Microsoft adds presentation app Sway to the Office software family

Microsoft has announced it has added a new member to its Office family of productivity software products. It's called Sway, and it's a web-based multimedia presentation app that's seems to be PowerPoint on steroids, but much easier to use.

In very basic terms, Sway will allow users to create an interactive multimedia presentation and show their work embedded on a website. Content sources like images and video can be taken from other outlets like YouTube, Facebook or a user's OneDrive account and placed into a Sway layout. Microsoft says:

"A "Sway" is what we call the canvas you create using Sway, and it's much more than a document in the traditional sense. It's built from the ground up for the web and devices. A Sway adapts to fit the device that it's viewed on, large or small, so your ideas always get the best treatment. A Sway is cloud native: you just drop in your content from your cloud storage, your devices or your social networks."

Sway is currently available in a preview version, with access enabled via an invite by Microsoft. Interested users can go to the site to request an invite. What do you think of this new presentation product from Microsoft?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham