Joe Belfiore performs the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in style

The time has come for Joe Belfiore to get involved with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The head of Windows Phone performed the challenge while wakesurfing, pulled along by an accompanying boat. Belfiore nominated Microsoft's Stephen Elop, Marcus Ash, and Google's Chee Chew to throw some cold water over themselves next.

It's fitting Belfiore takes the challenge request now, especially since all Microsoft CEOs have already gone through with their own unique touches.

And folks, we know there are many celebrities and known faces joining in the fun to raise awareness, but be sure to remember the cause behind the Ice Bucket Challenge. Head over to ALS Association to donate and do what you can.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Everytime I see a Joe's video or photo I expect some site to see the exif data and discover he was using a new WP...
  • Haha yeah. It would be cool if it leaked that way :D
  • And I'm pretty sure this video was recorded with the Lumia 830
  • I think this is mostly the idea behind his posts
  • You think the Slow-Mo is a new part of the next set of phones? Edit: could be why video was 720p - a high framerate (say 120fps) lower resolution video recording.
  • Maybe. I think there will be a new app and also a Glam Me update. They love to launch new apps/updates with new Lumias!
  • and hopefully we can get them on current lumias, like the 925 when it brought nokia pro camera
  • Hell yeah.
  • Everytime I see that guy all I can think is "Brennan has a mangina! Brennan has a mangina!"
  • With this inovative mind if their WindowsPhone team work on the platform, it will not be this much behind.
  • Um its not.
    Do you remember which OS android and IOS copied? WP8
  • WP copied quite alot in 8.1 from android as well. Everyone is borrowing ideas
  • They are all mobile systems. They copy each other as long as customers like that.
  • Wp8 looks different but how iOS and android is copied from wp8?
  • Are you kinding?? Aside from the flat design of the icons and colours that both ios and android copied... There are a number of their applications that use the "metro" style that was/is native to wp8... While applications are not under the control of the OS... They certainly did nothing to discourage that look especially since it was so synonymous with WP
  • Not completely. If you take a look iOS does not have a completely flat design like MS. They use translucent effects and have gradients in many places.
    The MS metro design is much more monochromatic with one or two colours, while ios is more colourful.
    So I wouldn't say its such a big copy.
  • it is. apple went from skeumorphic UIs to mostly flat which was directly inspired by WP and other design trends. Yes apple kept some trasparency tricks but are minor and not really enough to hide the fact they, like android chased after MSFT with their own interpretations. Overall the direction was a blunt copy even if the actual implementation isn't. Why didn't apple go some other way? They could have just done that but chose to go the MS route.
  • I wonder if Ford followers get into tiffs with Chevy followers about who had airbags or ABS on their vehicles first... you think they worry about who did it first... or are they just happy they have the technology in their cars as well?
  • to be honest, the number of times I have been reminded by apple fans why everything MSFT did was copied from apple, I say a little Karma payback is in order.
  • I notice one thing though.  Microsoft takes out Facebook and Twitter operations built into the OS and apple puts them in, Microsoft takes out Aero from the OS and apple puts glass effects in.  Its like apple is saying "well Microsoft isn't using it anymore, lets copy".
  • Actually I think that was Mercedes. :P  But I get your thought and no I don't think they care because Ford and Chevy are grown up companies and apple is just a bunch of babies who like to wine alot.
  • Na if you mean notification center and file manager etc it was already implemented long ago in older versions (also on Symbian devices)
  • So, iOS and Android made a few design changes that look similar to WP8. Big deal, it's still behind in more ways than can be counted: niche app gap, games, stability, customization, 1st party app performance, etc... If you think are too subjective and you think WP is still not behind, then look at the concrete. Market share. WP is getting blown out, period.
  • LOL. Troll harder.
  • Strike stability and customization of your list there pal. The rest is all up to developers.
    I really don't think people understand what customization really means. Are you aware of the forums here where we post our Start screen layouts?
    iOS is no more customizable (actually it is less) and Android allows you to change quite a bit about your phone but still remains with its basic layout in the majority of launchers. So I guess Android beats it in that but stability?
  • I am so sick of hearing about the damn app gap.  Microsoft needs about a few core apps and some games.  I know what you're going to say "But apples and Googles app stores are so much bigger".  Well that doesn't matter because 80+%  of the ap stores are junk apps that either people have never downloaded or that are of low quality they only get 1 or 2 stars.  Google and apple would never get rid of these apps because then the 3 app stores would be closer in number.  Microsoft keeps them because if they got rid of their junk apps people wouldn't commend them for doing something good but say "look their app store is even smaller now" but since they're not you hear "Microsofts app store is full of junk apps".  People are such hypocrits.
  • Nope, wasn't even going to mention anything past your second sentence. It's never been about the sheer number. It's about having the key apps and having them on par with other OS's and having the niche apps for local businesses, small companies, etc. Also "some" games. They are hopelessly behind on high end and popular games and aren't coming close any time soon. It's okay though, keep pretending like there's no issue. People are gonna flock to WP any time now because almost every app they use is here and gets updated in a timely manner, right? Any second now... *crickets*
  • You realize everyone copies from one another, right? Good artists copy, great artists steal.
  • Lake Chelan, good location!
  • Wow. That looks so fun!
  • One of the least capable people at Microsoft. Ruined Windows Phone...
  • Ouch.
  • I hope you're kidding? He pushed through a lot of good changes, and the Xbox Music/Video/Games separation from the OS was his call, but the crappy replacements is not his doing. That's the individual team developing them. Only thing Joe can do about that is putting higher requirements on those teams, which I bet he's trying to do.
  • Agree with u. But even he uses windows phone and knows that there are some essential things need to done. Like integration of file manager. He himself should feel that this is the thing users are demanding very much and this should have been done in the update 1.
  • Not to mention all the users who didn't get 8.1 + cyan yet.
  • Worse than Don Mattrick?
  • Bwahaha! So glad that clown left.
  • No, no one is that bad. I like Joe.
  • I can't agree with that.
  • He didn't exactly "ruin" it.. The WP team did deliver on most of their promises
  • 'Scuse me?
  • Troll much?
  • He's trolling lads, nothing to see here
  • It was really a great way to execute the challenge
  • That bucket was tiny rather he jumped in the water
  • Well people crying over wastage of water should shut up :P
  • Stop eating up my data with such useless news.Is this ALS ICE BUCKET thing by any remote chance,related to windows phone?Windows Phone Central is going off its centre with such news.
  • Aww, C'mon... What tech news site won't cover this? It's a growing trend to raise awareness about a disease... What's so bad about that? At least in WPC we still cover only people connected to Microsoft, and that's Relevant.
  • Lol I tip this. Forgot to ask for credit.
  • I think in this past month, WPC hasn't really acknowledged any tips. I know when I send them a tip (I've sent them like 10 this month), and the article comes out like three hours later, no one including myself gets a thank you. I mean if WPC doesn't want to acknowledge tips anymore, which is stupid, they should tell us first, so we don't get our hopes up.
  • Go away you bitter man. Go away
  • This WAS related to WP because it was a video made by Joe. Also, the staff here at WPCentral does a pretty good job at bringing you stuff to read every day, many times when there is no real obvious news to be had. As far as eating up your data, they didn't force you to click on the video, you did that all on your own.
  • Turn off your background task then and check it manually!
  • And how many people put a gun to your head and forced you to open the article and/or view the video on your phone? Yeah, thought so. I'm sorry, but if you have that little self-control over your own behavior, then you probably should check yourself in at the nearest in-patient psychiatric facility.
  • I see at least one,ready enough to put a gun on head and also send me to psycho-clinic.Shows much self control on your behalf sire.I'm not an usher.So I prefer not to push you into some clinic.You really MEAN that such news is RELATED to WP?Who put a gun on your head to read my comment sire?
  • yeah great video .... but lumia cyan available for lumia 620 in india now!!
  • Did anyone verify this?
  • I just checked it on nokia site.. Its showing available... Yipeee..
    Oh wait..
    I ve to downgrade first.. "Sad".
  • are you sure ?
  • I had Dev Preview on my 620 but because of my hate for the Music app and since that's the reason I have a 620 I went back to Win8.  I think I'll keep it there and keep the 8.1 to my 1020.
  • Thanks for the protest to such gaga-ism
  • Everybody and THEY MAMA know about this stupid awareness crap now. This is just SPAM. Why aren't we doing this for other incurable diseases?? Sigh... Just enough of the challenges. Just tell us to donate. So simple.
  • If you or a loved one were affected by this disease you'd be singing a different tune. And not everybody and "they moma" is aware of this.
  • Yawn.. I'm just saying, enough of the ice challenge. Tell people to donate, better yet, donate instead of doing these spam videos. So annoying at this point.
  • You always have the option of not reading the article :)
  • While for a good cause, I definitely understand the sentiment. In general, the story has about hit the limit on news-fatigue, present site excluded, given the connection to our favorite mobile OS.
  • I wish this truly remained a charity cause. Bravo Joe and whoever doused themselves with ice, and donated to the ALS association. It was sad to see earlier Samsung trying to gain cheap publicity by using the apparently waterproof Galaxy S5 and challenging Lumia 930 and iPhone 5s
  • Someone from Microsoft should challenge Samsung galaxy s5 for the challenge. Throwing an ice bucket on that phone will let,us know where the crappy s5 stands as a water resistant phone.
  • Lol
  • I have a work sanctioned galaxy s5. Last Friday a magnum of champagne fell onto my phone. Belieber me when I say out can take a dousing. Still works. I intend in repeating the accident this week in the hopes I might get a replacement for myself... ;)
  • The BBC One Show did a comparison of the S5 vs a JCB tough phone, and some other tough devices. The S5 came second...
    It also descended to almost 15 metres in the Royal Navy's submarine escape pool before the screen started flickering.
    The S5 is a very well made phone (& as a Nokia fan, I never expected to say that!).
  • Hey guys, I didn't try to question the credibility of the s5 as a waterproof phone. I know it's a solidly built phone, cheap plastic and all. I'm only saddened by everyone using a noble cause as a publicity stunt
  • I was just replying to the bit you added where you said the S5 was 'apparently' definitely is :)
    But yes, it is a shame when these things get hijacked. In a way, Joe did that himself by mentioning the job roles of (Trojan horse) Elop and the Cortana person...
  • Unfortunately Samsung already did it. Just not how you may have liked it to be: Samsung indeed sucks!
  • he should nominate Adam Giles too... and girls and girls-alike would love that.
  • THIS! adam giles, with this shirt off. or just wearing trunks... oh my god! the sinister things i can do to him.
    brain, STAHP!
  • I know there's always Bing or Google (dare I suggest?), but what the hell is all about this Ice Bucket challenge going around? Who started the insanity?
  • This is to raise awareness and help fight ALS, a degenerative disease that basically can drive a completely functional human being into a state where he/she is just alive but can't move or talk. Do Google it. This "insanity", for once, is not just a stupid internet fad.
  • Well how about a challenge for Muscular Dystrophy (Duchene's) which my son has that is also debilitating? The question is, "how do these organizations user the money raised"? From first hand experience, they use it for personal gain as they do nothing for my son but cancel appointments that only occur once every six months, don't inform patients or their families about potential trial treatment or break through. I no longer fondue to the MDA society due to their lack of care for patients like my son....i used to attend walkathon's, donated, etc, until I learned the truth by experience. Good luck, I hope its different with ALS!
  • Forgive my naivety and non-review of the topic's headline. I stand now informed, and rather silly lol. Thank you for the info :)
  • Thanks for the sanity and questioning the hype
  • I nominate bill gates
  • He had done the challenge 2days ago or so.
  • Already did the challenge
  • Well, I've said it to many times, but this guy is awesome! Why not a future CEO at Microsoft?
  • Yes, to many times. ;-)
  • Joe has rich people problems. I can't relate. Keep up the challenges!
  • Good for him. ALS, indeed Motor Neuron Disease in all its forms is a blight. Anything that can be done to remedy that malady is surely a boon to humanity as a whole. As someone who has personally lost a loved one to MND I am grateful to all those that have donated their time, effort and indeed money to this cause. I've been drenched three times for charity and I hope to stay frosty for a long time to come! Keep it up and good on you all who participate in this challenge!!! Stay frosty!
  • For some reasone i cant view movies in the mobile Android app anymore... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Serves you right Fool. Get a Windows Phone ;-)
  • Hey Joe, vacation's over! Now give us 730s and 830s, lol.
    Hope he didn't leave the bucket in the water.
  • Awesome
  • There is: Nice to Know, and Need to know.
  • I admit, the back flip was awesome. The fact that he's on vacation though, leaves me sure that the WP team isn't moving a finger to fix the BitLocker problem on the Developer Preview.   _____________________ The next sentence will be directed towards Eflop. If you like the guy, I suggest you stop reading now.
    _____________________ As for Eflop, I hope he does the challenge. Also, the word "pneumonia" springs to mind.
  • Very cool!
  • I'm waiting for someone to challenge Mr.Daniel rubino....
  • He was challenged by Rene Ritchie but he didn't do it! :/
  • What?! Daniel?!?!?!
  • I agreed :-)
  • I think Joe B just confirmed a waterproof WP device coming soon ;)
  • Lol.
  • Haha nice one. In style it truely is. Go Joe B.
  • Thankfully style is relative...
  • Sometimes I feel like Joe is the only reason why WP8/8.1 is staying alive. I wish Micorosoft would put more pressure on app developers. Instagram gets an update every week on my Nexus 5, but my WP hasn't had an upgrade since...April?? 
  • It's good to have Instagram (official in WP), but with a Beta label, it would be a good excuse for non-wp users to stay at Android or iOS
  • Microsoft is doing everything they can to get apps on Windows Phone. If paying the developers actual money to make apps isn't enough for you, maybe you have another idea that will work?
  • If they refuse to make a decent WP app