Join Office Sway without an invite for a limited time

Sway is the latest product to the join the Office software family. It was first announced at the beginning of this month and is currently available in a preview version. You'll need to request an invite at the website if you're interested in trying out the preview. Except today, you have a chance to join without waiting for that invitation.

The official Sway Twitter account is letting anyone join via an open invitation. It's available for a limited time, so act fast if you want to try out what's been described as "PowerPoint on steroids".

Sway is a new way to express ideas across any device. You're able to create an interactive web-based canvas to share ideas, stories and more.

Curious to see what a completed Sway looks like? Go to and you can see for yourself. You'll also see how the content changes depending on whether you're viewing the Sway on your Windows Phone, tablet or 27-inch desktop monitor.

Join Sway today and let us know what you create!

Source: @sway

Sam Sabri