Joe Belfiore officially announces his return to Microsoft

Joe Belfiore has today officially announced his return to Microsoft, doing exactly what he was doing before he left on a year sabbatical, but with a few crucial changes. Belfiore is now in charge of making Windows 10 the best it possibly can be for the education sector, and isn't necessarily focused on fixing Windows Mobile anymore.

In an interview with Mashable, Belfiore says his new job evolves around making sure Windows responds to the education market in the best ways it can, as that was something he saw when on his sabbatical that needed improvements.

He now serves as the education sponsor and advocate in the Windows team. There's no title, but his job is to make sure that Microsoft is focusing on and responding to the education audience

The announcement for his returns is timely, as there are rumors that Microsoft will be holding a hardware event in early May, which could also be where Windows 10 Cloud is announced. Windows 10 Cloud looks an awful lot like something that can compete against Chromebooks, and therefore compete in the education market.

And Belfiore thinks Windows 10 is definitely up to the challenge when it comes to competing against Chromebooks thanks to several improvements being made in the Creators Update, such as making the OS take up less space on the hard drive and less memory when in use, allowing costs to come down when making hardware.

Microsoft is yet to announce an upcoming hardware event, but when/if they do, we wouldn't be surprised to see Joe Belfiore take the stage to announce a few new things, especially Windows-related things.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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