Klipsch working on WP7 compatible headphones

We realize some of you are audio freaks and only demand the best, so its should come as a relief to you that Klipsch audio is evidently working on a WP7-compatible series.

The Klipsch "i" series are more than headphones (opens in new tab), providing in-line music controls for manipulating the music player of the device it is connected too. Obviously these are not universal so Klipsch needs to tailor their hardware for the phone, much like the iPhone/iPod line.

No word on ETA, but we'll keep you posted.

Thanks, A, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • still gonna be analog as theyll connect to the 3.5mm jack
  • Good to know they're working on it! I don't get the comment above about it being analog and connecting to the 3.5mm? All wired headphones would. The tailored control come from the 3rd ring on your head phones.
  • some connect to the micro USB port and others are BT, these are digital headphones unless the normal ones somehow convert the sound back to digital before it reaches the ears
  • Klipsch makes great sounding headphones, but hope for their new weatherized construction. One raindrop on the controls shorts out the buttons, at least it did on mine. The new ruggedized iPhone buttoned version just came to market, so the cost will run pretty close to $120, full retail, for a while. The controllers on Klipsch headphones tend to be heavy, so you'll need the clip attached to the cord if you're jogging, hiking, etc. After a few months, you'll wish Klipsch sold 6-packs of those cord-clips. They work well, are easy to lose, impossible to replace. Using clips from other headsets can work, but are either too loose or tight around the cord: http://www.viddler.com/explore/engadget/videos/1792/