KLIM eSports gaming chair review: An excellent combo of comfort and style

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Gaming chairs are hot right now, and there's certainly no shortage to choose from. It's big business and a popular space, but it means if you're in the market for a chair, it's more difficult than ever.

I've been through a number of gaming chairs in recent years, and the one I'm looking at now, the KLIM eSports, might be my favorite. It's not just a good chair, but a product that you can clearly tell has been designed with enjoyable ownership in mind from the moment you open the box. (Unfortunately, it doesn't ship to the U.S. right now.)

What you'll like about the KLIM eSports gaming chair

KLIM eSports gaming chair

The worst part about a new gaming chair is always the assembly. Unless you're a sadist who enjoys building furniture, there's nothing good about it. That all changed with the KLIM eSports. Opening the box expecting to find masses of individual pieces, I couldn't have been more excited with what presented itself.

About half the assembly of this chair is done before it goes in the box. The reclining brackets are pre-attached, as are the armrests, and the two cushions are installed with their respective straps neatly managed.

Assembly took about 20 minutes and consisted of little more than fixing the back portion to the seat, then attaching the legs, gas canister and the bracket that holds it all together. All the bolts and their washers are fixed into their appropriate holes, you don't have to worry about absurd diagrams and a back full of small pieces of metal.

It may sound silly, but such a troublefree and easy assembly process is important, and it shows that KLIM truly cares about its customers.

The chair itself is extremely high quality, with a reinforced steel frame trimmed in anti-cold foam padding and covered with a soft feeling PU leather material. In the black and white color I have, this chair truly looks high class, and there's nothing to fault whatsoever with the build quality.

KLIM eSports gaming chair

You get huge, silent wheels, an almost horizontal recline, and fully adjustable armrests so you'll be able to get the exact position to be most comfortable.

Ignore the KLIM eSports gaming chair at your peril, it's one of the best you'll find.

The cushions are removable, but if you like lumbar support, as I do, the KLIM eSports has a simply gigantic lumbar cushion. It's trimmed in the same high-quality material as the rest of the chair and plenty firm enough to provide ample support.

Ultimately the KLIM eSports is an extremely good gaming chair. It looks great, it's well put together, frustration-free, and one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I've used in the last couple of years. It's rated for 330 lbs and will seat anyone up to six feet and six inches comfortably.

What you'll dislike about the KLIM eSports gaming chair

KLIM eSports gaming chair

Honestly, there's nothing really to dislike. As a gaming chair, it's exceptional. But there are a couple of bits worth noting.

The first is the wheels. While the assembly process was mostly a breeze, the wheels for whatever reason needed some serious force to lock into place. It might be a metal on metal thing, but either way, I had to basically hammer the wheels in place. They're definitely not coming out, though.

The only things that might put you off are the price and availability. At £300, or €349, it's by no means the most expensive gaming chair, but it's also not the cheapest. I'm happy to say it's worth the investment given its quality, but if you're on a tighter budget you'll need to keep hunting.

This 2018 model also doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. right now, as noted already, but KLIM is expanding there so we expect that to change.

Should you buy the KLIM eSports gaming chair?

KLIM eSports gaming chair

Shopping for a good gaming chair is hard, and it's easy to swerve towards the brand names you see so often featured by your favorite streamers and content creators. KLIM doesn't spend big bucks on marketing; instead, it focuses on making high-quality products and charging a fair price for them.

True, £300 isn't an insignificant amount to spend on a chair, but it's still good value in the grand scheme. It's incredibly well made, extremely comfortable and worth recommending on the ease of assembly alone.

Ignore the KLIM eSports gaming chair at your peril, it's one of the best you'll find.

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