Kitaria Fables is an adorable Action RPG coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC later this year

Kitaria Fables Screenshot Image
Kitaria Fables Screenshot Image (Image credit: PQube)

What you need to know

  • PQube has unveiled its latest indie game with Kitaria Fables - an Action RPG in a similar vein to Diablo and Minecraft Dungeons.
  • Kitaria Fables has an adorable and unique art style, and pairs classless ARPG mechanics with crafting and farming.
  • The game is heading to Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS5, and Switch later this year, with no mention of last-gen consoles.
  • You can check out the reveal trailer for Kitaria Fables and get a sneak peek at what it's like to be a cat with a massive sword.

Action RPGs like the upcoming Diablo 4 and the genuinely excellent Minecraft Dungeons are ensuring that the third-person, dungeon-crawling, loot-based ARPG formula isn't going anywhere. The latest game from PQube proves this, with Kitaria Fables hitting the scene with a combination of classic ARPG gameplay, crafting and farming mechanics, and an adorable art style that brings about feelings of "uWu." You can check out the reveal trailer and some images for Kitaria Fables below.

Kitaria Fables Screenshot Image (Image credit: PQube)

Kitaria Fables Screenshot Image (Image credit: PQube)

Source: PQube

Kitaria Fables is closer to Minecraft Dungeons than Diablo 4, it seems, as it doesn't rely on classes. Players are free to equip any armor, weapons, bows, and magic spells they want to create the perfect loadout for their playstyle. Using crafting mechanics, players can even craft new gear for themselves, discover new spells, and more. You can also maintain a farm to help you craft new gear and provisions.

Kitaria Fables also supports co-op, so you can tackle its various challenges, explore dungeons, and go on adventures with a friend! Oh, and did I mention you play as a cat?

PQube's latest game, Kitaria Fables, is already available to wishlist on Steam. If this is the kind of game that captures your attention (how could it not with its adorable visuals?), Kitaria Fables is heading to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5, Switch, and PC later this year. An exact release date is not known at this time.

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