Kongregate no longer accepting new titles, shutting down services

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Kongregate Banner (Image credit: Kongregate)

What you need to know

  • Online gaming platform Kongregate has stopped accepting new titles.
  • Many of the site's social features will be disabled by July 22.
  • The moves are tied to the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player at the end of the year.

Kongregate shared a blog post today annoucing that it will no longer be accepting new titles on Kongregate.com and that it will stop adding badges to existing games. Players will continue to have access to the platform's library of 128,000 games, which can still be updated by their developers.

The platform will also be be closing all chat rooms not associated with a specific game and all but about 20 of the game-specific rooms. Some non-gaming forums such ass Off Topic and Serious Discussions will be entirely removed and most of the other forums will be moved to read-only. Administrators will be able to make announcements, but replies will not be allowed. The forums for Kongregate's games will not be affected. New accounts will also require a verified email address. All of these changes will be implemented by July 22.

The announcement come as the company, which launched in 2006, prepares for the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player at the end of 2020. While Kongregate has worked to diversify by opening the Kartridge digital storefront and releasing mobile games, many of the titles on Kongregate.com still rely on Flash.

The blog post warned that Kongregate will be primarily focused on developing games going forward, but said that the support team will still "do their best to help players experiencing in-game issues." Several employees posted on Twitter that they have been laid off.

Samantha Nelson