Killing the rumor: Microsoft Stores will not be selling a 64GB Nokia Lumia 1020

A few days ago, we told you about Microsoft Stores doing a pre-order for the upcoming Lumia 1020 starting tomorrow, July 16th (one day before T-Mobile sells the Lumia 925, fancy that). If you did so, you were going to nab a $79 camera grip accessory for free so long as you do the whole two-year agreement thing.

We noted at the time that in the specifications it listed 32GB and 64GB versions, but we told you that was most likely a typo as only Telefonica (and their sub-carriers) are getting that coveted version. In other words, nothing to see here, please move on.

Granted, some other sites ran with the story as confirmation of a 64GB version and some of you continue tipping us on the rumor, so we’re doing a whole “it’s not happening post” about it.

Once again, we'll definitively state that there will be no 64GB version of the Lumia 1020—at Microsoft Stores or from AT&T—going on sale any time soon in the US. Indeed, if you now head over to the pre-order page on the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) webpage, almost by magic, that reference to 64GB is gone.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Bummer
  • Bummer, indeed
  • Need moar giggle bites on this phone. 32 isn't enough.
  • 32gb isn't enough on my 920❕
  • Stupid❕... The 64gb version should be sold wherever the 32gb version is available.. Stupid, stupid, stupid... What is so hard about giving people what they want❔.. I want a red NL1020 with 64gb of storage.... Both of those are extremely possible for Nokia to supply to at&t.. Stupid❕.. ❎♥
  • I spoke to a Nokia rep at the Nokia party last Thursday and he said red was not doable on a matte device (sucks, I know)
  • Strange... The 820 has red matte charge covers. I guess it's different material, but I would think similar enough.
  • That Nokia rep was a hired promotional employee from an independent company.. Just because they have a Nokia shirt on doesn't mean they know $hit... Matte red polycarbonate is totally doable,, its just pigment.. Trust me,, I used to work in plastic extrusion working with just about every chemistry of resin, and pigments, and the principals are pretty much the same... You'd be surprised what's doable... This guys so called Nokia rep was just speeking from his a$$... Daniel has a much better reason why we're not seeing more colors bellow⤵⤵
  • Whoever said it had to be matte❔... Have you seen a red L920❔... It's doable.
  • ...what about the Nokia Lumia 720? It's defintiely doable, but I don't think they wanted to make too many colors with the 1020 because of its high production cost and the fear of having an overstock of one specific color. Just my theory, though.
  • Daniel says it was at&t's choice not to have 64gb models, and I assume the same reason applies to color choice... He says that at&T didn't want to put to much strain on Nokia, causing inventory issues, so they went with what they did to avoid having to keep double the stock, and avoid shortages like with the 920. .... 64gb phones would've doubled the stock, and more color options would have increased that even more.. And that's fine, but my question is why didn't at&T at least make 64gb, red, and cyan Lumias available online only so they could control the stock better❔... To me none of it makes any sense.. What Daniels reason really say's is that Nokia is not capable of producing devices on a large enough scale to keep up with demand... Maybe they should give Foxconn a call... Sorry about that..
  • This argument -- that Nokia can't produce enough phones -- is BS plain and simple. There is almost zero manufacturing difference between a 32GB phone and a 64GB phone. If Nokia can make enough 32GB phones, then they can make enough 64GB phones. What we see is two giant corporations -- AT&T and Microsoft -- controlling the market, doling out incremental advances and charging top dollar for these incremental advances.
    Elop is just a Microsoft stooge who should change his last name to iFlop and his first name to Igor. This choice to limit the launch of the phone to 32GB is dumb. All the people who want a great camera, a 41MP camera, want the memory to use this camera. Sure, Microsoft wants to force people to use  SkyDrive so they give more personal data to the NSA, but Nokia should realize a premium phone with the world's best phone camera, should be handled differently. If Elop weren't such a Microsoft stooge he would call out Microsoft and get them to stop artificially impeding the rollout of support for quad core mobile chips, high resolution screens, phone memory, etc.
  • *hurls stuff around the room in a fit of rage* Lol jk. It was a known fact for me since I never heard them mention that during the press event.
  • Seems stupid not to sell this in America's huge market
  • AT&T is the gatekeeper here and presumably had they wanted more SKUs (different versions) of the 1020, they would have ordered it. But think of it like this, they'd have to double their inventory (3 colors, 2 variants) and that's a challenge for manufacturing. Plus AT&T may not have wanted the risk of inventory problems. I know that's not the answer you want to hear but it's likely the truth.
  • Not to mention you are talking another 50 to 100 more than the 32GB version. At 299.00, it's not cheap. (didn't say it wasn't worth it)
  • Yep, this. I would've liked a 64GB variant too but @$300 for the phone and the customary rip-off charge of $36 to activate, another $100 would've been hard to stomach. Gonna visit ATT store tomorrow to see if they'll have any similar pre-order specials like the MS Store...then, I'll place a preorder and begin my Christmas-in-July cold sweats til it arrives...
  • Yeah, I hate that $36 fee. It makes me wanna throw a brick through their window.
  • They don't mind memory variants of iPhone, understand what your saying Daniel I just find it stupid not to capitalize on this with more sales and giving the consumer choices. Crossing fingers the 64gb comes to Australia
  • This is not an iPhone. Understand what you're saying.
  • Yeah, but Nokia is no Foxconn❕, by far no Foxconn❕
  • So, you're saying that's possibly why we are not seeing the 1020 in Cyan, and red❔
  • I don't know why I just can't order one in the storage option of my choice on line from Nokia or Microsoft. I'll pay the premium and willing to wait the 7-14days or whatever. Seems like a lost opportunity.
  • That's what he said... He is me.
  • Did you know that Nokia is not an iPhone? If josh Harman did not tell me I would never have known...
  • you are probably correct
  • how will i fit all my 41mp pictures without offloading everyday? :(
  • ATT gives you free 50GB cloud with it, hence the relatively high contract price.
  • That promotion is over.
  • Glad I got my FREE 50GB while the promo was going on!
    Still haven't used AT&T Locker for anything with my 920.. but I have it on lock(er?)
  • Glad I got that 50gb of Box storage for free....
  • And a 2-5GB data transfer limit.
  • You plan on taking 32 GB of photos everyday? That's over 10,000 pics.
  • Lol❕ ❗❗Warning Racist Comment❗❗
    ... Maybe he's,,, you know.... Lol❕
  • A vegetarian?
  • Yes, most probably are... Lol❕..
  • A non-compressed 41MP image at 32bpp is about 156MB. That's only 196 images, assuming there is 30GB free memory for pictures. If a person is on a hike or on vacation, there is a good chance they will take this many pictures. Now the images will be compressed which will save a lot of memory (but there will also be a 5MP image for each shot as well), but a customer of the world's best camera phone should not be in the position of having to worry about running out of memory while on a hike, at an event, on vacation without their data plan, etc. Nokia should have made 64GB standard for the launch or added an SD slot to the phone. Of course Microsoft discourages use of SD memory because they want to force people to use SkyDrive so Microsoft can steal their images as well as give them to the NSA. I'm not sure why Nokia went with Windows Phone other than the $1B/year subsidy they get from Microsoft. Of course, Nokia has given up billions in sales due to using Microsoft's artificially dumbed down and crippled WP OS.
  • the average jpeg size from a 38mp 808 camera is 11mb. 9mb  the smallest and 13mb the largest. when you add the simultaneous 38 and 5mp photo it will probable take up 20mb THE MOST. it would be ridiculously insane to have a jpeg at 156mb. videos are another thing though. 5 mins of 1020p is 200-500mb. but not jpeg
  • They would prefer that you offload over your data plan, so you can upgrade that as well
  • If you're taking that many pictures, it's probably best you offload the majority of them rather frequently. You wouldn't want to risk losing all your high-quality photos in the event that you lose your phone. This recently happened to me. Thank goodness for the SkyDrive camera roll, but still, it sucks to losing those hq versions.
  • I've got an idea.. Maybe they can update the OS so that our phones can recognized portable SD card readers.. They are tiny, and very inexpensive.. I'd go for that❕❕ they would simply plug into the micro USB port.. Now that's a awesome idea.. Or if they had micro USB flash drives.. Nokia could make that an accessory.. That would be innovative.
  • Damn the gatekeeper!
  • So far I've only seen O2 UK confirm an exclusive 64Gb version.
  • Classic line from the bit in the original Tron sums up my emotions: "No no no no no no no no." Cloud storage, while useful, means you'll definitely need the grip cover and its battery to give you any meaningful battery life. You'll also want to have a high data package to cover overages. It would help if you could store 5gb shots on the phone while uploading full res directly to SkyDrive. Without those, filling up the internal storage in a few months will be trivial.
  • I think most people don't understand how little space photos take up.
    Most couldn't fill up 32 GB with photos in their entire lifetime
  • One word: video.
  • I have a 64 GB card in my 822 & I could fill it somewhat quickly with some extended video. There is no solution for that.
    Still, 32 GB of video is quite a bit for one day.
  • OK, I guess I will need more words: OS, music, maps, apps, and other storage.
  • OK, 20 GB is still a lot of video for one day... so is 10... and even...
  • I wish Expansys would open retail stores everywhere in the US.
    SOMEONE has to do something about locked carrier branded bullshit phones.
  • It's not that you will fill up 32GB with space, but with games and music, you'll have to fill up 5 - 10GB of space. Record 1080p videos and you'll be connecting your phone to your pc every week. Go away on holiday, with no laptop you're stuffed.
  • Stuffed
  • You mean vacation?
  • Vacation is a brand of cigarettes.
  • Never understood why US always get shafted. Microsoft is US company why not offer us a 64gb option. Leave it to the rest of world we rich and would surely buy the 64gb version....MSFT needs to add SD support in next Gen phones....
  • Hah... I think you will not find much agreement overseas that the "US always gets shafted".
  • LOL. This has nothing to do with Microsoft, bra. Go complain on the ATT forums.
  • Actually it already does. Even nokia has already shipped phones with SD support. I think the 521 supports it right now.
  • i can confirm. i own a 521 and am using an 8GB micro sd card.
  • Dumb! Why not give buyers the option? If I had a choice, I would spend the extra cash for the 64GB. It is bad enough with carrier exclusives for the phone itself, then to limit options further is ridiculous. WP will stay the 3rd option for people with these kinds of limitations. I won't be getting this phone anyway (at least this model) since I am on Verizon.
  • Most likely because soneone has to buy for them, keep them in a warehouse, ship them and eventuelly send them back.  Unfortunately none of those are free. :(
  • What is the oposition to larger capacity phones? T-Mo only carries the 16gb 925. Now at&t is only getting the 32gb 1020? What's up with that.
  • The vocal minority....i love them
  • Does anyone know when we can start pre-ordering this phone tomorrow?
  • I so wanted this phone, but $299 and no 64 gb model...probably just not going to happen for me.  I would have paid $299 if it had a slot for microSD card. I would have paid $299 for a 64 gb model...maybe even $349.  But neither/nor is a deal breaker.  Maybe if the price drops significantly around Christmas holiday...who knows.
  • The problem with Christmas is that it will by then be a design that is over one year old. Keep on mind that this is a 920, coming out 9 months later....
  • Its enough for me.but if they put it out I'd buy it need or not then I be wishing I held out for the forthcoming. 128gb device
  • God I hate these pointless worldwide exclusives for companies who aren't bloody worldwide.
  • I can't believe that there are no high-end WP8 phones with 64GB of space or with a SD card. I can't keep streaming my music from the cloud... I'm killing my data plan. I need more local storage and that, sadly, isn't available on any flagship WP8 device. I love WP8 and would love to stay. But, come September, I'll probably get a Galaxy Note 3. Sad.
  • That was the nail in the coffin for my thoughts about early upgrading my 920 by buying off-contract...
  • Yet another unforced error on the part of Microsoft and AT&T (and to some extent, Nokia). Seriously, how can a company introduce a phone with a 41MP camera and keep the memory the same as the phone with 8MP? It seems like the stupid just never stops at Microsoft and AT&T. At the end of the day, if these companies don't fire a lot of managers/executives, the same sort of stupid will keep dragging down their marketshare and profits. This is exactly what happens when you have two effective monopolies -- Microsoft and AT&T -- doing business together. There is no reason for either of these companies to evolve other than at a glacial pace. So a new Windows phone gets one new feature and nothing else. Or a new Windows Phone OS gets crippled on purpose and the upgrades doled out to the users over years. The WinNT kernel for instance, supports far more than two cores. And Microsoft certainly knows how to make an OS support more than a few screen resolutions. But Microsoft cripples WP8 to support only two cores. So Nokia can't even use a better CPU for their new phone. Or a higher resolution screen to showcase their awesome camera. It's just pathetic.
  • Maybe they ment 64 metric GB's.