Japan's VAIO Phone Biz and NuAns Neo get Windows 10 Anniversary Update

A new report claim that the VAIO Phone Biz and NuAns Neo smartphones, both from Japan and both with Windows 10 Mobile, are now getting the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that Microsoft began rolling out in mid-August.

The report comes from the Japanese site Windows Forest (via MSPU). You may remember that VAIO issued a statement in late August saying the Phone Biz would get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update a bit late due to an issue with its Continuum feature. It would appear that problem has been resolved.

While there are no plans for the VAIO Phone Biz to be sold outside of Japan, the company behind the NuAns Neo tried to fund a worldwide launch for its phone via a Kickstarter campaign. That effort failed but NuAns hinted it may attempt another way to sell the phone in other markets.

John Callaham