Join Batman in the fight for justice with this week's Deals with Gold

Microsoft's Larry Hryb has revealed what titles are part of this week's Deals with Gold promotion. The company discounts a number of games on a weekly basis, and over the next few days you'll be able to take advantage of savings on titles like Battlefield 4, Dead Island, Dying Light, and more.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Nice new for the Forza Horizon season pass... Even if it's a bit late (4years...) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • well, the game was just given as part of GwG, so there will be many people who didn't play it 4 years ago, and just got it two weeks ago
  • Arkham Knight is worth every penny. The season pass is garbage though. Get it extremely discounted.
  • Good discounts on the Batman games, but as the remasters are just around one of Gotham's crime filled streets I think I'll wait for them.
  • Sweet thanks Richard just got all the B4 addons !!
  • Gorget Batman, the Lego games are having a nice deal!
  • Is MK vs DC backwards compatible? I could serioulsy get back into this game.