel that they already prepared w10m. Just insider is like publicity trick or making customer enthusiast. Because when wp8 released in 2012 it is outstanding and perfect.
  • i own a nokia lumia 720, win10 runs so laggy in my old hardware
  • Tired of the constant crying, whining and complaining for attention. These are cell phones... they are products. Nobody owes you anything. Use it or don't. Figure your life , and your cell phone of choice out and move the hell on.
  • You have anything else to offer besides the obvious.  You must be new here.  There virtually no old Windows Mobile 6 users here, very few old WP7 users, and those left still complaining are the WP8/8.1 users who are on the cusp.  
  • It's always a leaps and bounds better than windows8.1, so w10 will ROCK!
  • Look at it all.  Situation about finishing W8(1), WP8(1) and compare with W10 and W10M in the same stage. There are much more changes right before final release date. 3 month after W10 PC realease we are waiting for Treshold 2 update to get default stuff...don't even talk about Redstone update, planned for summer 2016, including features, showed in february presentation of new W10. Ok, and now W10M - MS wants to catch Christmas shopping mania. So, they made a deadline, but in time, they weren't even close fo final version. So? How could they be prepared? They are even showing new flagship, which still not including final version (i guess, one not really full stable 950 was showed to local press a few weeks ago), even so, release date is really close... does it really seems, they are ready?
  • The performance on my lumia 640XL is horrible compared to 8.1
  • I don't think it time to judge a book by it cover, MS still yet said when the OS will be fully ready or available, so I think all comments on the os should wait till it's finally out. This should have also happened to the surface book, if there was any news on it before the final lunch. So I would say everyone should keep calm on till the finally release
  • W10M is expected to launch before the next 30 days, or 50 days if delayed. Gabe hasn't announced any major changes, just fixes and optimization. Any expectation of major changes by then solely lie in the MS distortion field.
  • When it is as smooth as 8.1 and more apps are being added, w10m will be something great!!
  • I have an HTC m8 running W10 and a Nexus 6p. The HTC gets my sim. The W10 UI with some issues trumps latest Android. I could not say that a month ago.
  • This is what Microsoft gets for opening up a beta test to the masses.The users who think beta software is supposed to be a flawless experience need to downgrade back to 8.1 and leave windows 10 for the adults. Windows 10 mobile will continue to be fine tuned 10586 will be the first prime time release and will continue to be updated . Frankly 10581 is more than ready as a daily driver. With the exception of battery life its been pretty flawless on my 1520.
  • I don't know what you been Smoking but 10581 not ready for the public. Maybe you should pick up an iPhone to see what a finished product feels like. Android and apple crushed them in bringing out a new OS. Microsoft should be embarrassed on the time took to come this far. New flagship phones are coming out on half-baked OS. WOW.
  • Neither Apple nor Android brought out a new OS. They upgraded the existing mature ones and even they are not free of bugs. That is a massive difference to W10, which is - in fact a new OS.
  • If it's an upgrade from WP7.5, I'm sure I'll love it.
  • My issues with 10851 are hey Cortana isn't working for me (it worked on my first update but EDGE would not load the internet) and the clear my band, Sensie, and band sensor monitor won't open. Other than that I'm fine with it the way it looks and works on my L1520.
  • There is nothing really ground breaking about the UI differences between 8.1 and 10. I personally don't think MS did enough for this push but I guess building the core of the OS and all these different bridges and highways and things took more time than maybe they anticipated. On the face of it 10 and 8.1 look the same and there really isn't anything the average consumer will see as different...Most people wont care about the iris scanner or continuum. There haven't been any examples shown of maybe using iris scanner with your banking apps like you do with touchid...I think this push will fail and for some reason I think MS knows it will fail. However, I do think that MS has some big UI improvements coming...its just a matter of when. 
  • It's not ready.  Way too buggy on my 830.  Screen goes blank constantly (and then comes back).  Email notifications not consistant, messaging app crashing or not opening when I click the action center notification, can't set custom ringtones/texttones for contacts, ect.
  • IBM Domino/Travleler email doesn't work either, but that software is shit anyways so I'm not surprised it doesn't work.  But it works on Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1.  Wouldn't have thought it changed that much...
  • I have those issues too, but they'll have been fixed.  Looking forward to the next update.
  • I don't see the point in comparing it to 8.1. It's a different animal. I remember PC 8 / 8.1 getting heavily criticized, so why wasn't WP8.1? MSFT perform a major overhaul of it's OS's, as one for all product, give it away for free, offer updates for 'legacy' devices and yet people still pan them.
    On my 1320, yes 8.1 was pretty darn good, BUT, 10 is pretty good as well. OK, Cortana isn't as useable as before ( hopefully fixed ) and the live tile goes dormant are 10mins. The store is a bit of a mash up, but far better, and easier to navigate than the old one. Ok, so my keyboard appears when I open messaging, covering the last messages of the thread, but I touch back button, and all is well. I have had no issue with my flex connecting, or any other btooth. I remember that it's a preview, and think how far it has come since 166. It's night and day!!
    What gets my goat is droid continually release 'new' 'better' android versions. They are usually updates to cover up the mistakes in the previous release. Yet you rarely hear droid getting slated publicly, even when the OEM's mess up. If you want bugs, try working with the CM source code. It was pretty much up to us who dev'd to get things running.
    Maybe, if MS released the source code we would have the right to complain and criticise..... Think how much more could be done to further improve the system......oh if only.....
  • My take... I jumped on the insider program and used all the builds as my DD unless they were too buggy which was most of them... One build (I forget which one really) was pretty good and I left it on my 1520 for about a month... then I updated a couple builds ago and my battery took a huge hit so I downgraded to 8.1 and figured I'd wait for the final... THAT said... I miss many of the improvements over 8.1 and NONE of them had to do with the color of some bar or round user icons...  WP10 was just BETTER overall... if they fix the bugs I'll be thrilled. So they could leave it as is and just make sure it doesn't drain the snot out of my 1520 battery which under 8.1 is ridonkulous... and I'll be thrilled.
  • I love the Windows OS, 8.1 or 10.  I especially like the integrated features within apps.  However, many of the capabilities in 8.1 are yet to materialize in 10.  In addition, there are still too many flaws.  On my Icon, the Store is still erratic and continues to fail with updates.  The Band is intermittent with Cortana, sometimes communicating, and other times not.  Cortana itself is still not connecting to its data resource 100% of the time.  Visual Voice Mail does not work at all, though a blog post says it does now.  Apps stop suddenly and return me to the Start screen without any reason.  Some apps won't "reload" without a reboot.   And, the battery drains faster than a Forumula 1 Racer burns fuel.    I have to use an iPhone as my primary because of the poor essential app selection.  However, the most important factor is that no matter what Microsoft does, this OS will not sell because the carriers are NOT behind it.  The only way people will actually learn about it will be if they visit a Microsoft Store.  The carriers simply will not be acquainting customers with it no matter what Microsoft does to promote it.  AT&T will have it, but the sales reps will pretty much ignore it and not discuss benefits.  Verizon has no interest.  The others ... well their crowd wants the cheap stuff and that will be Android.  So ... is it ready ?  Not yet.  Will it sell ?  Not much.  Sorry ... just being real here ...  
  • A month ago I would say "Nooooooo". A few days ago I reinstalled it and now I say "Pretty darn close." So, I'd imagine in a few more weeks it'll be good enough to release ASSUMING that OTA updates are available as soon as new builds are released. If we have to wait months or long for update via the carrier then I'm very concerned. :/ So yeah, very soon but not quite. Which, makes sense because it's slated for release near December? The biggest thing is updates. If they're easy and frequent then it'll be solid. If carriers get in the way, it'll be a disaster.
  • So is the Android APK thing a non factor now? Didn't they pull it?
  • See they are now getting the whole Microsoft towards future planning and more so if they will reveal everything possible through their services then there will be no new thing to show to us so I guess They still deserve a better chance to stay and show people that isheep and sweetdishDroid is nt the only phone in market to show off.
  • Outlook is broken, worked for less than a day and all my emails are not syncing! No more contacts, well played...
  • I use it with 3 email accounts, no issue whatsoever.
  • I think it's a definite change from 8 and good change. As for ready to release it still needs some tweeking before release. Cortana bugs, storage bugs.
  • I installed .581 on my Lumia 1020 two days ago and I can't believe the stability and functionality since the previous builds back in feb/mar. I'm only surprised it's gonna be that different between 581 and the supposedly RTM 586 but still not far. Looks like many updates will need to come from the apps side, even the core ones. That happened to the desktop as well. Let alone the 1GB last-minute update on release day or the day after lol. I think MS's been doing a terrific job, so OS-wise my vote of confidence goes to...yes, it will be ready for the masses.
  • Do we see the return of S/MIME in 581...? If yes, is it no longer grayed out...?
  • i just installed the latest insider build on both my old L635 and L435 and i have to say its night and day as far as performance ... Edge does some weird things like i get a notification about the advertising .JS scripts embedded in websites ... that is annoying. i can use messenging, messenger, facebook, instagram, and twitter apps just fine ... tumblr app still kills the battery ... no snapchat or pinterest app ... without the basic social apps the o/s will never be public ready ... it may be nerd ready but never mainstream. i do like the office apps being individual ... looking through the o/s there is just no reason for normies to leave their android or iOS devices.   
  • The bing vision,I think everyone will miss it,the translator and the QR scanner,something my android friends used to wonder how and I could proudly tell it's built in.Windows 10 is shaping up to be a great mobile OS,but MS is removing all uniqueness it had in wp8.1,which I guess will bring some market share,but it won't be any different than android or ios
  • Yes, the tradition of taking the best of the best unique features and dumping them is continuing. I'd almost rather use android now so I can have more apps and be able to reliably stream media and bluetooth audio. I do this kind of stuff for a living so it drives me nuts to see MS running in circles and ruining great innovations.  I simply would not allow this under my managmenet. They must be going through high turnover of people to be constantly going back to ground zero like this instead of evolving.  
  • I'm a big fan of WM (check my post history), so I'm not trolling here. My biggest disappointment with WM10 is that MS has barely done anything to improve Cortana since the day she was released. I think Cortana does a good job at setting alarms and reminders, but everything else (just about) is a glorified voice search for Bing. That is hugely disappointing (for me). MS should've done a better job at imparting native knowledge and other smart capabilities to Cortana. This could've been a difference maker but instead its increasingly becoming Siri lite. As far as the red of WM10 goes, I think it's in pretty good shape, as far as stability. I think mistakes have been made though with the UI. In particular, I think they ditched some of the best features of 8/8.1 (like horizontal swiping) without improving upon it. My other complaint is that the Windows Store layout looks a lot better, but the store itself is a disorganized mess. I understand that MS doesn't want to clean out the store of fake, obselete, and abysmal apps. But they should do a better job of optimizing search results for quality apps. This is one of the biggest sources of potential that MS is missing. Devs who great ios apps are like to have their product buried amongst millions in the Apple store. If they bring a decent app to Windows, people will snap it up at much higher rates. In that sense there's a lot of unrealized potential.
  • So according to Daniel anyone who writes anything critical of Windows 10 mobile has an axe to grind with Microsoft. That cheap shot in the article about the original poster was totally uncalled for.
  • Your statement is also a cheap shot. Daniel only said the OP of the forum post had an axe to grind. I would not doubt there was a history with the OP. Your statement is totally uncalled for.
  • The idiom "axe to grind" means something to complain about. Are you arguing that the OP had nothing to complain about? Very clearly his post was one long complaint. It was not a cheap shot, it was descriptive of the poster.
  • Why don't you read up on what that idiom means in American English before you go around giving English lessons to everyone.
  • Why don't you. As with many things, it has multiple, similar meanings in American English. If you read that original post, you would see that he obviously has a grievance against MS, or, "an axe to grind"..
  • Comprehension is not your strong point, so I won't bother explaining further.
  • If we only can whine about something, even if it makes zero sense...
  • Makes zero sense only to Microsoft fanboys.
  • All I NEED is when asking Cortana for directions to.......that I am offered the option of using Here or my Sat Nav app, as it was in 8.1. This option is dearly missed and if Cortana is to be better than rivals then this function needs to be replaced immediately!
  • The people tile is horrible. Dunno what Microsoft was thinking when they designed that app. Lot of real Estate wasted and you can't even see the contact's picture without squinting. The whole purpose of people app is defeated when you can't identify the people by picture. I feel android list of contacts looks much better to the eyes.
  • I've mentioned it 10 times already but they added those ugly and distractig animations while removing history and notifications from it as well.  I'm grasping for some shred of logic as to why they chose to destroy it so much.  Heck, I'd put up with 10 crashes per day and a 4 hour battery life to get the old people app back.  The new people app is the worst piece of software since Microsoft Bob.
  • Relese the new bild!!!
  • Windows 10 mobile is windows 10 so let help make the OS great and stop all the whining.
  • Absolutely yes.. But need Lumia camera for my 1020
  • I agree. First time, that the abilities of 930 were used. With 8.1 it never came to it,s limit. I hope for a special camera app, because at this time the Microsoft Camera is not as good as Lumia Camera, especially in low light. Also no Dolby 5.1
  • Background downloading and tasking needed Bluetooth received folder needed
  • If by ready you mean releasing the OS with features missing from the previous version, then yes it's ready. I like the direction the OS is going but they took out or changed too many key features. Linked Inboxes, Ability to go back and forward properly in the browser....I'm excited about the new phones but I'm not as excited about using Windows 10 Mobile with having to give up key features that I use now. The OS layout was never the problem, the problem was too many limitations in the OS. It gets better with each version but they are still not there. At no time should a developer say, I can't program that or a user say, I can't do that because of limiations in the OS.    
  • Here is how I look at this: I have been in the insider program pretty much from the start. On a few occasions, I had to roll back to 8.1 in order to upgrade to the latest preview. The further we got with W10, the more I found using 8.1 awkward during those roll backs. That, to me is an indication that W10, at least for me, is the OS of choice. I'd not go back.
  • I have used once W10M, I really say that WP8.1 and W10M are way different in all aspects and you will love using W10M.
  • When Daniel Rubion says that a user is making a valid point by saying windows phone 8.1 had a very nice and stable user interface but still didn't manage to receive consumer appeals, in an attempt to drive the discussion out of it's only conclusion as always "he will never admit any Microsoft failure* common sense guys he is windows central guy. My own thoughts are the following : The OS didn't get general public attention with a stable and consistent version, you think it will with this version ?? I am running out of patience to wait for Microsoft for fixes. The OS is broken at its core, try downloading a big file from edge and let the 30 second default lock screen be active, what will happen? That's right the download fails. Now answer this: When competitors like Google and Apple offer more stable versions with millions of apps and yours is not stable yet, how well you except people to receive it?? I will remind you later but here is a teaser of Daniel upcoming Lumia 950 XL review "great hardware and the most fluid experience of windows mobile yet.." A valid one but still he does not touch the issues we all complain about, only small Microsoft marketing from his side
  • I had hoped for more new features and more "cool" things, but I have the feeling that they are making the foundation and cool new features are coming in the following months.
  • I won't upgrade until the swipe gestures are add into the Edge.
  • 1. cortana works much better via Bluetooth with my Uconnect
    2. maps driving directions now provides updates over AUX Bluetooth audio and not via phone call - SUPER big change which makes gps useable now (again, with Uconnect).
    3. youtube in edge, is able to play a full playlist- helpful when driving, just click your favorite playlist and then hit "play" - awesome for road trips or for when you want to hear a certain song... cant live without this feature either ;)
    going back to 8.1 and attempting to drive and text/use gps is definitely like night and day and not an optimal experience. w10m is more hands free than 8.1 - that makes up for any missing or incomplete features, imho ::shrug::
  • Personally, I expect rtm to be optimized fully for the 950 / 950xl. That is the new hardware Ms is dayviewing the os on publicly.. Older hardware (I'm on a icon and feel the pain) will play catch up. I think win 10 RTM should be judged at release on the two new phones when someone has one or the other in their hands not before.. For example, I've seen photos posted from the 950x's camera using the Ms camera app that are way better than I take off my icon.. I think more optimization for older phones will happen after rtm. Course that is my opinion only... Cant even fill a coke bottle with that, Hehe..
  • I agree. MS needs to release the 950 and 950XL. W10M RTM needs to be functional and stable on the 950 and 950XL. At this point, the 950-950XL build is probably on a different branch (950 Branch?) than anything available to insiders. Once stable the 950 Branch would have been feature frozen only get polishing tweaks. MS and select 3rd party apps could then be tested and tweaked for the 950 build. Anyone with access to the 950 builds is surely under nondisclosure and IF participating in this discussion is doing so in very general terms. Listen to yourselves, Insiders: 1.   The hardware problems you refer to are not universal. It is reasonable to assume that the 950 branch has resolved these problems WITH RESPECT TO THE 950/950XL. 2.  UI clean up can happen after the 950/950XL are released. 3.  It is enthusiasts, not grandmas that are asking for high end devices. With these points in mind, is W10M ready for release on the 950/950XL? I think the future release of the 550, is the more affordable general release device that needs to appeal to a less forgiving audience than the 950/950XL enthusiasts. By the time the 550 is released, it needs to be ready for the masses.  
  • Not from my experience with it on my 1020.   Let me just think about today alone.    1) Cortana was reading some incoming messages, I pressed the lock button to silence it, oops, doesn't work anymore like it did in 8.1.   Just kept going and embarassed me a bit on my conference call as I had to fumble around a bit. 2)  Typed an email today, pressed send, Outlook Mail crashed and sent me back to the desktop.  That happens at least once every day. 3) Asked Cortana to "Call Sandy.......".   Cortana replied "Sorry, something went wrong.  Try again later".  Ooops, that's right, this feature doesn't even work yet. That's just in the last 4 hours.  I could go on.  Is it good enough for daily use?  Sure.  is it ready for sale?  Absoultely not.    
  • Hi
    1 sorry but I've not experienced this.
    2 you generally get this when the app has just or is updating.
    3 is probably internet connection issue I've had this but discovered my router was having issues.
    Tbh I've put 2 down to it's a beta is and it's not going to be perfect, however it is close enough to be used as the main phone.
  • I don't think any of these can be dismissed away as "bad luck" or incidental transient issues.  It happens all the time.  Especially the "Call xxxxx".  That still doesn't work at all on Win10 for me.   And maybe that's the majority of the issue.  Maybe Win10M is still really bad running on Legacy devices.  Maybe on the 950 it will perform well.  Let's hope so.   I'm going to get one when they come out.  I'd hate to see MSFT embarrassed, again.
  • I've had those same things happen on my 640xl dual-sim- they are annoying bugs. Cortana seems to prefer anything but "Edge" (2g?) - on 3g/hspa/hspa/4g, she doesn't complain as much about the data connection. It makes me wonder if she sends data to Microsoft first before transcribing your voice to text, at least via the Cortana app (not by hitting the microphone during a text/e-mail). buggy but it gets better in every update. definitely useable- I wonder if the 950/950xls will have better luck with Cortana? either way, will never go 8.1 on or on the 1520. i hope your experiences improve over the next few weeks
  • If some of you feel ms copied and w10 isn't good enough ...then yall are free to use android itself..the same android which copied ios
  • Cortana sure is not ready. At least that home screen issue is solved. She seems to crash alot when you ask her to do things. Band 1 owners seem out of luck with her too.
  • I wish to jump in soon after the 10586 release comes up. From the different comments I have seen I am expecting a nice OS that serves my purposes. The same as WP 8.1. I just want for them to fix the SD card bug and off we go ;).
  • I think the complaining people are doing are either trolling out just like to complain about everything. That being said, there were some features in 8.1 that are now missing that is disappointing, like the rooms feature. One thing we need to keep in mind, the UX has to stay consistent across all Win10 devices. Maybe this missing features were causing issues? That I don't know. The current build has been really solid for me. I don't see the problems people are complaining about. The grey theme it's the standard, you can change it to light or dark. The action center, what's wrong with it? I think it's great. It's organized great, I can dismiss a single notification, all from a particular app or all of them altogether. I can respond to texts. I can even respond to comments and event invites from Facebook without even opening the app.
  • Been using the previews for a while and the last two are very close to rtm, no crashing clean update without rolling and fast. I guess the next preview will hopefully get hey Cortana running and with a few more improvements I'd say it's good to go.
  • Hey Cortana was fixed in the last build, on my 1520 anyways ;)
  • It's awesome on the current build on my 1520.  Before this build tho, I hated it.  Now Windows 8.1 is sad in comparison on my friends 830
  • Yeah? Would you say it is smooth on the 830?? Had some bad experience with older builds
  • Latest fast ring build is smooth on my icon... Phone really don't even heat up anymore..
  • Icon or 830 are different right?
  • Its smooth on the 830.  I think the least spec I would recommend is 1GB RAM and a decent CPU, which the 830 as well as the 640 / 640 XL all have.  The Icon is just a smaller 1520 in the end, so its fine there too.  I have a friend with the Verizon 925 (or 928? I mix them up) and its fine on that too.  I would not put it on a 435, 635, or other very low end device.
  • It's ready. Fuck the crying, bitching haters that plague this site.
  • I really liked the insider preview. The only problem i had was that some apps didnt get downloaded. But i assume thats fixed in the RTM. otherwise windows 10 feels more fresh. Even if i will miss windows 8.1 on my phone and computer  :) This is for the better!
  • Microsoft should stop adding features and just start polishing the mobile build very well . I think RTM should be given some 10742 for mobiles. Things MSmobile has to do is - Polish the photos app ,its just a nightmare for 520 on 10581 , tile broken, photos does not refresh .2 Phone call app is buggy fix it. 3 contact app is buggy too. 4Movies & tv app must be given at least 10 bug fixing update. 5 signing in to office app is painful, 6 Store crashes a lot. 7 Cortana is buggy . 8 Apps work slowly .Major issue is FREEZING PROBLEM OF PHONES
    fix them with 10742
  • Instead of just saying it's buggy, detail what the bugs are. I don't see issues. I'm also on a 1520. And where did you get 10742? And you also do realize these are preview builds?
  • He said 520 not 1520 I also think he saying Ms should wait a few more builds before going rtm
  • I know he said 520. I was making it clear that I am using a different and more high end phone
  • No issues with photos on 1320. Phone / dialler works well, not had an issue with contacts, but then I don't have loads of pics bouncing around. I can sign into office no worries, store crashed once, soft reset and no worries since. Cortana is a bit hit and miss on the 1320. Takes an age to read texts. Apart from that, the 1320 runs really well on it
  • I use a 520 and installed Build 10581 and it isn't as buggy as you said and all apps do work fine.
  • Did u make hard reset after it? If you have freezing phone problems
  • It's ready... Waiting for the RTM build... Then my 640xl will see the w10m for the first time :)
  • 581 is stable enough for daily use, internet connection sharing is still broken though, doesn't accept the password from remote device. Works last for anybody else?
  • Works for me.  Used it an hour ago.  Lumia 1520
  • Its boring. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • Lol
  • I think windows 10 mobile is great
    ....but obv no OS is ever final they keep improving it. The good part of insider program is that Microsoft listen to us and gave us the features we wanted ...ecited to buy Lumia 950,...i using or rather testing wm preview latest built on My Lumia 535 and its working great
  • OS is ready but app problem is twice as big now, cause there are to many apps in WP8 style and they don't look good on W10M.  
  • Yes, it's like you feel like you want that experience with every app
  • It's already better overall than 8.1, but Cortana has some serious lag issues still, and maps needs to stop placing the car marker where my car was 5 seconds ago. Other than that all my complaints are holdovers from 8.1 (MS is still trying to cause car accidents by suddenly making audiobooks inaudible at random times while you're driving, with a brainless volume alert that is totally unaware of the car's speaker volume).
  • Haha, yeah, I HATE those sudden, unwarranted volume alerts! Never found the "OK and don't remind me again" checkbox.
  • I prefer it to 8.1 BUT!!, if it's being released like this then NO!! It's definitely not ready...(920 since 2012 and until they release an actual flagship!)
  • It's called the Lumia 950XL ... around 9 days away
  • I don't a damn think it's ready, too much inconsistency's. Plus they just made things a tad bit better, but nothing really that grips me and makes me want to stay. My father is running windows 8.1, and I keep showing him what's to come with windows 10, but he still says his not impressed. Me neither to be honest, I wish this build was released earlier in the year, so that they cab build on this. To me this is just a modern 8.1. And nothing special. It can be sooo much better then this, this is a step in the right direction, but in my opinion. Not ready for the masses hell I still need to reboot my phone now and again to get the is fresh, other wise I can still notice bugs, besides all this grey and stuff? Best thing they can do is make it more eye pleasing. Please hear us out MS
  • Missing OTG and wifi hotspot(without internet like on android)downloading status in action center Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think that it is ready based upon my use on my Lumia 920, but I hope that I am wrong as it might shine on the newest hardware. Also, I think that they should not release until the mail app is at 100% feature equality with Outlook on ios and android (the unified inbox). Microsoft hurts themselves when they release products that could be great but appear to be duds because they weren't ready at release (Xbox Music).
  • Will Microsoft release two versions of Windows 10 mobile??
    I am wondering if there will be a build version that runs on current upgradeable phones and a slightly skewed version for 950s and future devices with different hardware or will the builds just have functions for continuum and hello there but dormant.
  • The glance screen is not working on lumia 730 and u can't switch btwn phone memory and sd card.i think it needs a little update. But I like the interface though..i look forward to using windows 10 m with perfected functions..
  • Windows 10 mobile is one of the best OS, and from the looks of things the OS is taking shape, I like the way MS is going, and if not for the insider program, who would know how it look until is released
  • I think it is. In my 920 it works as well as 8.1 Denim and has a better UI and some new features I use daily.
    That said, I'm among those who'll say that Windows 10 is an ongoing work and it's going to keep improving as a continuum. Which I know it's hard for people to understand.
  • No, besides minor lag issues (loading screens).... 1. Cortana does not work to text someone by holding the Search button 2. No way to mute Cortana when she goes off (leaving voice reply always on, she says "text message from.." you cant mute ot). 3. Even though on the last build batter is a little better, not even close to what 8.1 was... Of course Microsoft will push it out to meet a deadline, software is not fully ready, and you'll have to deal with 5 updates (that might be stopped by carriers) before it's truly final. Windows 10 PC had tons of bugs on RTM, even bugs that were given on the "user voice" and even today, on RTM, still bugs that Microsoft has not fixed... I guess to give my full thoughts, I need to see the next build on my phone and then I can tell you IF it's ready. Microsoft is known when they are doing the preview to RTM, they do a TONS of little tweaking and performance improvements. So, it's hard to say from the last build it was buggy
  • Can't wait to download it on my Lumia and to what I have seen so far,its almost done.
  • As an insider, I full heartedly do not believe the Current state of 10 mobile, plus one or rtwo builds is ready for the masses. I think it's setting the launch up for initial failuer, with a horrible first impression to the masses, to the people, to the reviewers, and to the Verge, what windows 10 can do for mobile devices.
  • i find this just soo funny how people moan and  yes moan aboiut  software  how crap it is !!!!! Well heres how you solve that issue  "GO AND DESIGN YOUR OWN SOFTWARE AND LET SEE HOW CLEVER YOU ARE !!!!!"
  • Well, i'm not fatigued by it because i've only just bought a second handset to try it on's nowhere close to ready. My lockscreen doesn't work properly, it boots into a blank screen with only the Nav bar present, which i then have to tap and wait for the Tiles to show...etc..etc...etc.  
  • I've upgraded & degraded to win8.1 2 times in 3 months. I liked the new features in w10, but if I just had the full screen background feature in win8.1, I would never upgrade to win10, at least to what it is now. But hopefully new & advanced features are coming to win10 so that MS can call it a ios competitor & pocket pc at the same time. Tough days ahead. & honestly the bottom line is: Win10 is not there yet.
  • that sums it all.For eg. in w10 you have flashlight right in the action centre and once you revert back to w8.1 and you need torch you become like oh i dint download that flashlight app.Improvements in action centre praiseworthy, new music app cool and becoming refined day by day.Photos app day by day garnererd with new features and by that i mean the one borrowed from storyteller.There are some chinks in the armor but that will be corrected gradually.True that w8.1 had its own uniqueness and selling point but admit it uniqueness dosent sell its the features that sell.OS is definetely complete and contains standard amenities but it can be improved.Hopefully Panos will make a phone a gen ahead of present phones like they did with pro 4 and the book.Both of them have Brigenerated much hype here in india,people who dont visit WC know about it and are waiting to get their hands on it.Bring them onnn..
  • It will not be ready until there are dedicated back and forward input elements in Edge. And, some picky users might like a phonebook, ya' never know.
  • It's almost there and I love it. WiFi sharing has a bug that shutdowns on lock screen. Keeps getting reintroduced. Painful to keep pressing screen to use it.
  • When will be release for my L640XL I will still stay on 8.1 until I think that is ready for that.
  • I used my Lumia with hard activity like very very low storage etc... But it will never slower or hang ,, but if will raise same conditions on Android phone then you will sure get angry
  • short doesnt matter.long answer is onedrive.ready or not,they killed the very point of owning a w phone with 5 gb now at 40 gb,30 full,lets say i get,videos,raw files,wait..what? need to cleanup and free 30 gb which i earned and well paid for? mobile my opinion the os is not ready for the primetime,but they killed the underlying sentence of their and cloud...
  • Meh, F that guy...and I welcome the invitation to do likewise. Opinions are like elbows, many of us can't tell the difference between that and a hole in the ground! Lol ;p
  • Just wait...Microsoft will announce a new update for W10M with all new great features to be available 5 months later. Classic of Microsoft (I hate that)
  • It isn't ready for major release yet I would say. So many basic features are still lacking.
    Keyboard is still slightly laggy on my 640, notifications are VERY delayed compared to my droid, if they even arrive at all sometimes.
    Also, not being able to skip songs on music apps from the action center? It is simple things that just make the whole OS feel rough around the edges and not very satisfying to use. Also directions are TERRIBLE as someone living in the UK compared to directions from Google.
  • Fast build via my 930....
    Windows 10 mobile....
    1. Sucks the life out of my battery
    2. Whether this is an inherent issue but handset gets very hot near charging point.
    3. Since last build, have noticed that web links via FB do not automatically load, instead taking me to a 'oops!, something went wrong' page. I can then proceed to the linked website.
    4. Updates apps much slower than W8.1.
    5. Screen frequently goes blank then returns to start screen regardless of what I'm doing.
    6. Cortana worked perfectly on 8.1 especially when connected to vehicle audio but doesn't even recognize speech the majority of the time.
    7. Have had to reboot phone for Cortana to bring up interests' etc.
    8. Loving Groove Music though !!! So, no, not ready yet in my opinion.
    No cigar yet.........
  • I hope
  • Hey guys what is a glance screen
  • Build 1581 is very smooth. I believe it's stable eough for RTM However, I believe that Windows 10 Mobile has nothing new to offer compared to iOS and Android in terms of functinality. I'm using Win 10 Mobile myself and have been using Windows Mobile/Phone since 2009 (Win CE 5.5 anyone?).  The point is, maybe there isn't much to make me move to comptitors' systems. but there isn't much to attract someone from a competitor's OS to MS either.
  • I'm not worried about the state of Windows 10 Mobile, I'm worried about the speed of Windows 10 Development.  The speed of development isn't concerning it's damning.  Something is fundamentally wrong with Microsoft's dev teams considering the speed at which progress is being made. They either don't have the resources or talent to deliver a quality product.   We were patient with the reboot of the core apps to Windows 10.  But it's been nearly 6 months since RTM for Windows 10 Desktop and the email app is essentially as buggy and underfeatured as the day it shipped officially 6 months ago.  We all know the state of Groove Music.  And then there is Edge which I've forced myself to use nearly exclusively which is still a really painful experience with laggy, sticky scrolling and random freezes on major sites.   I'm less worried about the lockscreen being slow and shitty and more about the fact that even universal apps just can't get it together and move at a fast pace.   Microsoft made $6B in profit... crazy idea, take $1B of that and put it into quality first party applications which your potential customers interact with 90% of the time.   Email, Music, Photos, Messaging and Web Browser.   Do them right.   Give any half talented development team $50m and you'll get an incredibly kickass email client in a year with unified inboxes that work smoothly and aren't confusing.
  • Slow news day.
  • There will always be people who wine just because they can!
  • I for one, hope the bugs I've been reporting on my 1520, with a clean upgrade from a reset to 8.1, have been squashed. I'd hate to see new devices being passed out with an OS as still glitchy as the one I've been using.
  • Did a clean install of the latest build on my Lumia 1020 - and can tell you, that at least when it comes to BATTERY LIFE, this build isn't going to cut it - and if it's substantially complete, I'm worried.  Literally, it seemed to be burning battery at about twice the rate of 8.1 - in fact, I was shocked at how soon my phone was on battery saver.  Again, this was a CLEAN INSTALL and I only installed a handful of core programs. From a useability and fluidness standpoint - it looked fine.  I still don't think Outlook works as well as the built in 8.1 client but other than that, I wouldn't have any qualms upgrading. However, unless they can fix the battery drain - I can't see me moving to 10 on this phone, period.  I would assume the new phones would have solid battery life and they would be optomized - but quite frankly, I'll probably wait till second gen windows 10 phones to be released.
  • Please improve battery ,its drain
  • I have no choice.
    640XL will be the first Lumia to receive the official w10m
    So I will downgrade to wp8.1.1
    No matter how stable is 10581 , it's still need more work
    And the most important thing is app UI designs..
  • deleted
  • DISCLAIMER: I am a Windows Insider user of the most current build 10581 ((I've been testing using 1520, 925, 830, and 640) and will comment based on the reality "on the ground", not time-wastefully based on a dialogue of "If there was no Insider program and for the last year we had no idea about Windows 10 Mobile would you be impressed". I agree with the sentiment of the original poster in the forum - I am not impressed and am offended for the Insiders whose feedback that has been upvoted significantly has thus been entirely ignored by Microsoft (more so for those whose feedback remains unaddressed since the Windows Phone Preview program began on Windows Phone 8 for developers). I have used Windows Mobile/Phone since Windows Mobile 5 in each iteration up through the current Windows 10 Mobile Build 10581.  The lack of apps (and/or lack of quality/feature parity in available apps also available and more fully featured on other platforms) means many users will be heavily reliant on the absolutely terrible Edge browser to interact on the web. Microsoft needs to allow other browsers with different rendering engines on mobile.  This Apple-approach to default apps is getting petty and undermining the potential for more developers to want to develop apps for Windows on mobile.  The apps themselves are a turn-off (even the Facebook and Twitter apps are half-a$$ed), but that app concerns aside, the biggest most crippling issues with Windows 10 Mobile are the persistently inconsistent UX behaviors and general slowness still prevailing as the only distinguishable facets of the UX on Windows Phone.  Things occur differently in the general navigation and usage of the operating system-level functions whether in the system-level apps, the browser, or the newer Office apps and other third party applications (e.g. text selection and copy/paste is joltingly different in Edge than it is in general and joltingly different in the Office apps).  This is becoming a cliche to say, but it's 2015. Microsoft has been at this smartphone thing for longer than any of the big names and still can't take the humble route to actually implement the very important suggestions and fix recommendations that many users have either upvoted on one post or posted similarly across multiple posts, many posts coming from users who make it clear what they enjoy about how these same non-patentable or FRAND patented methods are provided on other mobile operating systems. Right now, the general slowness of UX, the repeated rebooting of what developers need to know and do for each new version of Windows on mobile, the slowness, and the insane gutting of the camera, people, music, and photos experiences are what makes Windows 10 DOA until they bring back those experiences up to par where they left off and improve upon those. Stop gutting progress. It's not especially important to be different than "them" (it's more important to be better than "them").  Just like exercise, it's even more important to be consistent. Microsoft is completely out of sync with that notion in mobile. I will continue to test, upvote where I can, and make suggestions, but Microsoft is now consolidating its feedback system to an app-based approach, thus taking wide visibility of feedback dialogue so as to better control public perception of (and accessibility to) the documented progress (or the lack thereof) of Microsoft's ability (or frank refusal) to address users' concerns.
  • Ready or not, I'm enjoying the latest preview...
  • Ready or not, I'm enjoying the latest preview
  • Depends on your definition of ready. MS is just shoving W10 out the door asap. Neither desktop or mobile seems polished at all and has plenty of bugs for many users. However, the real question is do they wait to ship with less bugs and more polish and potentially become even more irrelevant than they already are in mobile; or ship now fix later?
  • Maybe for the hardware like the new arrivals will be good, for the old stuff, well, let's put it this way. My 1020 sucks so much i looking for hope. Is not about how the system looks and so on. I love how tha system looks. Is about how it lags, cause maybe the bugs in time are solved. But it lags like there is no tomorrow. I feel like i've installed win10 on an 2006 pc. And that is not a good fealing. I mean, my hopes that my 1020 will further work like with win8 are almost gone if this is aprouching the final build...ah and the battery, :((((( sad battery, verry sad battery.
  • im tired but patiently waiting and on top of that have it on the carrier i prefer just blows. no subsidy and no payment plan for the 950xl. its MS fault now that i dont have the wonderful Lumia 950XL and once its available it would be my fault cause i wont have the money to buy it....damn shame
  • Not updating till they fix the UI
  • I'm one of the few people (at least that's how it feels reading all the whining in these fora) that like W10 Mobile over 8.1☺
  • Stop picking and grow up. It is awesome! It is the attitude of always picking and looking for mistakes or flaw that holds widows phone from being successful. So what you are saying android and ios is perfect and flawless, because they both added up to 95% market share for smart phones.
  • Marshmallow and IOS9 are more stable that W10M
  • The vast majority of people here are chronic whiners so no, they'll never be ready for W10 Mobile because they'll always find something to criticize, even if they have to invent one.
  • Model: Lumia 520 OS: Windows 10 Mobile Build: 10.0.10581.0   I have a Linksys E4200v1 2.4/5Ghz and ASUS RT-AC66U router at each end of the house 15metres apart with walls and mirrors between. Both routers can reach the other end of the house with a low/meduim signal of approx -70dBm. Now Leave one end of the house and walk to the other end of the house where there is another access point with VERY good 2.4GHz 802.11n siginal at approx -50dBm Both SSID are known to the Nokia Lumia 520, HOWEVER the phone will never hand over to a better SSID even when the siginal is just the dot in the notification bar (approx -75dBm) it still refuses to use the -50dBm siginal right next to it. So I find myself having to disable/enable WiFi each time I move to the other end of the house for best WiFi bandwidth. My Android phones, some of which are still on Android 2.3, all handover to a better siginal when closer to it. With Andorid phones I never have to disable/enable the WiFi to attach to the best siginal. And that's just one example of why I think Windows 10 Mobile is not ready for general use.  
  • You're talking about a $30 phone.
  • I have had Windows 10 Mobile on a Lumia 1020 which was ponderous at best. My Lumia 930 works well and apart from small issues I like it. I like it more than Windowsphone 81 in fact. I haven't got the latest build but a couple of weeks ago it looked almost ready IMHO. However right now I am using a Galaxy S6. I would like to use a Windowsphone. Any one because I like the OS experience but I was abroad this week and to manage my pre-paid plastic card in another currency an app was needed. To navigate the city Google Maps was just smoother and more functional than anything on Windowsphone. To make payments from my bank on the move, use online tickets and book taxis on a mobile needed apps. I wanted to put up a short video on YouTube too. Again no Google services.... I dont actually have hundreds of apps. It's just that if you are in a city and they offer a app at the tourist information, the local taxi firm, the travel office, the airport or almost anywhere then Windowsphone is not included. So even if Windows Mobile 10 is perfect I am more focussed on the ecosystem of applications. The recent removal of the camera bonus from OneDrive reduces even the photography offer on Windowsphone.  Now if Microsoft are narrowing their ambitons to business phones that are very limited to certain critical business apps with little or no consumer content then Windows 10 Mobile will be OK in that narrow market. If they really have agile development with rapid updates or are going update business phones through System Center, Intune and the like then they can go with the basic functionality they have as it works pretty well for a limited business orientated product closely tied to Exchange/Calendar etc.  As a consumer mass market product it is a re-invention. They are on a version 1.0. It's not as good as any of the mature Android or IOS ecosystems. However that is a consequence of re-inventing the entire platform with each version.        
  • This is by far the most idiotic pointless article I've seen in this site. Also, the point was users see the UI first, not that its the only thing they see but it what gives them first impression. And yeah, if that is bad users won't stick around to see the rest. I don't see how anyone can disagree with that. Event Microsoft agree with that.
  • I say .... YES, the masses are ready! Windows phone 8.1 seems like it's reached it's end and windows 10 mobile has really (especially with the 10581 build) grown to be quite stable, enough for a daily driver! Can't wait for windows 10 mobile 10586 / RTM!!!
  • Been WP 7.5>7.8>8>8.1>W10M user. I think W10M is good enough. The mail, office, file manager, etc experience is improved. Remember how hard copying file with WP7? Remember how hard emailing someone with WP7&8? Can't attach files! And the office in W10M is awesome. W10M just need more apps.
  • Indeed..... IMO, W10M is somewhere between Android and iOS. It provides the flexibility as well as efficiency.
  • I have an axe to grind..... Persistent, petty and uncalled for sarcasm and bemoaning about a system that is beta, at best. It's not just about the mobile. There's XBOX, PC, surface, OEM devices, Third Party manufacturers et al. That's millions of devices to cater for. Mobile is a drop in the ocean. People are used to PC / Tablet updates on a regular basis. MSFT have said this is the stopping point for windows, as a major release every couple of years. Win 10 will be continually updated from here on out. There will be bugs etc when released, but judging by the PC market, they will be ironed out with updates. IMHO a lot of people are getting tied in knots for little reason. I understand the internal ring is way ahead of us, so perhaps they are holding back. I also feel that the insider programme may have bitten MSFT on the butt. How many of the 3% of devices using Win 10 M actually gave proper feedback rather than, this don't work and I'm gonna leave if it ain't fixed?? Gabe must have a bad back dodging all the rattles thrown from prams ;)
  • Wish I could force Groove to rescan music
  • I don't think it'll be ready for the masses until I can email somebody a document from my phone.
  • Msft hast destroyed the beauty of W8.1 mobile with W10 mobile.Even i could not find the features used in W8.1.No background downloading.
  • Release it to the masses already and we will tell if it is a completed OS. I'm anticipating lots of bugs and issues.
  • I guess, minus the Insider program, the answer depends largely on whether you ever used Windows Phone before.  I refused to get a smartphone when iOS and Android were the only games in town.  I hated both, still do.  When I got my first glimpse of Windows Phone 7, I fell in love with it and I was first in line to get a Samsung Focus.  I was angry, but not tremendously disappointed when Windows Phone 8 came out.  It lost some pieces for me from WP7, but not enough that I still didn't embrace it.  WP8.1 killed even more, but the core was still there.  Windows 10 Mobile, however, has crapped all over the UI and there's no going back, there's no fixing it.  If WP8.1 wasn't enough to draw people to the devices, I can be absolutely certain W10 won't, either.  Any hope that the joke that is Continuum will be the hook is wasted hope.  What Microsoft has done is simply alienated those who have been Windows Phone fans from the beginning.  So, ready for the masses?  WHAT masses?  They're losing people like me, who expended a LOT of time and energy trying to convince people to give WP a try.  Now, I do the exact opposite.  I tell them to stick with what they have because there's nothing for them here except a really horrible attempt at Android-ness.
  • MS please update W10 UI like 8.1 n more improvements. Dont copy from lagdroid, because lagdroid uo is the ugliest os ever
  • id release it when facebook instagram and shit-snapchat agreed to make aps for wm10, otherwise they should be embarrased... they just dont do enough for their users, android is such a cheap looking platform but they have managed to meet people requirements somehow. 
  • They have made the biggest OS release in the history of the company with Windows 10. They are making it available for free to current users. They are also making it run on everything from refridgerators (IoT) to gaming consoles to PC's and consoles... They are making sure the new OS is available for as many devices as possible, even some that was released almost three years ago. They are also making new apps for exactly every part of the OS that before was baked into the OS itself which made it impossible for them to add new features without pushing updates through carriers. They have also refined and released all new hardware across the board (except the Console), they have made an entirely new device available, they have made all their services compatible for every thinkable device out there so you can work and play on whatever device you love. They've made us able to stream our console games to our computers, they are running PUBLIC preview programs on all their new platforms to make sure they get it right this time... Again, for absolutely no money exchanged at all. Meanwhile... Apple has made the ipad and iphone bigger... Google has added offline maps. You are just a tad spoiled... Aren't you?
  • There are many buggy apps that needs to be fixed first. Ex: Music app (Groove) to scan music from local SD card.
  • This is why I decided not to do the insider program with my 1520 this time around. I want to be excited and surprised for what I am about to see.
  • I don't even believe that THEY believe it's ready!! But what else are they supposed to do? They have new phones that need to hit the shelves... and it's about to be the holidays... I wish for small things like the keyboard being as good as it was on windows 8...something changed for the worse with the algorithms used for prediction in 8.1, and is worse on 10. And now I spend more time proof reading and making corrections to everything I type
  • I find it very funny how some of the more vocal "followers" of Windows Phone are not enjoying the new WM10 design and layout. Coming from an iPhone and Android world, I find WM10 very inspiring and enjoyable, so much so that I sold my Nexus 5 and came to Windows Phone. I don't see the current Windows fans leaving the platform as a bad thing. I think change  scares some people off. The key is Microsoft has created a much more unified and familiar UI in WM10 and I believe it will attract more people from the iOS and Android camps. THAT is the crucial thing. Bring far more people to the platform by making it relateable and familiar, even at the cost of losing some of the 3% of people that have been usint Windows Phone historically. I for one think Microsoft has made the right changes and improvements in WM10. - Longtime iOS and Android user
  • Windows 10 mobile isn't ready to the masses I feel is not finished yet and has lot of not consistencies on the UI UX also Edge crash every time I try to use it can load when I click on an link also and have sent feedback but looks like are ignored my feedbacks also on LUMIA 520 runs very slow and laggy that just lost the smoothness that 8.1 had in low end phones also haven't even worked on the windows camera probably the worst point that have , in the forum is a test done such proof that is a disaster of software, too much compression of image, too grainy pictures even with good conditions of light, sometimes the camera goes to green and have to do an sister reset to my phone , and already still waiting the new photo solutions to the refocus, since took off those apps but without even have an app done in windows 10 then I still waiting that get the super app that would take advantage of the camera of the phone. i think that needs more time to polish and improve the performance in low end devices, Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Isn't just polished should wait and do internal test just doesn't work as should in low end phones and the windows Camera looks like lg engineers did it just awful the camera results in windows 10 pictures are better in 8.1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think MS should release their W10M now for non-insider users. It's been a long time MS hasn't updated their OS. After all change is good.
  • I actually agree. The ui is a mess and the office apps ( except callender and outlook ) are horrible and hurt more then ac unitys upatched state... Also the fact that ms is now forcing us to use the horrible windows camera and disabled the lumia camera >.< ... Hope it will improve
  • Also i think arguing" win 10 is never finished " is a horrible excuse for being incompetent of releasing a functioning mobile os. A mobile os has to be complete from its release and from that point you only improve the performance and that's it. That's why android and ios are so popular and windows phone is not. Because 8.1 should have been a thing from its start and not for about a year.
    NEVER EVER RELEASE UNFINISHED THINGS ! Its enough that Ubisoft and co are doing it for year. Microsoft shan't follow that
  • I don't know what other people still want from the OS, but for me, I have been using the latest Insider build and it is without any issue. I can go on with my life with it. So, I believe the new build 10586 will be better. I don't understand whats the big deal in the UI or UX whatever. They feel like they're going to lose their hands because of the ugly UI, or they might lose their sight if the UX is not according to their color of preference.
  • I rolled back to WP 8.1 'cause W10M is ugly.
  • It's clear for anyone to see that W10m is not yet ready. I use it as my daily OS on my main phone. SMS app keeps crashing, when going into setting menu to check for updates it often hangs. Spotify crashes, emails are slow to sync (4G network and wifi),  and it keeps eating up my data allowance each month without my knowledge. when I check the data usage over phone network it's "system" thats using it all up, not any of my apps.   Things like live tiles are not correct, my MSN nets keeps showing a picture for one article but it never shows me that article when I open it. Cortana is limited at best, basically all she is good for is setting reminders.  Microsoft (bing) maps is just the most frustrating mapping system in the world, and isn't even close to Google Maps. Now Skype is a complete mess, which do I use, messaging/SMS with skype built in, or the skype app. wtf do I need to receive the same message on both applications? yet need skype for things like video calls. what a mess!  The store is just plan boring.  and for some reason I have 'film and tv' and 'Groove music' on my phone when I don't want it and can not uninstall it.   It's not a question of "do i think its Ready?" its just plain and simply not ready, Not even close!
  • No! It's a piece of crap OS that'll never move forward. When you have to beg and complain for features, you know there's something wrong. On top of that, this is the 3rd reboot and it's nothing that makes it one of a kind like it use to be. When you look at it closely, it's exactly like iOS, besides the tile. And the tile itself, it's become ugly, cluttered, and messy. Overall it has not matured but struggling too in almost every aspect. And Windows mobile 10 is a shit name to change too for an OS!
  • Html5 integration I want that back.
  • I think I would be impressed, but not in a good way necessarily. I've been an insider since the W10M Insider enrollment began and I've seen the progress of the OS through time, I must admit it's been a nice experience, but full of questionable decisions from the W10 team. The OS in general feels unpolished and certainly unfinished, but I think that what will really drive away consumers, will be the “app gap” and not necessarily the unpolished aspect of the OS. Users might see those flaws as mishaps, just like they might experience it on Android or even iOS, but if on top of that, you add the inability to install the most popular / common apps, or experience a run down, outdated or even featureless versions of those apps, they'll want to return / sell their phones and jump over to the other platforms. If I didn't have my iPhone 6 as a daily driver and as a backup, I would've done that by now. And I think that will be the major issue with the W10M launch, the dreadful "app gap". I saw a threat in the forums addressing that concern, and the majority of responses were bashful comments about how wanting Snapchat, Periscope or even a proper Instagram app (etc) was a childish, sexually driven need from the OP.. I mean, really? that's what people want, people want a great variety of apps on their phones, why would anyone dilute that need? or even disregard it? Maybe project Astoria will be the safehaven Microsoft needs for the “app gap” to start closing. I really hope that W10M does really well and gets even better with time, because I love this platform, I really do, I think it's different and well prepared for the future and for it’s own evolution over time (something Microsoft has never done before).
  • I have been using WP since 8.0 on my L1020 and love it even with the 'app gap'. WP10 is, in my opinion, a better o/s than others I have used (IOS, 'droid) which is why I am still here. I know we're on the isider program so are using code that hasn't been optimised for our hardware etc. but one thing I have to (sort of) complain about is the speed. I've just been to Paris for the weekend with my wife and found that even though I still have the best Cam on the market, I had to use my wife's iPhone as the performance was just stunning. In fact, I would have to say that the one thing that lets WP10 is the performance. Opening simple things like contacts, email, web, camera, skype etc. are just buttery smooth on iPhone and lag with a 'loading/resuming' on WP10. Taking photo's especially on my 1020 takes forever and for some reason they were not showing in the 'photo's' app until after what amounted to an absolute age. Don't get me wrong, I'm here for the long haul but MS really need to get a handle on speed. the UX I can live with having been in IT for 20+ years I have seen my fair share of UX changes across many platforms so this doesn't bother me in the slightest. Performance, however, does; especialy when the other guys are doing it so well.
  • As for my experience, even the latest insider build 10581 on L640XL, it feels like it is not 100% ready but almost there.  And both arguments are right that the UI/UX may or may not make a big difference.  What this will come down to again is APPS.  If Microsoft somehow is not able to shake off the general users perception ( which the phone carriers is not helping in anyway) that it is lacking the apps or behind in the features with the apps compared to the same apps in either iOS or Android, it will still have a hard time selling even if we have the "Surface Phone".  If you browse through all the tech news outlet out there (where most of them are Apple/Android Sheeps), they praise the hardware and the beauty of the Windows Phone OS- but always have the gotcha last sentence of - Windows Phone still don't have apps...and automatically most general users buy that argument right away.  So for me, it still comes down to eliminating that original perception that Windows Phones still don't have APPS.  
  • I think the problem for people who have been using Windows Phone for a long time is that Microsoft is downgrading the best part of the OS with W10. We may not have had apps, but we had the most stable, consistent, and fastest UI of any phone OS. Side swiping and putting controls on the bottom were a huge part of this (hamburger menus suck). We are getting the worst parts of Android without getting any of the apps. Because of this, I feel like W10 is a step backward. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "We could turn that argument on its head by saying WP8.1 had the cleanest and most consistent UI of any mobile OS, yet it didn't manage to appeal to many potential users regardless. Doesn't that suggest that the UI is not the determining factor when it comes to consumer appeal?"
    Since I find the start screen to be pretty ugly in itself, I would suggest that the UI is the most determining factor for consumer appeal.  It's just that the factor is a negative one.  I want to like Windows 10 Mobile, but that every time I look at that start screen, I back away.  I absolutely love the way Microsoft is using typography and whitespace.  Most appealing.  Just not enough to override that ugly start screen.  
  • It's just that MS is now having a hard time uniting the UX of the entire ecosystem. You can't have your cake, and eat it too! We can see from Continuum, system apps should be autematically resizable. UWP apps sounds cool, but it's not that easy, it's a bold precision that only MS can hold. So the shortcomings of the Windows 10 Mobile are just the matter of time, in my opinion. As an Insider, i can tell you the Windows 10 Mobile now is better than 8.1 in every way, regardless of some deviant elements like Hamburger button which will eventually be elinimated (Photo etc. had Hamburger button in earlier builds, now they're gone). I live in China, i cant use Google services, cant use twitter, facebook, skype mobile, sometimes even outlook dosent work properly. I cant enjoy the integration of the ​Windows 10 ecosystem, but still saying it's good. So when i say it's good, you gotta believe that.        
  • Absolutely NOT!!
  • I guess the real question is, is it ready for the crap-eating carriers? Those idiots wouldn't know quality if it jumped up and punched them in the nards.
  • The good thing for MS is that right now they being so low in the market it almost doesn't matter what they do. If W10M doesn't sell or people complain a lot then it is just 'business as usual'. On the other hand if ANY success is registered then up go the hats! They are so low that the only way is up!
  •   I have work in the wireless industry for 14 years.  I have seen the evolution of many Os’s.  From Symbian by Ericson and Nokia, from iOS in the Motorola Rokr (Forgot about that one hey) to the first iPhone before there was even an app store where the apps where web based, and Android where most the app made your phone crash.  In those days Microsoft was dealing with having windows CE a diluted version of a Windows that had its own problems.     While apple and Android where working out the kinks out of there OS’s and taking their stride.  Windows had another problem.  Keep going or changing everything.    I think that Microsoft has come a long way by taking a risk in Desktop and UI approach making it one vision for everything.  Yeah maybe they took too long in making those changes. But then again they had to make sure of this push as the consumer would not forgive them for another failure.  Maybe they are not as bold as Android and iOS but they have to secure themselves as a viable operation system to developer before actually ad new feature.   Am I impressed by what they are going to announce later this month, No not real.  But knowing where they started with the Samsung Jack and the Palm windows CE and such device.  I think they’re on the right track.  They may not be the most innovative.  But in term of risk taking and being creative in a world where everything is static icons on boring screens.  I think that making the phone your own and truly your own without having to jailbreak or rooting your device.   Speaks volume to me.  And lets me see a bright future for W10M.  
  • Have you ever heard the statement "Ready or not here I come" AT &  T has been reported to start selling the Microsoft Brand Lumia 950 on November 20, 2015 that means the Windows 10 mobile Operating system will RTM at least a week earlier on November 12 or 13. I suspect it will have only features on it that are working and newer features will be added as they are ready for widespread use. so folks do not expect the Lumia 950/950XL running Windows 10 to have all the features the Insider program versions have. Windows 10  Mobile will come to Market with those features that are Stable and working so Microsoft wont get screamed at for having a bad OS on the New smart phones. The 950/950XL MS Lumia smart phones will get lots of updates to make their OS more Stable and get new features and new apps from third party developers.   
  • yes i tihjnk it is but missing linked email option and gestres beta app.  ASlso after they cut everyones storage on onedrive anouncement i think its more a case of is everyone ready for windows, cause in this case i dont think they are any more.
  • All these people saying that wp10 makes 8.1 feel outdated... jesus christ. The 8.1 UI is the best UI on anything mobile to date! It's not perfect, but wp10 is a huge mess. Everything is ugly!
  • I didn't join the insiders program because what ever windows 10 mobile will be it will most likely be as good or even better than windows 8.1. And the one core philosophy will make windows 10 mobile certainly more flexible and versatile. I think that is appealing. Whatever it will turn out to be I have confidence. Microsoft has shown windows 8.1 to be a good and solid OS with great hardware from Nokia e.a.. I'm sure they can pull it off again. I'm really hoping they will support windows 10 mobile for my lumia 1520. Rumours are sketchy at best and that makes me sad. I think the 1520 being the flagship deserves the windows 10 mobile upgrade. Windows 10 mobile in itself will mean a good change. My biggest expectations for windows 10 mobile for my lumia 1520 is the support of landscape mode of the start screen and the implementation of a more diverse set of live tile sizes and interactive live tiles. I think that would help a lot here and there to improve my workflow and breath life into windows 10 mobile. My biggest wish would be the support of the inking api and ink-to-text recognition on a mobile device in windows 10 mobile.